Saturn retrograde from April 30, 2019


Saturn retrograde from April 30, 2019

Saturn in Capricorn goes retrograde from April 30, 2019 to September 17, 2019.
Saturn "declines" from 20º31.1 to 13º54.7 in Capricorn and its shadowing period lasts until 24 December 2019.

Saturn is about discipline, responsibility and Karma.

These are the effects of retrograde Saturn 2019 for all characters:

Saturn in the House of Career focuses on building a strong foundation for social success.
The most important ingredient to success is always preparation and through hard work.
Retrograde Saturn also shows you the consequences of being lazy and indifference.

During retrograde Saturn there are differences of opinion with supervisors, executives and elderly persons. Be careful, there may also be delays when traveling. A study can also be interrupted or requires more effort. Stay inspired.

During retrograde Saturn, you are less focused on money matters, but now you have to ensure a tight financial policy. Financial obligations in the relationship and issues related to intimacy demand your attention. Stay focused and take responsibility, because you get the chance to make things right.

During retrograde Saturn in the House of Relationships there may be a divorce or it is impossible to be together with your partner. There may also be deceit and deception in a business or private relationship. All relations are therefore put to the test in order to improve, strengthen or to terminate a relationship.

During retrograde Saturn, you should pay particular attention to your health. A different diet or strict diet can be detrimental to your health, such as too little, too much or unhealthy food. Saturn retrograde teaches you that the more efficient and productive you are, the more you get and to establish a proper order and structure everyday life.

Retrograde Saturn puts love to the test. Be honest with each other. Children need more attention and so does your inner child. Don’t ignore or deny your talents when you feel uninspired during this period or when your creativity is blocked. Try to find inspiration within yourself. Make time for yourself. Dare to become a child again.

During retrograde Saturn, the foundation is laid for your future. A lot is demanded of you and you often have the feeling of being thrown back and forth between work and private life or being limited by private matters, family, parents and home. Actually, this is your basis for social success, your task is to focus on this.

Retrograde Saturn asks you to pay attention to a study, education or development of skills and to improve the relationship with siblings or to put things right in your family or at school. Depression and dark thoughts are possible during this period.
Reading, traveling, learning and meditating are ways to ease your mind.

During retrograde Saturn, you have to consider less revenue, more expenses and a lot of work. Always ensure good planning, because family life or family can be demanding at the moment. Saturn retrograde makes you uncertain about your financial situation, but this is actually a good time to save or to prepare a budget plan.

During retrograde Saturn, you may feel demotivated or you get the feeling as if you are not progressing or that you are never going to achieve your goals or objectives.
Watch your health and diet. Retrograde Saturn can make you restless, so you need a regular everyday routine. Have your dinner on time, going to sleep on time. Stay motivated, because there are figurative bears on your road.

During retrograde Saturn, you can experience delays and setbacks.
Saturn retrograde hints at things that you need to let go, because these things have causes you trouble. Maybe you cannot sleep, because you are worrying.
Meditation can ease your mind, leaving room for structure.
Things happen the way they are meant to be. Let it be.

During retrograde Saturn, friends disappear from your life. Saturn retrograde is a big clean-up in your social network. Whoever it is that leaves your social network no longer resonates with the person you are right now. Be selective who you allow in your life. Dedication and work to make your dreams come true is what matters now.