Venus retrograde 2018


Venus retrograde 2018

Venus rules everything you love and value.
Venus has traditionally been a symbol of love, beauty and solidarity. Venus embodies the magical power that gives beauty, softness and charm.

It takes 225 days to complete her magical dance around the Sun. Venus goes retrograde about every 18 months.

When Venus is retrograde, she moves between Mother Earth and the Sun, so Venus is close to the Earth. Her gravity gets stronger. Every retrograde planet allows us to evaluate and reconsider. During retrograde Venus, we have time to think and re-evaluate everything that is valuable to us.

Retrograde Venus is about reflecting and reconsidering all that is valuable to us, such as love, relationships, marriage, art and money matters. Pent up emotions and frustrations that come to light during this period give us the insight that no relationship or situation is perfect or ever will be.

From October 5, 2018 until November 15, 2018 Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, goes retrograde in the mysterious waters of Scorpio. Venus "descends" from 10º Scorpio to 25º Libra on November 15, 2018. Venus’ shadow period lasts until December 18, 2018.

Because this Venus retrograde takes place in Scorpio and Libra, the emphasis is on relationships. Venus retrograde is the perfect time to evaluate your relationships, business partnerships, finances, creative projects and self-esteem.
Do you get enough in return from all you invest?
Retrograde Venus is a period of reflection.

Venus goes retrograde every eighteen months, but this time Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio at the same degree as Venus did eight years ago, in October 2010.
Eight years ago, Venus was also retrograde in Scorpio and Libra. Venus retrograde brings us back to that period in October 2010.
Topics that relate to relationships, private or business, can be repeated.
A reconciliation or a situation or person from the past can return to put things right when it comes to unfinished business. Painful areas that deserve to be addressed with regard to loyalty, love or money.

The core themes for this Venus retrograde are passion, commitment, trust, balance and justice in relationships, power dynamics and control.
Old love does not rust and that fact is symbolic of retrograde Venus in Scorpio.
However, newly formed relationships won’t last long. In existing relationships, profound changes take place, especially when when it comes to obligations and a desire for more freedom and personal space within the relationship.

The source of income can also change. Ideas that have been on the back burner are measured at their fair value.
Venus retrograde is a favorable period for making appraisals, purchasing antiques, an auction or buying second hand goods.
In the real estate market, you can buy a house or land at a favorable price.
Venus retrograde, however, is not a good period to buy expensive and impractical things.
During Venus retrograde we are inclined to buy something just to own something !
Do not be fooled. A nice purchase turns out a waste of money when Venus turns direct.

Marriages and relationships are faced with difficulties and delays.
Retrograde Venus want you to take a good look at your relationship during this six-week period.
The relationship with yourself included.s
Take an emotional distance to see things in a different light.
What are your deepest desires in a relationship?
What does your heart want?
What does your heart say?
What do you need?
All is not gold that glitters.
Use this time to reflect on what your real desires are.

With Venus retrograde, love is on the back burner. Do not force anything and expect no open and direct declarations of love during this period, but little gestures and apologies.
Retrograde Venus is a period of reflection and looking back.
In every relationship we sometimes interfere with each other, in love relationships, friendships and in business relationships.
A good relationship knows how to weather every storm.
If there are already small annoyances at the beginning of a relationship, they will become worse in the course of time. Those annoyances are the actual differences between you and your partner.
In this period, you have to determine for yourself if you understand these fundamental differences and can you agree with them.
During Venus retrograde, careful consideration should also be given to annoyance and the importance of the relationship or situation.

The best period to make a commitment is from December 18, 2018, because then there will be clarity where you stumble into darkness.

Relationships reach the highest heights or disappear in the unfathomable depths.
During this period it becomes clear how strong or honest your love is.
Honesty is the best policy.