The New Moon in Aquarius of February 4, 2019


The New Moon in Aquarius of February 4, 2019

With every New Moon, the Moon can not be seen from the Earth.

The New Moon is the magical moment in which the Moon and the Sun merge. A time of preparation, purification and release.

Mother Moon is charging herself with the power of the Sun for a new monthly cycle of growth.
This New Moon at 15°45 in the air sign of Aquarius makes us far-sighted, forward looking to come up with solutions on humanitarian, social, ecological, scientific and technological issues.
Exchanging entrenched social images for a widened focus in which everyone is considered as a unique individual.
Accepting life and yourself as it is, even though there is chaos around us.

From afar, the Great Benefactor Jupiter in Sagittarius looks upon the conjunction of the Sun, the Moon and Mercury in Aquarius with favor!
This New Moon brings opportunities for material and spiritual growth.
A great opportunity for social activities, to network and making business contacts, for study purposes, traveling and engaging in business and legal negotiations.
The energy of the New Moon in Aquarius gets the political and social discussion going.

The New Moon is supported by the hopeful universal energy of Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces.
Without losing sight of reality, this cosmic support can make dreams come true for yourself and for others.

This New Moon is the harbinger of good news! 

The energy of the New Moon of February 4, 2019 lasts four weeks until the New Moon in Pisces of March 6, 2019.

With New Moon seeds are planted, intentions created and wishes visualized that will come to fruition with the next Full Moon.
The best time to address a situation, make a good decision or a new start is during the first two weeks of this New Moon cycle. The Waxing of the Moon.

Results or indications for success or failure appear in the Light of the Full Moon on February 19, 2019, the Full Moon in Virgo.

We are all part of the big picture, not apart and separated from one another.
Together we have to make it happen.

Plant the seeds for a better future for yourself and for us all, mankind as a whole.