The New Moon in Cancer of July 20, 2020.


The New Moon in Cancer of July 20, 2020.

Every month, the New Moon is a magical moment when the Light of Mother Moon is imperceptible in the sky. With this magical retreat of the Moon, the power of the unconscious increases.

It is the breeding ground for everything necessary for the growth of the next cycle, the phase of the Full Moon.

The New Moon of July 20, 2020 falls at 28º27 in the water sign of Cancer and is directly connected to the annular Solar Eclipse of June 21, 2020, which happened in the sign of Cancer as well.

However, a second New Moon in the same zodiac sign is a rare phenomenon.

Many of us feel lost in the new world, in the new reality.
After three Eclipses in a row, this second New Moon in Cancer offers a great opportunity for growth and transformation for everyone individually and for society as a whole.

The karmic cycle on Cancer/Capricorn was accompanied by a challenging and intense energy which forced you to face a significant situation related to personal freedom, family affairs and work situation.
Forgiveness is the best step to healing emotional wounds and returning to your own inner child.

The sextile of the New Moon with Venus in Gemini shows a new beginning, which in the sphere of Cancer mainly focuses on the areas of home, family, career and security.

Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn is opposite this New Moon and feels limiting within social frameworks. Can we go through with things or not?
Yet Saturn shows that it is serious.

It is now or never….

The New Moon is conjunct solid star Procyon.
Procyon, the Alpha star of Canis Minor marks the opposite principle of conservative Saturn.
Procyon takes us to the core of our inner emotional labyrinth and looks like Aquarius, progressive, restless, impatient and impulsive, alumni the midst of Mercury in Cancer' volatile square Mars in Aries.

Procyon lights the fire when people give up the fight.
It gives the courage, willpower and strength to persevere, even against all odds!
We can only get there when we take the path of dedication and determination.

After chaos comes the solution, the new life.

The New Moon of July 20, 2020 will last four weeks until the New Moon in Leo of August 19, 2020.
Use the energy of the Crescent Moon from July 20, 2020 to August 3, 2020, the Full Moon in Aquarius to power your plans.

Blessed New Moon!