The New Moon in Gemini of June 16, 2015


The New Moon in Gemini of June 16, 2015

The Sun and the Moon at 25º merge in the sign of Gemini.
At this moment, the Moon is not visible from the Earth!

With this New Moon, a new constant cycle of 29 days begins, which will mainly carry the communicative specifications of the sign of Gemini.

Every New Moon is always a good starting point to begin something new, such as to make the decision for a positive change.

This New Moon is a breath of fresh air!
The New Moon in Gemini invites us to launch a new project that has to do with communications, publishing and media, such as a new magazine, book, website or TV program.
But it could also indicate the purchase a new computer, television, tablet or I-phone.
This New Moon encourages you to participate in a community project, go to school, write a book or read a book or just write that postponed letter or finally make that call.

The New Moon is a day when the energy is directed inward.
Despite the energetic and versatile Gemini energy you would rather be alone.
A moment to clear your mind, take a moment for yourself, in order to reach your deepest feelings.
When you are alone, are you aware of things that bother you and what would like to change.

In recent weeks, so much has happened in your life, so many profound changes in your thinking and emotional processes.

In this intense and transformative period you will be given the opportunity to turn your life around in a positive way.

Talk about it with others.
Open yourself.
Share your feelings and thoughts.