The Cardinal Grand Cross and changes in 2014.


The Cardinal Grand Cross and changes in 2014.

Changes in our lives also change the way of how you live. The change in what we believe about the world, in each other and in ourselves.
The year 2014 and in particular April 2014 brings us the chance to find out what really IS.

The current turmoil in the world consists largely, because the majority of people living on Earth, whether rich or poor, is in a state of inner turmoil or dissatisfaction. Inner tension, problems or lack of clarity and direction happens when something we see or experience does not fulfill our desire or the own idea of how it should be.

We are always looking for something or someone to get our rights, looking for approval or confirmation and for something that gives the feeling of safety.
Everything else is considered to be a threat. Disruption, conflict, social degradation, economic collapse, excessive control, restriction of personal freedoms etc. will continue to exist as long as there are situations in which people are convinced to be right, are misinterpreted.
When we stop trying to change things to our personal idea of how things should be, there is a good chance of a peaceful society.
In doing so, we have the opportunity to awake in a new way of being in the world.

In this period crisis is necessary to transform life into another form. The true meaning of crisis is the turning point and the astrological dynamics of the Cardinal Grand Cross in April 2014 brings us to a metaphorically and literally turning point in our lives. This heavenly call can cause the breakdown of long-lasting patterns and which will help us to find a way to the higher goal.

By making full use of the revolutionary planetary energy of the Cardinal Grand Cross we see personal beliefs, thoughts and desires for what they really stand for making this period is a true personal challenge.
This celestial event is confrontational, but brings us a lot of energy and opportunities to make changes in our lives.
The choice of how to use the energy or react is really up for each of us.

Everyone experiences their own personal revolution in some way.
People no longer close their eyes and speak out loud. In some cases it will not be nice. Only if you're open to change, you will now begin to see some results.
These are fierce energies, but violent times are needed to break with fears.

All of us are making shifts on a personal level. One way or another, everyone of us is forced out of his or her comfort zone.
We are all afraid of change, especially for extreme change, but things don't have to be extreme if you go along with the flow of life.
Many events already took you out of your comfort zone so you already know what it's like to deal with changes.

Events in our personal lives are changes in addition to changes.
We are in a stage where we have the opportunity to get rid of our fears and to embrace our spiritual self.
But on the other hand, it is as if we are stuck in the hard contemporary 3rd dimensional illusion, in which fears are fed and in which we find ourselves frantically sticking to the old life.

The Grand Cross symbolizes the audacity to a whole new direction.
New structures and beliefs cannot be built before the old corrupt structures are demolished.

Focus on your own personal life and see how changes are beneficial to your life.
Neptune travels the next few years in its own sign Pisces and this indicates a period of shifting to a more spiritual perspective.
I think these times force people to a return to faith, trust and a more spiritual place.
Where else can you go when the outside world no longer feels safe?

Change means that we can’t know what is to come, because we can only know what went before us. We can not know in advance what new forms will arise.
April 2014 is a month of dramatic change and it is up to each of us to encounter these changes with all the hope, enthusiasm, love and awareness as possible.

What can we do?

We all need to participate in this awareness-raising process.
To find a way in this confusing time meditation helps and spend time on yourself in nature to be centered and grounded. The goal is to find the way now the world has lost its own way..
Old systems disappear, established structures change and new systems bring revolutionary ideas and lasting shifts in the world as well in in family patterns, nothing will ever be the same again..