Neptune retrograde from June 23, 2020


Neptune retrograde from June 23, 2020

Neptune rules the oceans and the seas. Neptune takes you on a journey to the mystical and hidden realm that is below water level.

Here are no limits and no restrictions. Neptune is the energetic bridge between the old and the new. Neptune connects the old and the new, like endless waves on the beach that gently erase the boundaries between what once was and what will become.

On June 23, 2020, two days after the Solar Eclipse in Cancer of June 21, 2020, planet Neptune turns retrograde on 20º57’ in Pisces and descends to 18º9' Pisces on November 28, 2020. Neptune turns direct again from November 29, 2020, 2020, but the shadow period lasts until March 19, 2021 which is the starting position of this retrograde.

Neptune retrograde is not making any major planetary aspects this year, even with solid stars, so the effect is pure.

Retrograde Neptune is a great time for a retreat or spiritual journey and no better time to look for the spiritual or metaphysical meaning behind the tangible things in life, but the worst possible moment for worldly affairs.

Retrograde Neptune deepens everything that transcends our imagination, but also points out the dangers of self-deception, self-sacrifice, false illusions, escapism and forms of addiction such as drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling.
Many are victims of manipulative behavior and many will try to avoid their responsibilities.

Neptune retrograde uncovers the source of denied pain. The harsh reality of blown up castles in the air can be disconcerting and painful.
Pain, humiliation, feeling betrayed, fear or guilt, self-pity, social anxiety and depression can lead to the lonely path of social isolation.

The further you have strayed from the path of Truth, the greater the shock.
Of course we know when we are fooled.
An unanswered love, an undesirable financial situation or a stalled career.
There has always been that awareness with your Higher Self, which resides in the pineal body (Neptune).

Especially in these uncertain times, retrograde Neptune asks for introspection, reflection and the connection with divine love and spirituality.
Don't be fooled by fear and conspiracy theories.

Neptune retrograde takes you back to Source, to yourself and is the path to spiritual self-development, by searching for Salvation, for the Source.

Neptune retrograde is a dance.
Let yourself be carried away with everlasting waves of Neptune.
However, don't let the undercurrent of the illusion catch you.
Reality is only a dream when reality is lost.

Stay with yourself.
Keep looking for the truth.
Go beyond the veil.
What is real?
What is an illusion?