The total Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 2, 2019


The total Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 2, 2019

The New Moon of the 2th of July 2019 is a total Solar Eclipse and falls at 10°38 in the water sign of Cancer. During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon shifts between the Earth and the Sun.

The effect of an Eclipse can be felt weeks in advance.

The influence of a New Moon lasts four weeks, but the influence of a Solar Eclipse can last for at least six months.

Eclipses symbolize an end and a new beginning.
A Solar Eclipse therefore has a major impact on the world around us, but also in your own world.
When a Solar Eclipse takes place on your birthday or a few days before or after your birthday, this will affect your entire Solar Year.
Consult your own horoscope to see which area of life this Solar Eclipse is of interest to you.

The path of the total Solar Eclipse extends from the South Pacific, eastern New Zealand to the Coquimbo region in Chile and Argentina.

The total Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019 shows beautiful aspects.
The conjunction with the fixed star Alhena in the constellation Gemini opens the cosmic doors to well-being and connectedness.
The beautiful white star Alhena symbolizes art, sciences, artistic skills and the written or spoken word. A wonderful position for negotiations and a peaceful solution to disputes.
This spiritual conjunction brings people together, so it is a good omen for ending conflicts.
Peace negotiations or mediation can pave the way for cooperation, peace and stability.
The positive and fertile influence of the Solar Eclipse sextile Uranus in Taurus supports the fixed star Alhena.

The influence of Uranus in Taurus and the opposition of the Solar Eclipse with retrograde Saturn in Capricorn can have a major positive influence on families, family compositions, the real estate market and the global economy. Dreams can become reality.
Scientific breakthroughs, creativity, new developments and technological innovation guarantee personal freedom for now and in the future. Group activities and stimulating encounters with people from other cultural or ethnic backgrounds lead to insights and exciting discoveries.

The omnipresent influence of Saturn sextile Neptune increases the chance of peace and encourages your dreams to come true! But only through working hard, not giving up and a sensible, realistic approach.
The Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019 can make dreams come true!

This Solar Eclipse is the successor of the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn of January 2019.
The conjunction with the permanent star Vega already showed great chances of success, but though also a degree of caution.
A serious, ethical and moral approach must be chosen.

Dishonesty and injustice are not rewarded!
Once again, this is the case with this Solar Eclipse.

Leave the old behind and make new plans for the future.
This is the ideal time to make a new start!

This Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse of July 16, 2019 together form an Eclipse phase that lasts until the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn of December 26, 2019.