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Gemini horoscope 2022

The first half of 2022, the Year of the Tiger, is generally steady, but the second half of 2022 will be a roller coaster of rapid development.
Due to the influence of Jupiter in the highest part of the Gemini horoscope, the year 2022 is mainly colored by career, your social life and the desire for change. With Jupiter in Aries, from May 2022 to May 2023, new friends and public interest will come through Social Media or with book publishing. Gemini really has to work, because it doesn’t come easy. Gemini can achieve many things, but must ensure that a stubborn attitude does not undermine all those opportunities.
Also the way of compromise both private and business should not be ignored.
The final square between Saturn and Uranus in October 2022 brings Gemini back to 2021 to wrap up some unfinished business.
From late October 2022 until mid-December 2022, retrograde Jupiter will be back in Pisces again to show some career opportunities that were overlooked or not dealt with.
The end of 2022 will see an unexpected turn and that may have to do with a move.
The year 2023 will be a turning point for all of us, so it is essential to prepare yourself in 2022.

Love and Relationships
Due to the presence of the South Node in the House of Relationships, the year 2021 was the year of blaming and criticism in a relationship or even divorce or loneliness, even if you are in a relationship involving unprocessed emotions and things from the past that you couldn’t forgive your partner. It may be so there is more distance in a relationship for some time and that is partly due to the influence of Pluto in the House of Intimacy.
Gemini is a bit more distant, but 2022 is the year of connection. Because of Pluto in Capricorn, intimacy in relationships has been a theme for a long time and will be reinforced in early 2022.
The presence of Pluto in Capricorn has had a major influence on intimacy and sexuality since 2008, a period of dark secrets, experiencing taboos and obsessions. This influence of Pluto will remain until January 2024. Venus retrograde in Capricorn until January 28, 2022 will add a plutonic boost by bringing up unprocessed issues.
With the Sun conjunct Venus at 18º Capricorn on January 9, 2022 you will be confronted with your shadow, but at least you can defeat some demons and can lead to profound transformation and inner purification. The most important relationship in life is the relationship you have with yourself.
With the shifting of the Lunar Nodes from mid-January 2022, there will be some relief in the aggravation.
Through the influence of Mars in Sagittarius and Venus retrograde in Capricorn, issues related to intimacy can be solved by the beginning of 2022.
Valentine’s Day 2022 can be extra romantic especially on holiday due to the convergence of Venus and Mars in Capricorn, but can also be related to the complex return of an ex-lover.
During the first half of the year 2022 with the great Benefactor Jupiter in Pisces, a new love can begin in the workplace or through colleagues. However, building a new relationship in 2022 may not be so easy. Gemini in a committed relationship can look forward to more financial prosperity in the relationship due to the influence of Jupiter in Pisces.
From February to May 2022, Jupiter in Pisces can be the flame of the Universe to rekindle love as it was at the beginning of the relationship.
The single Gemini continues to look for the ultimate love relationship, especially in the first half of 2022.
In the second half of 2022, Gemini will calm down a bit. June or July 2022 is a favorable period to plan a romantic vacation or family expansion. Differences of opinion in the relationship in 2022 mainly have to do with financial problems.
Your planet Mercury is retrograde in Libra from September 10 to September 23, 2022 and then an old flame can return to your life, but is also a time to make improvements in love relationships.
The transit of Venus in Libra (House of Love) from September 31 to October 23, 2022 is favorable for the single Gemini. Venus forms favorable aspects with the Sun and Mars on October 14, 18 and 19, 2022 and that makes you welcome and confident. A promising conjunction of Venus and the Sun in Libra in the first three weeks of October 2022 can bring good news about the relationship, especially for single Gemini, and can be the prelude to a beautiful end of 2022 such as an engagement or wedding! With this conjunction in the 5th House, a romance during a party can develop into a beautiful relationship. There may also be news about children, support you get from children or a pregnancy! In any case you are getting closer together, is that wonderful?
The transit of Venus in Sagittarius (House of Relationships) from November 17 to December 10, 2022 is positive for all unions. There may be some planetary challenges on December 4 and 5, 2022, but by the second half of December 2022, things will be taking a turn for the better. The end of 2022 in particular is a step in the right direction for love, because from December 19, 2022, Ceres will travel through Libra (5th House of Love and Romance). A warm and loving period to be with the one you love one and with everyone you love.
Forget 2021 and learn from all that has been said and done.

