Mars in Scorpio from January 4, 2016 until March 6 2016


Mars in Scorpio from January 4, 2016 until March 6 2016

On January 4, 2016 Mars enters the intense and mysterious waters of Scorpio.

Mars feels at home in the fixed water sign Scorpio.
According to traditional astrology Mars is the ruler of Scorpio |

The sign of Scorpio wants to hold on tight, wants to examine and transform.

Mars wants action and dares to make a change!

Until March 6th, 2016 there is more intensity and passion in our lives.
Mars and Scorpio are associated with sexuality.
Mars in Scorpio is provocative and mischievous.
Because of Mars in Scorpio you are bolder, more daring, more courageous.
You might want to exceed some limits.

Mars in Scorpio is intense.
With this power, we do not care how big the challenge is.
Mars in Scorpio loves a challenge. Mars will not choose the easy way.
Resistance is the challenge!

But we can also be unrelenting, aggressive, controlling and possessive when desires are thwarted.
Mars in Scorpio can lead to serious conflict.

During this period there may be an increased risk of terror and violence in the world.

Not every relationship can withstand this intense energy of Mars in Scorpio.
Be careful with this intense energy of Mars in Scorpio, both at work and in private life.

With gentle pressure you achieve so much more than with brute force!