The New Moon in Scorpio from October 28th, 2019


The New Moon in Scorpio from October 28th, 2019

With New Moon, Sun and Moon merge and the Moon cannot be seen from Earth.
Every New Moon is a moment of birth, a new beginning, a new cycle.

A moment of awakening.

It’s Autumn.
This New Moon in Scorpio falls into the mystical period of degradation of purification and stillness.

The New Moon of October 28, 2019 falls at 4º25 in the mysterious waters of Scorpio.
The passionate water sign of Scorpio is connected with transformation, death and birth,
the soul, life energy, money, power, sexuality and healing.

This intense New Moon in Scorpio is exactly opposite retrograde Uranus in Taurus.
In recent months, we have seen the variable effect of Uranus in Taurus on money systems, payment processing, housing, climate, food supply and agriculture.

Retrograde Uranus in Taurus further challenges the New Moon in Scorpio and brings with it a major energy shift, such as an unexpected new beginning.
A New Moon of deep desires and the ability to turn these desires into action.

On a personal level, retrograde Uranus in Taurus challenges us to push your inner limits, to make changes or to reinvent ourselves.

This New Moon in Scorpio can be characterized by unexpected events or sudden awakenings.

Scorpio is a Fixed Sign. Scorpio prefers to keep everything under control and is not really looking for the unpredictable.
The New Moon can therefore feel uncomfortable for many of us, but explosive Uranus in Taurus adds a large dose of new insights, which automatically creates a new perspective regardless of the events.

Two days later, on October 31, 2019, Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio.
This makes Halloween 2019 more deeper, more intense and more mysterious, because during this Moon phase we are forced to face our shadow side.
Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio wants us to really think about this.

So soon after this intense New Moon in Scorpio, this is really a moment of emotional "cleansing." What have you achieved this year?
What targets do you want to achieve this year and from whom of from what you’d better do without?

The New Moon always shows endless possibilities that await us.

Seizing opportunities is connected with believing in yourself.
Understanding what you want and where you want to go is crucial to be happy and to find the meaning in life.

So do not resist the magnetic effect of this New Moon in Scorpio and surrender in confidence.

Blessed New Moon.