The New Moon in Scorpio of October 30, 2016


The New Moon in Scorpio of October 30, 2016

The New Moon of October 30, 2016 falls on 7º Scorpio.
This very special second New Moon in October 2016 is a welcome change in this challenging period of Eclipses and violent Full Moons!

Each New Moon represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle of 28 days.

A new leaf in the book of your life.
Again and again a new door opens to make a fresh start.

Mercury in Scorpio is conjunct the New Moon and the harmonious trine in Water formed with Neptune in Pisces brings spiritual exchange, hope and love.
Mercury trine Neptune encourages creativity, imagination, telepathy, psychic sensitivity and spirituality.
The influence of Neptune softens your emotions, imagination and creativity. During this romantic period fantasize about the ideal partner, a soulmate.
Nice time for reading exciting detectives or esoterica, watching character movies or a study psychology!

The Sun and Moon conjunct Mercury in Scorpio focuses on the mental, thinking and communication.
This a perfect time for cleaning up and create space.

A time for cleaning up your office, paying bills, writing and reading letters and e-mails.
Due to the financial nature of Scorpio, the next two weeks indicate an ideal time to make an investment or close business deal or to buy something beautiful for yourself or to sell something.

During this period of emotional attachment fruitful and constructive discussions take place.
The intuitive subconscious is additionally stimulated and dreams bring special messages.

With the power of Mercury and Neptune, this New Moon brings spiritual enlightenment, dreams and hope for the future.

Let’s live our dreams.