The New Moon in Scorpio of November 7, 2018


The New Moon in Scorpio of November 7, 2018

With New Moon, the Moon can not be seen from the Earth.
Every New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle, rebirth, a moment of awakening, of a new beginning.


The New Moon of Wednesday November 7, 2018 falls at 15º11 Scorpion and forms pleasant aspects with retrograde Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn.

The large fixed star Zubeneschamali at 15°20 is the big catalyst in the whole.

The fixed star Zubeneschamali represents justice.
There may be unjust accusations or someone else has done you wrong or you have wrongly accused someone, in love or in business.

Something had to be restored. Something needs to be rectified.

This New Moon in Scorpio breathes spiritual transformation through empathy and forgiveness.

The cooperation of Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn is forgiving.

The Water Trine of the New Moon with Neptune in Pisces gives the insight that forgiveness is the way to the destination, your path to the future.
Forgiveness and understanding reinforce a strong self-image, happiness, intuition and sense of destination.
The pleasant sextile of the New Moon with Pluto firmly reinforces this spiritual influence.
The cooperation of the New Moon with Neptune and Pluto is key to clean up by confessing something that makes you feel guilty or ashamed or to forgive or to be forgiven.

Jupiter in Scorpio is trine the Node in Cancer and that is a good omen.
There’s a chance you will meet true love! It's almost as if fate meant for you to meet.
The trine between retrograde Venus in Libra and Mars in Aquarius makes you long to be together. This connection wants to put everything right.

This is a New Moon of forgiveness.
To be able to continue on the path of life, free of guilt or regret, you must be able to forgive.
Forgive someone else, but also to forgive yourself or allow yourself to be forgiven.

The effect of this New Moon of November 7, 2018 lasts four weeks until the next New Moon in Sagittarius of December 7, 2018.
The best time for forgiveness and a new start is during the first two weeks of this New Moon cycle, the crescent Moon. This crescent phase of the Moon lasts from November 7 until the Full Moon in Gemini of November 23, 2018.