The New Moon in Pisces, February 23rd, 2020.


The New Moon in Pisces, February 23rd, 2020.

When New Moon at arises 4º29 in the wetlands of Pisces, the Carnival begins, the celebration of pleasure and fraternization.

This New Moon coincides with Mercury retrograde in Pisces….

The Water Sign of Pisces adds willingness to sacrifice 'Self' in favor of something greater, the Higher, the collective or the elusive.
The planetary Ruler of Pisces is Neptune, the mythological god of the seas, oceans, rivers, currents and tides and all that is hidden below the water surface.
At a deeper level, Neptune is about the ocean of secrets and the collective unconscious.
The elusive influence of Neptune is like the water, constantly changing.
Water represents feelings. Water manifests itself in extreme highs and lows and so our feelings are malleable.

This New Moon in Pisces is connected to intuition.
With this New Moon we are guided by our guts, so with everything we do this is probably because it "feels" like the right thing to do.
The subtle energy will be all around us and feels more tangible.
Because everything feels "different", you intuitive know that something feels good or not making it easier to achieve creative goals.

Retrograde Mercury in Pisces plays an important role during this New Moon.
Mercury will remain in Pisces until April 11th, 2020. However, the logical air planet Mercury does not feel at home in the watery and elusive Pisces. At most, Mercury in Pisces stimulates creativity, intuitive perception and spirituality, but unfortunately common sense is also overwhelmed and influenced by feelings.

Retrograde Mercury at 4º29 in Pisces is about the same degree where it was during the Full Moon in Pisces of September 14th, 2019, so there can be a long-awaited message or you are given the opportunity to think about the how and why something happened during that time.
Mercury retrograde conjunct the New Moon in Pisces also gives us a second chance, so this is preeminently a New Moon to make up for something that did not go as planned during the last retrograde period of Mercury in Scorpio in November 2019.

The New Moon is sextile Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn and this energy offers you positive energy to start something new and participate in social activities.
However, Venus in Aries is square Jupiter in Capricorn, so things can go too far with this aspect, because limits are exceeded involving relationships and financial matters.
People are talking too much and going too fast.

Mars in Capricorn joins the South Node in Capricorn and that keeps everything in balance.
Mars in Capricorn is targeted and practical.
The conjunction of Mars with the karmic South Node in Capricorn may feel like the final mile, biting the bullet. Mars at 4º29 trine Uranus in Taurus and sextile the New Moon in Pisces promises the reward of change!

This is a New Moon of hope, acceptance and trust, but also of closure.

The New Moon in Pisces prepares us for the strong energy of the next New Moon in Aries on March 24th, 2020, which is the spring equinox, a new beginning.
Before that special moment, it is important to come clean, to finish something, set boundaries and to make changes.

Follow your intuition!

Blessed New Moon!