The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, January 10th 2020


The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, January 10th 2020

The annular Lunar Eclipse of January 10th 2020 is the sequel to the Solar Eclipse of December 26th 2019 and is part of the eclipse phase that lasts until the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius of June 5 2020.

This Lunar Eclipse will be visible in Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe.

In a lunar eclipse, the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned.
Mother Earth stands between the Sun and the Moon and catches the Light of the Sun, so that the shadow of the Earth falls on the Moon.

The Sun is the male cosmic Light of consciousness.
The Moon represents the female principle, the feeling.
The Moon opposite the Sun focuses on the polarities in our lives that create a lot of tension.
Each Lunar Eclipse represents a reset of emotions, clearing and releasing accumulated emotional baggage from the past six months.

The Sun at 20°00 in earthly Capricorn is conjunct Mercury, the authoritative Saturn and the transformative Pluto. This special stellium is most important during this first Lunar Eclipse of 2020, the year of the great turnabout.

So much dictatorial power against the vulnerable Moon conjunct the fixed star Castor makes the eclipsed Moon even more vulnerable, emotionally sensitive and anxious. Castor is a symbol of success and genius, but with this intense planetary tension, words, thoughts and behavior are being influenced and Castor gets to deal with loss, emotional vulnerability and uncertainty.
Hard reality feels like a cold shower for the vulnerable among us, while the powerful in the world will expand and consolidate their power. The rich will become (even) richer and the poor even poorer.

On a personal scale, at home and in relationships, we are confronted with negative feelings, being out of balance, mood swings, hypersensitivity and polarized thinking because of sadness, boredom, obsession, urge to control or loneliness, regret, relationship phobia, rejection and abandonment issues, jealousy, disappointment and feelings of guilt.
Inner turmoil and relationship problems make it harder to understand and to communicate.

The Moon, which also represents the public, is confronted with lies, propaganda, oppression and violation of human rights, prejudice, addiction and racism.
On a global scale, we are faced with (further) restrictions on freedom of expression by governments and multinationals.

Neptune in Pisces offers a helping hand. Neptune softens and gives us faith, hope, inspiration and protection. At a global level, Neptune in Pisces gives a voice to religious and spiritual leaders, humanitarian organizations and environmental groups to bring about an equitable and just life through meditation and spiritual beliefs.

We are on the threshold of the historic conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on January 12 2020 and also revolutionary Uranus in Taurus will be moving forwards on January 10, 2020 after a long retrograde period since August 11, 2019.

So it's time to change. Have the courage to let go of certainties and expectations and trust the future.
Learn to listen to your Soul and to each other.
Time to make contact with your Soul in a conscious or unconscious way and to make room for love, creativity and willingness to grow.

Sweet Moon greetings from Marlies Schweitz-Goovers