The Partial Lunar Eclipse in Leo February 11, 2017


The Partial Lunar Eclipse in Leo February 11, 2017

The magical beautiful Lunar Eclipse in Leo takes place at 22º in the proud realm of Leo.

This penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Leo marks the end of a cycle that began in September 2016.

The energy of this Lunar Eclipse eclipse and the energy of the Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017 will continue until the next Eclipse-season of August 2017.

The many positive aspects that are formed with this Partial Lunar Eclipse show an optimistic picture for the next six months.

During this Lunar Eclipse, a rare planetary pattern is being formed.
A Mystical Pyramid!

With Saturn in Sagittarius as the top of the mystical pyramid we see an extraordinary conjunction of five planetary energies!
Every corner of the mystical Pyramid is brought together by the wisdom of the ancient Saturn, forming the top point of the Pyramid. The effect of Saturn is strong, results-oriented and sustainable. It's pure magic!

The opposition Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries, together with the opposition Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo represent the bottom of the pyramid.
This indicates problems in the relationship feel the strong need for personal freedom.
There may be a sudden event causing something will change in your life. However, the rule is:
The more limited you've felt, the greater the change will be.

The desire for freedom represented by Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus, should be taken into account, but everything else is sheer positive aspects!

The Sun trine Jupiter and the Moon sextile Jupiter means happiness and prosperity in your development and in all forms of relationships. New connections are formed and existing relationships strengthened. Great position for togetherness and common goals.

The Moon Trine Uranus and the Sun sextile Uranus breathes new life into existing relationships and brings surprising new connections. It indicates a greater personal freedom to try something new and exciting. Group activities, meetings and chance encounters with people from a different cultural or ethnic background.

The Moon Trine Saturn and the the Sun sextile Saturn shows patience and emotional strength to deal with any problem in the relationship.

Jupiter in Libra sextile Saturn in Sagittarius shows caution when making decisions. Making the right choices at the right times.

The trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries indicates that we are in a transition phase. This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life, because it is now possible.

Any change that is made will be permanent.

A Lunar Eclipse is a turning point. It resonates on events that took place 19 years ago and will affect the next 19 years of our lives.
During this Lunar Eclipse, there is a disclosure of something that has been hidden for a very long time. It may have to do with children, childhood, love affairs or art.
Dreams during this period are clear and lucid giving valuable insights that may open the door to a new path in our evolution.