The Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017


The Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017

Every Solar Eclipse is an energetic gateway to a new beginning. The strength of a Solar Eclipse is 10 times as strong as a common New or Full Moon ....

The effect of a Solar Eclipse continues for 6 months.

Seen in an astrological perspective, this is a very powerful Solar Eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017 falls on 8°’12 in the dreamy waters of Pisces.
King Neptune in Pisces plays the leading role during this Solar Eclipse.

This Solar Eclipse is the cosmic sequel to the magically beautiful Lunar Eclipse in Leo of February 11, 2017.
The Lunar Eclipse of February 11, 2017 opened the door and this Solar Eclipse brings many opportunities to make your dreams come true.

The Solar Eclipse conjunction with Neptune in Pisces and the fixed star Skat brings visions or premonitions that will be strong six months after this event and will guide us in making decisions.

Yet there is something going on…
An inner restlessness and exuberance in which things are not going fast enough.
It's something you experience for some time.
As if something is about to happen and you do not know what it is.

Unfortunately, there are aspects that complicate this potential magically beautiful Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

The challenging opposition of Jupiter in Libra and the awakened Uranus in Aries gives a strong desire for personal freedom.

During this Solar Eclipse in Pisces, Mars is conjunct Uranus in Aries, thus opposing Jupiter in Libra.
This means a release of built-up tension and unpredictable behavior which may lead the parties are pitted against each other, power politics, show of force, accidents, angry reactions, rebellion and greed.

All decisions being made now will be of a permanent nature.
Happiness is inextricably linked with your spiritual development.
Lust, greed and selfishness are negative and have a negative impact on your life and the interconnectedness with your loved ones.

In any case, a sudden event will pave the way to a big change in the world and in your personal world.