The year 2021 was not an easy year for Gemini and despite some setbacks, the year 2022 looks much brighter. After almost 10 years of Neptune in Pisces in his legs in the 10th House of Career, you may have noticed that building a career is not that easy. Neptune makes Gemini uncertain about goals and career direction, but it is precisely through Neptune that you can connect with your intuition to find the right path.
Gemini is successful in art, music, poetry, alternative medicine or world of mysticism.
With Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces until May 10, 2022, things are finally getting some momentum. However, the beginning of the year 2022 still shows a slow start. Use this quiet period to make adjustments to improve the quality of your work.
Jupiter in Pisces until May 10, 2022 is favorable for your career, but Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Venus retrograde in Capricorn until January 28, 2022 are not in your favor. Collaboration doesn’t go as it should, especially if you rely on the support of third parties to take important steps.
So January 2022 is not the month to make progress. Steps can be taken from February 2022. Taken together, the first quarter of 2022 is not really your time and you should wait and see.
In March 2022, Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus could mean setback and instability for study and long travel. It is then wise to postpone travel and not to force anything. Gemini will face criticism from above and will have to defend positions and provide evidence that external factors are the reason for any shortcomings.
Until mid May 2022, with Jupiter in Pisces, Gemini can make progress by receiving favors and granting favors. Gemini can start college in the first half of 2022 or get additional education or training to keep the level high. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces at the end of April 2022 in the House of Career can be the beginning of recognition, support from above and a creative partnership. This partnership can offer new perspectives on existing projects and the improvement of your company. April 2022 is the most promising month for careers, to apply or to be considered for a raise, so take advantage of it, Gemini.
From mid-April to late May 2022 Mars in Pisces will bring energy and drive to take initiative and make progress. Venus Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius on March 28, 2022 can be tricky for legal matters such as divorce and any financial arrangements.
Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius on April 5, 2022 can lead to solutions if you dare to think outside your limits. Technology you are applying now may not be the right way.
The 2022 Eclipses fall on the Taurus/Scorpio axis and therefore have to do with work and daily routine. The shift from the South Node to Taurus (the 6th House of Work) can trigger shifts in employment or a new job.
From May 2022, a more active period for Gemini’s career will emerge due to more offers from employers or partners, interesting perspectives and more assignments.
Only the most hard-working Gemini gets success faster. When you decide to go with the flow, everything moves more gradually.
There are no less than two Eclipses in 2022 in Scorpio (House of Work), a Lunar Eclipse on May 15 and a Solar Eclipse on October 25, 2022. The Lunar Eclipse can bring progress, recognition and success with the work you have done up to that point. It can also mean that you need a time-out to recover from all the stress. The Solar Eclipse may indicate a new workplace where your abilities will come to their fullest.
The March, May, October and November 2022 eclipses are an indication that the old familiar path no longer works.
Changes are inevitable and if you don’t make changes yourself, changes will come from outside. Also in November and most of December 2022, Jupiter in Pisces offers unprecedented opportunities for progress.
In the run-up to the Summer of 2022, everything is slowing down again. Jupiter in Aries from May 11, 2022 to the end of October 2022 shows a shift towards social events, networking and making connections. There are also opportunities here that will come in handy later.
Ceres will travel through Leo from July 24 to September 29, 2022, a period of great mental energy and drive to pursue ideas and plans and take action. However, August 2022 will also be marked by a triple conjunction between Uranus, Mars and the North Node in Taurus in your 12th House. This transit may indicate some resistance. You can’t rely on others, there is criticism or people fail and tempers can get heated. It would be wise to avoid conflict, as there is no real chance of a solution or compromise.
In the autumn of 2022, tensions may arise between colleagues. By the end of the year, a radical change in your career is possible.
For most of 2022, things look positive for career, Gemini. The year 2022 will show moments of doubt and despair, but keep your faith in the process of change.

