Neptune retrogrades from
June 12, 2015 until November 17, 2015


Neptune retrogrades from
 June 12, 2015 until November 17, 2015

On its long journey through the zodiac, King Neptune, named after the god of the sea, travels through its own Water sign of Pisces, where it will remain until March 30, 2025.
The mysterious bright blue planet reminds us that we are all born from the great ocean of spiritual awareness.

Water is the element of Pisces, of emotions and unconsciousness, the psychic power. Neptune also represents the need for peace that is needed to restore the balance in our world.

Below the surface of the ocean is a hidden kingdom, the hidden realm of King Neptune. The water surface is similar to our physical body. Underneath we hide our true wonderful spiritual self just like the magnificent coral hides itself from the outside world.
On June 12, 2015 Neptune begins its annual long retrograde period on 9º Pisces.
A period that will last until November 17, 2015 involves a period of spiritual renewal.
During this period of Neptune retrograde, creative and undiscovered creative powers are encouraged to come forward such as painting, music, dance or poetry.

Those born with Neptune retrograde are often successful in arts, music, and spirituality.
During this period, these people feel on top of the world!

There is heightened perception and receptivity to everything that is interconnected. There is more empathy and compassion.
However, during this delicate period, people are also receptive and sensitive to atmospheres and influences. Spirituality can be experienced in its purest essence, but unfortunately many of us are susceptible to confusion, aimlessness, disillusions, vague discontent and deceit.
High sensitive persons could be victims of the harsh worldly conditions to which they are exposed on a daily basis.
During this period, avoid drugs, alcohol and stimulants. Protect yourself as much as possible from harmful energies in your environment, such as negative emotional conditions and complaining persons.
Wear the black Tourmaline gemstone to dissipate negative energy and protect yourself from the negative energies surrounding you.

There are two periods in which you should definitely watch your limits:
September 17, 2015: Jupiter in Virgo opposing the retrograde Neptune
October 7, 2015: Mars in Virgo opposing the retrograde Neptune.

During the retrograde period of Neptune, think carefully about the role of spirituality in your life.
Are you able to trust your higher self? Do you listen to your own voice, your intuition, feelings and emotional impressions?
Are you so overwhelmed by the suffering of others that you lose yourself in escapism or addiction?
Are your savior or martyr?
Are you able to admit spirituality into every aspect of your life?
Chiron travels until April 2018 and joins Neptune on its journey through Pisces.
This offers us the opportunity to let go of negative aspects like escapism, deceit, duplicity, martyrdom and illusion.
In case you've lost faith in the divine world or creation, allow the combined energies of Neptune and Chiron help you to restore faith and confidence so that healing may take place.
Once you are healed, you can help others by sharing your experiences and become a beacon of light for those who are lost in the dark.
On November 17, 2015 Neptune will turn direct at 7º in Pisces. On March 8, 2016 Neptune will return to the spot where it went retrograde on June 12, 2015.
Until that moment, this retrograde influence will remain in the world.

The retrograde Neptune teaches us the following:
Do not close your eyes for undesirable situations in life such as rising debts and chaos.

Do not close your eyes for relationships that you cost more than you deserve.
Make the distinction between value and worthlessness.
The natal chart shows where Neptune wants you to consider these things. The area 9º to 16º Pisces is the area where adjustments should be made.

Listen to your inner voice, observe what's going on in your inner and outer world.

Stop dreaming.
Open your eyes!