The Full Moon in Taurus from October 24, 2018


The Full Moon in Taurus from October 24, 2018

Every New and Full Moon is a cosmic portal.
The three days before and the three days after a New or Full Moon are particularly powerful to release physical, mental and emotional blockages.

The Full Moon, the magical moment when Sun and Moon are exactly opposite each other, is a moment of completion.

With the Full Moon we become aware of our deepest desires and inner struggle to fulfill these desires or to release blockades.

This Full Hunting Moon falls on 1°13 in earthly Taurus and forms an almost exact conjunction with retrograde Uranus in Taurus.

This Full Hunting Moon is about change and insecurity, especially in love affairs and finances,
and brings us bittersweet tidings from which lessons can be learned.
The Full Light of the Moon reveals vulnerabilities in your love life and finances.

Positive and challenging planetary aspects with this Full Moon can cause problems for relationships, but also offer solutions through the influence of Saturn and the fixed stars Mirach and Mira through the application of patience, love and forgiveness.

Retrograde Venus’s conjunction with the Sun in Scorpio opposites the Full Moon and Uranus in Taurus.
Venus opposition to Uranus brings dormant tensions and desires to the surface and shows the emotional need for love and affection, regardless of the consequences.
The challenge of a new romance will consequently lead to tensions within the relationship.

In any case, change and excitement in the love area and in the financial field.
Take extra care with investments, or when you feel the urge to buy or eating or drinking too much just to compensate a nasty feeling.

The Wise Old Saturn in Capricorn intervenes with a soothing earth connection, which moderates the impulsive nature of this opposition.
Saturn in Capricorn is thus the saving angel and emotional power with this intense Full Moon.
The mediation of Saturn offers practical solutions that lead to more love, dedication, comfort, security and stability.

Saturn bridges and stabilizes the polarizing opposition of the Sun conjunct Venus and the Moon conjunct Uranus.
The biggest problems are solved with patience, love and mutual understanding.

Challenges become opportunities and uncertainty becomes reassurance.