The financial horoscope of 2022 shows a volatile picture, especially for the younger Gemini.
When something doesn’t go quite right, keep in mind that things will turn for the better.
Just like the waves of the sea on the beach that keep receding and rising again under the influence of the Moon, so it is financially.
Retrograde Venus in Capricorn shows a delay in your partner’s financial affairs until January 28, 2022. Everything about shared interests, intimacy, finances and other emotionally charged topics should be discussed first.
The Moon is ruler of the House of Finance for Gemini. That means for Gemini that every New, Waxing and Full Moon is a great time for making investments. The Waning Moon is always a time to finish financial matters and pay bills. With this in mind, Gemini gets financial overview and insight.
Throughout 2022, financial and material support will continue to be needed from third parties, such as your spouse or business partner. In the course of 2022, Gemini will have the opportunity to repay money or settlement can take place. Be careful with borrowing money in 2022.
Stay away from questionable practices. Pay close attention to who you borrow money from and through which channels, because there is a good chance that you will become a victim of fraud with all its consequences. In general, Gemini should try to control spending as much as possible, avoid unnecessary purchases and not take out expensive loans.
The first quarter of 2022 is looking the best for Gemini. Jupiter in Pisces trine the House of Finance (Cancer) from January to April 2022, is showing a period of temporary stability.
It is then advisable to put some money aside, so that you have financial reserves for later this year when Jupiter enters the sign of Aries from May 11, 2022.
Venus Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius on March 28, 2022 can be tricky for legal matters such as divorce and any financial arrangements.
Asteroid Ceres will travel through Cancer from May 16 to July 23, 2022, offering good financial opportunities. Gemini can make a profit in the company, make smart financial decisions and putting themselves on the map.
In the spring of 2022, there may be more expenditure than income and the risk of going into debt. The first week of June 2022 looks financially promising, but at the same time it is also the cause of conflict.
The month of June 2022 is the most favorable for creating quotations, advertising, reaching customers and potential buyers or for handling other financial matters.
In the summer of 2022, the financial situation will stabilize.
The New Moon in Cancer of June 29, 2022 squares Mars and Jupiter is in Aries and then tempers may flare. The rest of the year looks generally calm.
Venus will travel through Cancer (2nd House of Finances) from July 19 to August 11, 2022 and that marks the beginning of an upward trend.
With Jupiter in Aries, profits can be made until the end of October 2022 through collaboration or participation in long-term projects. Keep in mind that ego conflicts can occur.
In the fall of 2022, the most active Gemini can increase their budget.
Saving money van be a challenge in 2022.
A lot of money will be needed by the end of the year due to an unexpected move and major costs associated with this event.

Family and Home
Mars will travel through Sagittarius until January 24, 2022, during that time tensions may arise at home related to work or daily life.
Overall, 2022 is a favorable year for Gemini’s private lives. Family members offer understanding and financial support in difficult situations.
From time to time, problems may arise with children or with child welfare authorities.
Elderly members of the family provide advice and help in 2022.
The Full Moon in Virgo of March 18, 2022 in your House of Family and Home is the cosmic gateway to a change in your living situation, such as a renovation, new interior or a move to another place of residence. Plans to move become concrete or there is an actual move due to your career, a joint holiday or family gathering.
In the second half of 2022 there will be peace and balance in the family. There will be room for a nice holiday in June or July 2022. During this period, family ties can be strengthened and there is a chance of family expansion.
Venus in Virgo (House of Family and Home) from September 5 to 29, 2022 really makes September 2022 a month of domestic and family affairs, as well as sentimentality and finding domestic happiness and inner peace and happiness.
Change is part of life and nothing stays the same.
Adjusting yourself to change and the positive possibilities that come from this acceptance is liberating and offers room for inner growth.
Most disagreements at home are about financial problems.
In 2022, Gemini should be flexible, because nothing is certain in 2022. It is also important to stay positive and to control emotions as much as possible to be able to solve problems in a logical way.
Ceres travels through Virgo (Home and Family) from September 30 to December 18, 2022 and this can be a great time to be with family or people you consider family.
Also a perfect period to make improvements to your home or living situation.
During this period Gemini seeks warmth and comfort and is therefore more open to being helpful to others in the family and relatives.
Moving is not such a suitable time, but when that happens, choose a place where you feel comfortable and comfortable or that brings you closer to the people who support you.
In December 2022, unexpected, spontaneous actions are likely, such as a sudden move or change of residence.

