Who I am

My name is Robert Schweitz, born in Amsterdam on July 9th of 1956. Raised in the Jordan area I soon learned to stand my ground.At the age of 19 I graduated as electrical engineer on the HTS in Haarlem.

After my military service I worked in the Offshore and completed various courses installation and control engineering.
After successfully finished a training in higher management I started my own engineering firm in 1987.
I am the father of two children and life artist.
I love practicing T'ai Chi, music, film, cooking, painting, restoration of old cars and motorcycles, but most of all I enjoy life to the fullest!
As a child I felt things in an intuitive way, and so it was that I heard and saw things that others could not.
Through my career and fatherhood all this shifted into the background.
After a near-to-death experience in 2006 my mediumship awoke and ever since then my intuition flows like the endless ocean.
In addition to my strong empathetic ability I specialize in photo reading and voice reading.
With my business experience and qualities I am there for you to guide you in personal and business life.
In a fair and clear way you get advice and answers to all your questions.