The Full Moon in Cancer from 2 January 2018.


The Full Moon in Cancer from 2 January 2018.

This is the first Full Moon after the Winter Equinox, the magical turning point when the Light overcomes the Darkness.
The Full Moon of the Longest Night of January 2, 2018 falls at 11º in the water sign of Cancer, the sign that is connected to the Moon.

The Full Moon marks the opposing forces or polarities in your life, such as your work versus your private life.

Me versus we. What do I want, what do you want.
Freedom versus sacrifice.
Inner tension and external pressure can lead to personal conflicts in any relationship, especially now revolutionary Uranus in Aries turns direct again today.
A Full Moon puts the cards on the table.

The Full Moon in Cancer is close to Sirius and exactly opposite Venus in Capricorn.
This dynamic Full Moon is about relationships.

A special pattern will be formed with this Full Moon.
A Kite pattern.
This Kite brings the possibility of love, compassion, peace and forgiveness.

Venus is the top of the Kite, the Full Moon is the tail.
The Opposition between the Sun and Venus in Capricorn and the Full Moon in Cancer represents a problem that needs to be solved.
The challenge.
An insatiable hunger for love, emotional contact and affection, regardless of the consequences. The opposition between the Full Moon and Venus shows too many expectations in every form of relationship.
Unrequited love can break your heart or lead to major conflicts and stumbling blocks in the way to peace on an international scale.

Mars and Neptune form the crossbar of the Kite and add a sexual contribution to this tense dynamic.
Jupiter and Pluto are at the top of the Kite and show the distinct perception of love and affection. What means one thing to one may mean something different to another.
Harmless flirting can be considered as sexual harassment to another, especially when there is inequality of power.

Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio support Venus and the Full Moon and stimulates mutual attraction and a good feeling about yourself. Mars conjunct Jupiter is a power aspect which is perfect for starting everything that requires energy, initiative and courage and the self-confidence to succeed.

Dreamy Neptune supports the Full Moon with compassion, empathy and forgiveness.
Neptune makes you dream about a soul relationship and increases the likelihood that it will happen! Neptune supports Mars, Venus and the Sun and this stimulus guarantees a passionate romance or heightened sensitivity in any relationship, sensuality, tenderness and spirituality.
A strong magnetic attraction and magic charm do the rest.

Jupiter sextile Pluto finally brings spiritual and personal growth, creating wealth and professional progress.

With understanding and compassion, this Full Moon Kite of January 2, 2018 can be launched and all relational problems can be solved.
There is also an increased chance of peaceful negotiations and solutions.

So it’s up to us.
Let Love be the wind beneath this Kite.