Last year’s Lunar Eclipse in Taurus of November 19, 2021 (House of Letting Go and Cosmic Consciousness) frees Gemini from limiting beliefs or destructive habits. Eclipses will also take place in 2022 on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, so that this trend of innovation and improvement continues.
In 2022 there will be two eclipses that affect the health of Gemini, a Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30, 2022 and a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 8, 2022. The shift of the Lunar Nodes to Taurus/Scorpio from February 2022 is also of direct impact on physical and mental health and thus the liberation of Gemini. This transit can make Gemini overactive, anxious and restless, a feeling of exhaustion.
Uranus in Taurus will also remain in the 12th House of Cosmic Consciousness and Letting Go in 2022. Uranus in the 12th House helps you to connect with your subconscious and to let go of old pain. Ceres will remain in Taurus until February 8, 2022, so a great start to the year to find new ways to let go of old patterns and habits.
Red Warrior Mars travels through Taurus from July 6 to August 20, 2022 and during that time you want to be on your own, some time alone with yourself to listen to your soul.
Gemini pays a lot of attention to their appearance, but in 2022 it is mainly about the interior and strengthening the immune system. Make sure you get enough exercise, a healthy diet, rest and relaxation. It’s also about your state of mind and being less likely to get angry.
The year 2022 is a favorable year for surgical interventions and other forms of therapy.
In 2022, Gemini is at risk of being injured in an accident or assault.
Gemini should pay particular attention to the lower part of the body, the pelvis, hips, intestines and lower extremities, especially the feet.
At the beginning of August 2022, there is a triple conjunction between Mars, Uranus and the North Node in Taurus that makes hyperactive and can lead to anger.
The year 2022 is a year of psychologically challenging periods, but by taking more care of your mental and physical health, things can take a turn for the better.
Take better care of yourself, worry less about others or worrying about your career or other things. What is more important than your health and well-being?

The Gemini Full Moon of December 19, 2021 was the harbinger of a new cycle in your life that focuses on who you are and where you want to go in this life. It gives your personality a great boost.
Ceres is in Gemini from February 9 to May 15, 2022 and that is a quiet period in which you want to hold on to what is pleasant for you and there is room for inner growth.
Mercury is the astrological Ruler and personal planet of Gemini, so Mercury retrograde is always a tricky period. In 2022, Mercury is retrograde from January 14 to February 3, 2022, from May 10 to June 3, 2022, from September 9 to October 2, 2022, and from December 29 to January 17, 2023. The second retrograde in May/June 2022 can be annoying for Gemini with setbacks and delays, annoyances and frustrations. A period when things go wrong and you have to work harder to get things done. The best period is March 2022 and late summer of 2022.
In the fall to the end of 2022, Mars in Gemini will enter a dynamic period with a series of unexpected events.
From October 30, 2022 to January 11, 2023, Mars is retrograde in Gemini and this period can lead to great frustration, annoyance, impatience, criticism and irritation about situations and other people.
Mars will travel through Gemini from August 21, 2022 to mid-January 2023, and during that dynamic period you want to do everything at once, including making hasty decisions or making judgments without thinking carefully. More haste less speed.
Don’t go from one extreme to another, just try to find the balance.

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