The New Moon in Sagittarius of November 26th, 2019


The New Moon in Sagittarius of November 26th, 2019

When it's New Moon, the Moon cannot be seen from Earth.
Every New Moon feels like a moment of awakening, of birth, of a new beginning.

The New Moon of Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 falls at 4°03 in the fire sign of Sagittarius.

This is the last New Moon associated with the eclipse season that began with the Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 2th of 2019.
This latest New Moon of 2019 therefore shows the results of intentions of the past six months.

The explosive influence of this New Moon brings a disruptive energy of restlessness, chaos, provocation, accidents, rebellion, impulsive reactions and revolutions.

Mars in Scorpio faces retrograde Uranus in Taurus during this New Moon.
Mars opposite Uranus only happens once every two years.
Mars opposition Uranus causes impulsive behavior, hostility and rapid unexpected changes. Anger and resentment can lead to hostility and a strong desire for freedom.

A tense quincunx of the New Moon with retrograde Uranus in Taurus, chaos will increase.
In all cases it'd be better to take a distance in order to carefully consider available options before a decision is made.
The energy that is now released by Mars opposite Uranus can be very liberating and exciting, but it also brings tense situations, especially when there is a feeling of lack of freedom.
External circumstances and unexpected events force change when there is an untenable situation.

The conjunction of the New Moon with Fixed Star Acrab opens doors to unprecedented opportunities to achieve desired goals.
The masculine influence of the Fixed Star Acrab symbolizes personal strength, money and success, but also power, violence and greed.
This cosmic message comes with a warning.
In order to achieve and maintain success, it is important to play your cards well in order to respond to the rapidly changing circumstances in the market, When you don't, important opportunities in investments and real estate would be missed.

Everything comes with a price.

There will be winners and losers, because whatever is decided with this New Moon cannot be undone.
So think carefully and listen to good advice before taking action.

The influence of the New Moon in Sagittarius of November 26th 2019 lasts four weeks until the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 26th 2019.
The best time for a new start and to start new projects is during the first two weeks of this New Moon cycle, the Waxing Moon.
This waxing phase of the Moon lasts from November 26th, 2019 until the Full Moon in Gemini of December 12th 2019.

Blessed New Moon!