The Full Moon in Gemini of November 23, 2018.


The Full Moon in Gemini of November 23, 2018.

With every Full Moon, the Sun is facing the Moon and shows the opposing forces or polarities in our lives. As the New Moon shows a new beginning, the Full Moon is about the end, about letting go.

The energy of the elevated emotional power of the Full Moon stimulates to overcome challenges.

Letting go of bad habits, negative feelings, saying goodbye to the person who does not make you happy, say goodbye to a job that does not suit you.
Getting rid of old clothes or things that you do not need anymore.
Everything that is old, unnecessary, forgotten and worn.

The Full Moon in the flexible sign of Gemini creates a vibrant atmosphere of excitement and intense mental activity.
However, this Full Moon at 00°52 in Gemini is besieged by several challenging aspects.

The square with the red Mars Warrior in Pisces is dynamic, but also impulsive and defensive.
The opposition with Jupiter and retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius reinforces this confrontational and heavy energy.
This T-Square can lead to an outburst of restrained anger, irritation and frustration.
A lack of self-control, jealousy and negative behavior do the rest.

At best, we only lose our patience or good mood.

The Full Moon is close to Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades constellation.
The Pleiades symbolize love and peace, but this loving energy can not compete with the strong energy of this confrontational T-Square.

Patience and self-control is the key to deal with this dynamic energy.

Every Full Moon is connected to the previous New Moon.
Targets set with the New Moon of November 7, 2018 can now be adjusted or completed.

The influence of this Full Moon of November 23, 2018 lasts two weeks until the New Moon in Sagittarius of December 7, 2018.