Impact of Uranus Retrograde 2019 on all zodiacal signs From 12 August 2019 to 10 January 2020


Impact of Uranus Retrograde 2019 on all zodiacal signs
From 12 August 2019 to 10 January 2020

In your desire for personal freedom, you may have expected a major change in your life or you may have tried to initiate or even force change, but nothing has happened.

In the coming months, Uranus retrograde will lead to insights, higher self-awareness and internal changes in attitude or behavior.

Therefore, Uranus retrograde lets you process things internally before you proceed to external change when Uranus turns direct from January 10, 2020.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus in the House of Finance teaches you to look at finances and the way you make money in a different way.
Major developments have occurred in your career. You have worked hard to achieve your goals. Even though you see progress, retrograde Uranus in Taurus shows that a good balance between work and private life has still not been found. This imbalance reflects in your income. Higher-ranking people control the way you work and also affect your income. Uranus retrograde in the House of Finances asks you to reduce expenditure. Budgeting is advisable, because unexpected expenses come your way during this period. You partner also has a major impact on your financial situation. Be open and honest in the financial field, discuss everything together and make financial decisions together.

With Uranus retrograde in Taurus in the House of Personality, the world will see a completely different Taurus in the coming months. The time has come to be yourself, to find yourself back.
To live follow your own truth. During Uranus retrograde in your own sign of Taurus, you suddenly realize that you don't like something about yourself. Time for change! Personal circumstances can influence your life and prevent you from leading your life the way you want. Now the time has come to live! You suddenly want to change jobs or you to work fewer hours. It is also possible that you decide to change your hair and wear different clothes. In short, a completely different lifestyle! A new beginning, but you finally dare to be yourself. Be honest to yourself.
You will follow your intuition and show the world who and what you are!

Through Uranus retrograde in Taurus in the House of Cosmic Consciousness and Releasing, you learn who you are or who you were. Retrograde Uranus in Taurus stimulates you to let go of old behavioral patterns, attachment to limitations and pain and emotional baggage. Maybe you lose everything to (re)discover yourself (again). When you have found yourself, the time has come to surrender yourself to the Higher. Your lifestyle is about to change and that may have to do with health problems or suppressed pain and emotions. You don't longer want to wait and postpone anymore. You are going through a great spiritual development during these months and become more intuitive, sincere and more gentle. You will realize who your true friends are and who you should let go. Due to developments during this retrograde period, a friendship or unhealthy relationship automatically comes to an end or a new way of togetherness begins.

With Uranus retrograde in Taurus in the House of Friendships and Social Involvement, your social network grows and with it your chances of social success.
As a Cancer you enjoy being together and sharing together with friends and family.
In the coming 6 months, retrograde Uranus in Taurus will show you how important all those contacts are for you. Through friendships and the right connections you get more social opportunities. Through networking you come into contact with new people who help you reach future goals. So do not decline any invitation to parties, events or social gatherings during this period and accept that invitation.
You would otherwise miss an important turn in your life!

With Uranus retrograde in Taurus in the House of Career and Social Destination, unknown and unique career opportunities will come your way in the coming six months.
During this retrograde period of Uranus in Taurus, you are busy developing your special talents and strengths. Education and training offer Leo potential growth for the career. During these months you get the chance to bring yourself to full bloom, make a career and present yourself to the world in a different way.
A great time for any Leo to make grounded decisions for now and in the future and implement changes. Stay true to yourself and don't be fooled by anything or anyone.

With Uranus retrograde in Taurus in the House of Higher Consciousness, Philosophy of Life and Travel, your desire to travel will grow to find what you have always been looking for.
During this period you want to escape from the daily grind and you want to travel or study to push or explore your limits. During this retrograde period, Virgo is challenged to step out of the comfort zone. You feel it is now or never and that is true. You could otherwise miss a chance to find true happiness within yourself. Always working and making money is not the right way.
There is so much more. You are so much more!
You may wonder if it is all worth, studying or moving, but Uranus retrograde will give you the insight in the coming months that it is.
Retrograde Uranus in Taurus gives you the insight, but you have the free will to make changes. Nothing changes if nothing changes. And that is something you have to take to heart.

With Uranus retrograde in Taurus in the House of the Soul, Transformation and Shared Finance, you will gain insight and appreciation for life and the abundance that life has to offer you in the coming six months. Retrograde Uranus in Taurus brings developments that make you have to give up the illusion of control. It is time to let go of what you no longer serve. Uranus in Taurus retrograde is a search for freedom within your own primary needs and true desires and desires. Trust the process of life and be thankful for all the abundance that the world has to offer. From the Cosmos you get exactly what you need to understand your inner motives and those of others.
In this cosmic search for new spiritual and emotional depth, Libra gets the chance to find the truth within.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus in the House of Relations brings clarity.
If you have not been honest with your loved one or if you were lying to yourself for the sake of love, you will gain insights in the coming months that will change your relationship with your partner. Uranus in Taurus retrograde in your House of Relationships shows a nice journey during this period of deepening to recall good times with your partner. You will get answers to all your questions. Retrograde Uranus in Taurus brings an old love back to your life in the coming months and you can end a steady relationship when you meet someone with whom you experience a soul relationship. New partnerships arise in your career or you get colleagues or employees.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus in the House of Daily Work and Health changes your attitude towards work. You are looking for a less stressful job with more personal freedom. You realise that you have to spend more time on yourself. More exercise, healthier food. Stop smoking or drinking alcohol. During these months you will have to deal with unexpected events on your path that cause stress. You are faced with the facts of living unhealthy, so taking care of your body is of the utmost importance to stay in touch with your essence.
When you discover the truth about yourself this will lead to a new outlook on life.
From the moment that Uranus turns direct at the beginning of January 2020, an improved version of yourself has emerged.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus in the House of Love and Self-Expression shows you in the coming months how good it is to have fun in life. (Re)discover yourself!
All work and no play is not good for anyone. Uranus retrograde shows you the consequences of stress and working late. It's time to adjust your lifestyle, because that is what your soul needs. Follow your creative impulses, dare to be a child again! Go on an adventure in nature and reconnect with your inner child. Free time for your own children and children in your family. This Uranus retrograde is also a period of sudden and surprising developments in your love life, but also of tension in the steady relationship. Your career or study requires a lot of time and retrograde Uranus in Taurus says: make time for each other. It is a period to think about what you want and need in a relationship, either love or friendship.
A quest. Back to yourself.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus in the House of Family and Private life shows that choices have to be made in the coming months for home, family and living environment. Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius. Old grudges involving children or family must be cleaned up or ties with the past broken. In any case, you will have to deal with issues from the past that have not yet been resolved. The bond with the parents, grandparents or caregivers will be restored. Your involvement for your family also means a valuable period for you.
You need more time to spend with your family and that may be the reason that you have to make a selfless and considerate choice. Personal plans should be placed on the back burner.
You can make peace with the past or close a period.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus in the House of Communication allows your inner voice to speak!
Saying what you feel is not always easy for Pisces. Many times, you're afraid to show your feelings. During Uranus retrograde you are connected to a higher power that allows you to say what you feel and to motivate others to find love within themselves.
Retrograde Uranus in Taurus allows Pisces regard old ideas and opinions in a different way.
There are many roads that lead to Rome!
During Uranus retrograde, Pisces will discover hidden passions within, which creates the possibility to make your wildest dreams come true.