The Full Moon in Taurus of November 12th 2019


The Full Moon in Taurus of November 12th 2019

The Full Moon, the magical moment that Sun and Moon are exactly opposite each other, is a moment of completion.

The Full Moon makes us aware of our deepest desires and inner struggle to fulfill these desires and shows the contradictory forces or polarities in our lives.

The energy of a New or Full Moon is particularly powerful to release physical, mental and emotional blockages.

The Full Blood Moon on Tuesday, November 12th 2019 falls at 19°52 I n the earthly realm of Taurus.
Under the watchful eye of transformation planet Pluto in Capricorn, this Full creative Moon in Taurus brings the promise that dreams will come true in the next two weeks!

The Full Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn enhances emotional sensitivity and psychic perception. Everything and everyone is experienced deeper and more powerful under this Full Moon.

The energy of the increased emotional power of this Full Moon stimulates to overcome any challenges.

The fruitful collaboration of Saturn sextile Neptune and Mars in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius adds a dose of energy, strength, courage and perseverance to make it all possible in business investments, economics, sports and in love.

Of course, there'll be dynamic aspects that present challenges.
The Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury in Scorpio opposite the Full Moon usually causes communication problems that have to do with unspoken issues in the relationship.
An inner conflict between feeling and thoughts leads to misunderstanding, anxiety, incomprehension, confusion or polarized thinking.
The calming and comforting influence of Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces gives emotional intuitive power to broach these inner feelings and find a good solution to problems with confidence at home, in the family and relationships.

Emotional support and advice can be expected from parents, grandparents or wise elders. Powerful and influential people may touch your soul and make you feel as if something is meant to be.

This Full Moon is about letting go.

Letting go of bad habits, negative feelings, saying goodbye to the person who doesn't make you happy, saying goodbye to a job or a house that doesn't suit you.
Letting go of bad habits or unhealthy attachment to emotional pain.
Cleaning up old clothes or things that you no longer need.
Everything that is old, unnecessary, forgotten and worn out.

Let it go!

Blessed Full Moon )0(