Jupiter retrograde


Jupiter retrograde

From April 10, 2019 until August 10, 2019 Jupiter in Sagittarius is retrograde.
Sometimes the chosen path is not always the right path.

Retrograde Jupiter steers you in the right direction or brings what you really need.

A period of dreaming, reconsideration, inner growth and development, insights and new perspective on life.

The influence of Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius for all characters:

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Higher Consciousness and Philosophy of Life asks you to believe in yourself. Jupiter in Sagittarius offers Aries opportunities to experience and (re) discover life. New cultures, travel and study to grow within and broaden your horizons.
Say goodbye to the idea that you can not do something, but embrace the idea that you are going for it and at least try it. What do you have got to lose? Only nice opportunities.

Retrograde Jupiter asks you to be honest with yourself and with others.
The focus is on money, sexuality, investments and joint assets. Retrograde Jupiter makes Taurus
Very sensual, obsessive and temperamental. Taurus is willing to go the extra mile to get what he or she desires. Retrograde Jupiter, however, requires not to act impulsively. Secrets stifle a relationship, both business and private. Come clean with money matters and intimacy.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Relationships asks you to reassess your social circle and gain new perspective on relationships, both business and private. People come and people go. New friendships and connections enrich your life and bring joy, love and great opportunities to grow. Be selective. Trust your feelings. If something or someone does not feel right for you, have faith in yourself.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Work asks you to be honest about your work.
Are you with your work and do you agree with the policy of the company you word for?
Retrograde Jupiter slows down the pace during this demanding period.
Perhaps you push yourself too hard. Change your lifestyle with a healthy diet, more exercise and relaxation.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Creativity and Love asks you enjoy yourself.
A wonderful time to do all the creative things that you have not had the time for. Do the things you like to do. Make the connection with your inner child. Also a period of financial advantages and chance to fall in love. A period to enjoy all that feeds the soul. However, retrograde Jupiter also asks you an important question. Do you really love yourself?

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Family, inner self and private life focuses on home and domestic issues. Is your home a true reflection of what you need?
Do you feel at home in your won home or are you still looking for your safe haven?
Retrograde Jupiter is a good period for a move, redecorating or to restore a disturbed family relationship or to look for your origin. To feel at home is a good time for a new interior or to decorate your home. Retrograde Jupiter helps you to know yourself better.
Don’t get your hopes up too high of yourself and family. Get to know yourself first.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Communication shows a break or interruption in a study, research, course or in writing a book. Retrograde Jupiter will get you in touch with a teacher or publisher, someone who is able to help you on your path.
Use this period to restore contact with close relatives.
Be critical. Do not take anything people say at face value. Do what’s right.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Finance wants to ask if your finances in order.
What does possession mean for you? What is valuable to you?
Financial delays during this period are intertwined with this question.
Because of retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius you have to we have to economize.
Sometimes "you just want to own something". What is the added value of property anyway?
Learn to hold on to what you have, let go what you do not need.

Retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius asks you what integrity means to you.
Are you honest and sincere towards yourself and others? Do you support your choices in your private life and at work? Because of retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius you are very demanding to yourself and to others or maybe overly optimistic.
Just stay pure. Follow your own rules.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Cosmic Consciousness asks you who you are.
Jupiter in Sagittarius brings a deep connection with the spiritual world.
What are your spiritual values? Are you pure and honest in everything you do? Do you fool yourself or others? Learn to trust and do not put off the inevitable.
Retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius asks you to look at all the things that hide from the world and yourself. You get the chance to free yourself from self-destructive tendencies, deep-rooted fears and feelings of guilt.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Friendships and Social Involvement asks you
to be selective with your choice of friends, acquaintances and social activities.
Something or someone must feel good for you in the first place. Jupiter asks to leave a close look at yourself. Are not you too demanding towards your friends or are there any ulterior motives?
Do you expect too much socially or do others expect too much from you?
Give and receive in proportion.

Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Career and Destination asks you if you are satisfied with your career and social status. Do you find it important how others think about you?
Can you live up to what you promise socially?
Jupiter in Sagittarius creates great chances for progress in your career, but only when you go for it with heart and soul. With integrity and honesty you achieve so much more and recognition and success will come naturally to you.
Take the stage, but know how to shine backstage, too.