What can we expect from Jupiter retrograde 2020?

From May 14th, 2020 to September 12th, 2020 Jupiter turns retrograde in Capricorn, descending from 27°14 Capricorn to 17°24 Capricorn.

The path you take is not always the right one.

Retrograde Jupiter points you in the right direction or bring you what you really need.
Retrograde Jupiter is an inner rest period of reconsideration, evaluation, inner growth and development, insights and new perspective on life to (re) discover balance and confidence in yourself.
The last time Jupiter was retrograde in Capricorn was in the Summer of 2008, the emergence of the global mortgage crisis and the beginning of the Great Recession.

Retrograde Jupiter moves back to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn.
From June 23rd to July 1st, 2020 there will be an exact conjunction again at 24º between Jupiter and Pluto and that will also be the case from November 8th to November 19th, 2020.

Jupiter retrograde will be most intense for all cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Cardinal signs are about leadership and direction, so tensions arising from the Pluto-Capricorn conjunctions are likely to be intertwined with this issue.


Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Career and Destination asks if you are satisfied with your current career and social status. Do you think it is important how others think about you? You may need to compromise in your career or public reputation due to intense disagreements.
Can you honor your commitments in a social sense?
Jupiter in Capricorn creates great opportunities for progress in your career, but only when you go for it with heart and soul. With integrity and honesty you achieve more and recognition and success naturally come to you.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Higher Consciousness and Philosophy of Life asks you to believe in yourself. Jupiter in Capricorn offers Taurus opportunities to experience and (re) discover life. Taurus may become involved in socio-cultural or political disputes about other cultures, religion or legal issues. A return to core values is your best choice for entering calmer waters.
Say goodbye to the idea that you can't do anything, but embrace the impossible. What do you have to lose? Only great opportunities.

Retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn asks you to be honest with yourself and with others.
The focus is on money, sexuality, investments and shared resources. Retrograde Jupiter makes Gemini sensual, obsessive and spirited. Gemini is willing to take it all the way to get what he or she desires. Use your charms to resolve disputes at work or public reputation. What or who really belongs to you? However, retrograde Jupiter asks not to act impulsively. Secrets and misunderstandings stifle a relationship, both business and private. Stay clear and come clean with matters related to money and intimacy.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Relationships asks you to examine your social circle, best friends, romantic and business partnerships, both business and private. People come and people go. New friendships and connections enrich your life and bring joy, love and great opportunities to grow. Be selective. Beware of making enemies with this retrograde Jupiter. The proverb is not for nothing: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. Trust your feelings and your own values when something or someone doesn't feel right for you.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Work asks you to be honest about your work.
Do you support the work you do and do you agree with the company policy?
Retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn slows down the pace in your daily routine during this demanding period. Standing up for or supporting others that are also affected by the crisis is crucial. However, don't forget yourself. Jupiter retrograde asks you: Don't you ask too much of yourself? Change your lifestyle with a healthy diet, more exercise and relaxation.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Creativity and Love asks you enrich yourself.
A wonderful time to do all these creative things that you never had the time for. Instead of being defensive, analytical and focused on details, it's time to connect with your inner child. Maybe you are finally willing to jump into the deep to discover yourself and do the things you want to do.
Talk to others to share experiences and empathize with others. Also a period of financial benefits, chance of love and a period of enjoying everything that feeds the soul. However, retrograde Jupiter also asks you an important question. Do you really love yourself?

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Family, inner self and private life focuses on your home.
Are you feel at home in your own home or are you still looking for your safe haven?
Retrograde Jupiter is a good time to move, for a new interior, but also to restore a disturbed family relationship or to search for your origin. Retrograde Jupiter gets to know yourself better. Jupiter retrograde can mean tension at home. A renovation or new interior learns more about yourself. Make sure you have the right permits. Good preparation is half the battle. Beware of too high expectations of yourself and family. First get to know yourself.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Communication shows an interruption of studies, creative process, research, course or writing a book. There are conflicting interests in your area, but they are meant to be manipulated in the right way. Retrograde Jupiter puts you in touch with a teacher or publisher who can help you along your path. Watch for omens and know how to grab those financial options before others do. Be critical. Do the right thing and restore the broken contact with close relatives.

Your planet is Jupiter. Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Finance asks if your finances are in order. What does possession mean to you? What is valuable to you?
Sometimes "you just have to have something". What is the added value of property?
Learn to hold on to what you have, let go of all you don’t need.
Financial delays during this period are intertwined with these matters.

Retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn asks you what integrity means to you.
Are you honest and sincere to yourself and to others? Do you support the choices you make in your private life and at work? Do you live accordingly?
The influence of retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn makes you demanding of yourself and others. Capricorn has to deal with the generational aspect, the generation gap and socio-cultural, economic or political differences. Retrograde Jupiter is about adjusting your social consciousness and keeping it that way. Things change and so will people's social awareness.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Cosmic Consciousness asks you who you are.
Jupiter in Capricorn brings a deep connection to the spiritual world.
What are your spiritual values? Are you pure and honest in everything you do? Are you fooling yourself or others? Learn to trust and don't put off the inevitable.
Retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn asks you to look at all the things that you are hiding from the world and yourself. You will have the opportunity to free yourself from self-destructive tendencies, deep-seated fears and guilt.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Friendship and Social Involvement asks you
To be honest to yourself. Do you not invest too much in others or do others expect too much from you? Some of your friends and colleagues may be confused or confronted during this retrograde of Jupiter. It's up to you to keep the group together by taking on the mediating role. You can't save the whole world on your own, but you can save some close friends or colleagues from something worse. Give and receive in proportion.