Neptune retrograde 2019


Neptune retrograde 2019

Many of us live in a dream or are ruled by the illusion, walk the path of denial and escape from reality.

From June 21, 2019, Neptune goes retrograde at 18°43'4 in Pisces’ own mystical realm.

Neptune will remain retrograde until November 26, 2019. The beginning of this retrograde period gives a general feeling of dissatisfaction and negative sentiment, because it causes us to confront the fact that nothing is as it seems.
Retrograde Neptune in Pisces brings light into the darkness, making it easier attaining and retaining healthy boundaries.

Neptune retrograde for all characters:

Retrograde Neptune in your House of Cosmic Consciousness and Psyche goes deep below in order to release negative feelings and even self-sabotage. This period is favorable for a form of therapy, but also for meditation and yoga, esoteric knowledge, mysticism and spirituality. Stay away from mind-altering drugs and alcohol. Be honest and clear to yourself for yourself and personal development. The spiritual path to resignation gives peace in your heart.

Retrograde Neptune in your House of Friendships, Group Dynamics and Social Involvement shows vague developments within the social circle, association and friendships. Things are happening behind the scenes. Are they friends or enemies? Sincere or outward show?
Neptune retrograde teaches you to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Retrograde Neptune in your House of Career and Destination brings a time out in your career to find out your true destination.
Even though this feels frustrating, you need this cosmic time-out, so that there is room for what is better aligned with your authentic self. Do not be afraid or hide in the shadow of your uncertainty. Take the time to consider your next steps.

Retrograde Neptune in your House of Philosophy, Study and Travel is a spiritual awakening.
A desire to study, make a long journey or pilgrimage on the Path of Enlightenment, in search for the true truth.
Retrograde Neptune in Pisces shows that the path of Enlightenment is not paved with gold.
You may be disappointed your journey, but you have to keep looking. Do not follow the map of the known, but dare to go your own way.

Retrograde Neptune in your House of the Soul, Shared Sources and Intimacy is a journey of transformation and rebirth. Retrograde Neptune asks you to come clean, releasing yourself from everything that impedes your personal growth, such as desire to control, possessiveness, fear of loss and obsession within a relationship. Sometimes you have to lose something in order to win. Finding your own inner strength that makes you stronger and independent. Neptune retrograde in Pisces supports this inner process and can be accompanied by doubts, fears and uncertainties. Embrace these feelings on the way to inner strength.

Retrograde Neptune in your House of Relationships reveals who your true friends are and who aren't. Despite your earthly discernment, Neptune weaves a web of confusion and fantasy. Disappointments through indiscretion, deception and betrayal in relationships, both business and private, are learning moments that tell more about the role you play in the relationship. The truth is sometimes hard to accept. If you really pay attention to what is actually happening in your relationship, you will be able to see the truth.

Retrograde Neptune in your Home of Daily Routine and Health makes you more sensitive to stress and medication and more prone to getting sick. Due to retrograde Neptune, you have difficulty concentrating on your work or sticking to routines or schedules. In your daily life or at work you are inclined to ingratiate yourself for the sake of others such as your employer, project or colleagues. Retrograde Neptune brings everything into perspective to find a healthy balance.

Retrograde Scorpio in your House of Self-expression, Children and Love is passionately searching for a soul connection, but you can be disappointed when your expectations are too high. Love is blind. You only want to see the beautiful, but placing someone on a pedestal can lead to a disillusion. Your creativity flows during this period, so a creative dream could come true. You would do anything for this, even when it comes at the expense of yourself, your partner or family. Retrograde Neptune in Pisces finally finds the golden mean.

Retrograde Neptune in your Home of Family and Private life reveals something in the family that has been hidden for a long time. Neptune retrograde teaches you that your "home" is where your soul lives. Sagittarius goes in search of the past, the family history. Family karma from a distant past can weigh heavily even now. Retrograde Neptune gives you insight into the how and why things happen in this life. During this retrograde Neptune, some form of therapy could provide insight such as Family Constellations. The gap between expectation and reality is deep, but can be bridged by love and forbearance.

Retrograde Neptune in your House of Communication, the Mind and Thought Processes makes intuitive, gives inspiration and enriches your imagination and fantasy life, but there can also be inner confusion. You would prefer to escape all the hectic pace of life. This is a good time to express yourself creatively, a spiritual course or to write romantic and spiritual literature.
Be alert when dealing with details, practical issues, facts and figures, because things can be overlooked.

Retrograde Neptune in your House of Finance and Property requires you to pay close attention to your money. Preferably cut your credit card in half, because you will lose the financial overview. Watch out for thoughtless expenses, because during this period you are inclined to go shopping based on emotion or to eliminate an unpleasant feeling. Your financial expectations are too high or you are too focused on material safety from a fear of loss. Neptune retrograde shines a light in the financial darkness. Money is and remains one of the greatest illusions in this life and that is the great lesson of retrograde Neptune in Pisces.

Retrograde Neptune in your House of Personality shows you how you really are.
You are more than what the world sees. You try to adapt yourself to others and situations as much as you can in order to keep yourself going in this world. However, you are not always kind to yourself or your inner child. Loneliness, self-deception, hypersensitivity and self- sabotage brings you into a negative spiral. Neptune retrograde shows your beautiful soul and teaches you that you are good the way you are.