The Full Moon in Aries, October 13th, 2019


The Full Moon in Aries, October 13th, 2019

With every Full Moon, the Sun is opposite the Moon and shows conflicting forces or polarities in your life.

As the New Moon shows a new beginning, a birth of Light, the Full Moon is about the end, letting go.

The Full Moon, the magical moment when Sun and Moon are exactly opposite each other, is a moment of completion.
With every Full Moon, we become aware of our deepest desires and inner struggle to make these desires come true or to let go.

The energy of the full emotional power of this Full Moon helps you to overcome any challenges. Letting go of bad habits, negative feelings, saying goodbye to the person who doesn't make you happy, saying goodbye to a job that doesn't suit you. Getting rid of old clothes or things that you no longer need. Everything old, forgotten and worn will be cleared.

Three days before and three days after a New or Full Moon are particularly powerful to release physical, mental and emotional blockages.

This intense Full Moon in the constellation of Andromeda can cause a personal or relationship crisis, but also offers opportunities for love, happiness and reconciliation, personal growth, success and reform.

This Full Moon at 20°14 in fiery Aries is square Pluto in Capricorn which may lead to intense emotions and defensive, compulsive and destructive behavior in relationships in case of hidden feelings, motives or anger or fear of losing control.
Jealousy, manipulation, feelings of guilt, bullying, sexual abuse or domestic violence, but also personal secrets or family secrets can be revealed.

On a mundane level, this Full Moon square Pluto in Capricorn can lead to intolerance and racism.
During the Full Moon in Aries of October 13, 2019, Venus in Scorpio is opposite retrograde Uranus in Taurus and that can be the cause of global turmoil in the financial markets.

The Full Moon square intense Pluto in Capricorn forces you to overcome your fears.

The positive trine of the Full Moon with optimistic Jupiter in Sagittarius makes it easier to become aware of the how and why concerning these intense emotions and how to share these feelings.

Every crisis is also an opportunity to transform and evolve.
Jupiter offers openings and solutions such as meeting influential people.
New personal and business partnerships can be established with openness, honesty, mutual respect and understanding.

This intense Full Moon brings challenges, but also enough opportunities to make progress and solve problems for once and for all.

Whatever happens, you have to do it yourself, as Aries wants you to do.

After all, change starts with you.

Blessed Full Moon!