The Full Supermoon in Virgo, March 9th, 2020


The Full Supermoon in Virgo, March 9th, 2020

At Full Moon, Sun and Moon are opposite each other.
The Full Moon focuses on the opposing forces or polarities in life.

The ego versus emotions, career versus private life, decisiveness versus feeling.

The Sun in Pisces is opposite the Moon in Virgo.

The Full Moon falls at 19°37 in Virgo and is trine Jupiter in Capricorn.
This golden astrological bridge brings openness, understanding and mutual respect.
However, there are challenges to take into account.

The Full Supermoon faces Neptune in Pisces which causes unrest and increases emotional sensitivity.
Not everything is what it looks like….
Hypersensitivity, over protectiveness, fear, hypochondria, restless dreams, confusion about one's own feelings, misunderstandings or creating the wrong impression.
An overly optimistic view of situations or people can lead to deception, disappointment, guilt, shame, self-pity or wrong decisions.
During this Full Moon, there may be fear, hypochondria or troubled dreams.
Be careful with drugs, medication and alcohol, there is also an increased risk of infection and poisoning.

In addition, the Full Moon is in the vicinity of the Fixed Star Denebola.
The Fixed Star Denebola has traditionally been associated with blind lust for power, ambition, catastrophes, rebellion, rise and fall of government leaders, Vatican, throne changes, currency and the stock exchange, public disgrace and separation.
Due to the strong and positive influence of Jupiter in Capricorn, the masculine and destructive power of Denebola is transformed into power, courage, prosperity and mental and spiritual power to look ahead and learn from experience of the past.

Jupiter in Capricorn offers Neptune in Pisces a helping hand too and brings out the positive side of Neptune. The power of Jupiter overcomes Neptune's fears, deception, confusion or secrets.
Jupiter sextile Neptune offers strength and healing, trust and forgiveness where needed.

So be very clear and clear about your intentions. Take good care of your body, soul and spirit.
Increased self-awareness will help you distinguish better between truth and fiction, reality and illusion. Only a higher consciousness leads to spiritual growth and professional progress in business and legal matters.

This is really a Full Moon to overcome your fears and you do that by acknowledging your own weaknesses and forgiving yourself.

Releasing guilt and self-pity and allowing forgiveness leads from happiness, contentment to spiritual, moral and ethical growth.

The influence of this Full Moon lasts two weeks until the New Moon in Aries of March 24th, 2020.

Blessed Full Moon!