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Cancer horoscope 2022

The Year of the Tiger can be surprising for Cancer, because the Tiger gives Cancer the power to finally make dreams come true.
Over the past two years, Cancer has had a hard time. The year 2022 shows a better perspective with the Great Benefactor Jupiter in Aries in the House of Career and Destiny. From May 11, 2022 and especially from December 21, 2022, good tidings will come for Cancer.
It will be a year of learning and insights in which all knowledge gained can benefit career and status. The second half of 2022 is aimed at applying that knowledge and skills. The year 2022 is the year to make a name for yourself and get noticed. In 2022, the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses will affect your social network. During 2022, a love affair may begin or end and new contacts may be formed. Jupiter in Pisces until May 2022 is therefore the preparation, learning skills that offers you a broad stage to be able to fulfill your dream later on.
Due to the influence of Uranus in Taurus, Cancer has changed course in recent years to do something completely different. The year 2022 offers Cancer the opportunity to deepen and learn everything you need to move forward.

Love and Relationships
The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus of November 19, 2021 (House of Friendships and Social Engagement) shows until mid-May 2022 a social period of socializing with friends, groups and networks and Venus in Capricorn until March 6, 2022 also indicates a period of reconciliation, harmony and love in the relationship. The first three weeks of January 2022 are a favorable period for Cancer for a next step such as an engagement or marriage and signing agreements, contracts and entering into partnerships, both professionally and privately.
This period, however, also outlines a period in which Cancer has gloomy feelings about social contacts, because Venus in retrograde. The beginning of 2022 can be a relational challenge, but from April 2022 there will be relaxation in relationships, both private and business.
Due to the influence of Jupiter in Pisces, Cancer is less fierce, but more thoughtful until mid-May 2022. With Pluto still in the House of Relationships there are tensions in relationships and that is because of unconscious desires that are brought up from the subconscious by Pluto.
With Mars in Capricorn from January 25 to March 6, 2022, this energy will be amplified. Cancer can then be very sad and dramatic about feelings and feel like all is lost. There may be tension in your social circle in May 2022 with Mars square Uranus, raising old discussions.
The single Cancer is looking for a soul mate throughout the year 2022 to start a family and have children. The new relationship will be long lasting and strong. However, Cancer should try not to be too possessive, jealousy and mistrust are often unfounded and counterproductive.
During the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces at the end of April 2022, at the beginning of May 2022, that will be fine again. This conjunction in the 9th House shows an auspicious time for a romantic journey together. The single Cancer can meet a partner abroad or during a trip or study. The period from July 19 to August 11, 2022 is a loving period to get married with Venus in Cancer.
In the first half of October 2022, Sun and Venus will merge in Libra and then there will be room for improvement in your love life, if you are married and have a house together. A time of diplomacy and a willingness to learn from each other to overcome problems.
This is also a great time to expand your family and make plans for the future.
In October 2022, the very last square between Saturn and Uranus will be in the Eleventh House of Social Processes, and then problems and misunderstandings from August 2022 will return to be resolved for now and forever.
In general, the year 2022 is a year to work on your relationship.
Pluto in the House of Relationships will remain a tease until March 2023, but this influence does teach Cancer in a sometimes painful but much-needed way what blocks the way to true happiness.
The trickiest transit of 2022 is the triple conjunction between Uranus, Mars and the North Node in Taurus on August 1 and 2, 2022 in the 11th House of Friendships and Social Processes and that is an aspect of tension, drama and stress in your social circle. With Venus in Cancer, Cancer wants to help by mediating. You can’t always be the savior. You can’t help everyone.
The second half of 2022 may be accompanied by disappointments. By chance, you discover that your partner or someone in the close circle of friends you had a lot of confidence in is talking about you behind your back or putting you in a bad light. Because your trust has been damaged, it can hurt a lot and that is why Cancer prefers to close itself off. It is precisely then that it is good to learn from this unpleasant situation and open to new contacts.

The year 2022 shows a fairly productive period for Cancer.
Favorable periods for one’s own company and for job applications are mainly in June and July 2022. It is important to have motivation to make progress in 2022, otherwise the situation will remain the same.
With most planets on the right side of the Cancer horoscope, it’s not just about you, but the cooperation of co-workers, business partners and executives. However, private and business must remain separate, so do not dwell too much on your private life.
The Cancer who works in tourism, logistics, services and freight transport are most successful in 2022.
The year 2022 is a career-oriented year for Cancer with great opportunity for improvement and advancement. The partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus of November 19, 2021 marks the completion of a collective project in the first half of 2022 and the beginning of a more individually focused period. With the Great Benefactor in Pisces, the first quarter of 2022 focuses on learning and mastering new skills, which will come in handy in 2022.
The Sun in Capricorn in the House of Relationships until January 20, 2022 is a favorable period for Cancer to enter into a new partnership and to sign agreements, contracts and partnerships.
Career-related things will accelerate from May 11, 2022 when Jupiter enters the sign of Aries. Aries is the Home of Career for Cancer! From May 11, 2022, with Jupiter in Aries, work projects and your public life will kick in.
Until May 2023, there will be major developments in Cancer’s career. With Mars in Aries from May 25 to July 5, 2022, Cancer has to rely mainly on influential people in your field. This Mars energy ignites the fire in the Cancer and then you want to move forward! That also happens, but recognition only comes after you have had to do a lot of work. It won’t come easy to you, Cancer.
The Venus and Uranus conjunction in Taurus on June 12, 2022 in the 11th House of Social Processes and Hope may also lead to interesting developments in mid-June 2022.
A group project, joint venture or participation in a project promises a lot, but it is not easy to get it off the ground.
So the Summer of 2022 can be a stressful and unpredictable time, but with patience you will get there and you can finally reap the sweet fruits.
Starting in late July 2022, Cancer will face a slowdown as Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries.
This stagnant period will certainly last until October 2022 and that may have to do with family or private circumstances. It will not be easy to concentrate on your work due to family problems.
The last quarter of 2022 is more study-oriented, a favorable period for a business-oriented course or training to prepare yourself for the year 2023.
By collecting more information about your field and acquiring more knowledge, you strengthen your position. This is also a favorable period for a business trip or holiday to relax. Expect delays, because Jupiter in Pisces will remain retrograde until November 22, 2022. Including the shadow period, delay until the end of 2022 remains a difficult topic.

The financial horoscope for 2022 generally shows good financial situation.
The shift from the North Node to Taurus at the beginning of 2022 makes Cancer believe in dreams again, both individually and collectively.
For Cancer, 2022 is generally a year in which money is generated through the intervention of other people. Cancer thus has to rely on others to make financial steps. The year 2022 is also the year in which others invest in you!
Money is made through hard work and not all Cancerians will be equally successful in 2022.
A lot of money will be spent in 2022 on improving living conditions, hobbies, vehicles and traveling.
Beware of buying goods over the internet or through dubious organizations. First check whether the selling party is reliable, because Cancer can have to deal with scams.
Saturn in Aquarius will face the 2nd House of the Treasury in 2022, so there is great opportunity to make progress financially through the intervention of or collaboration with influential individuals.
It is therefore up to you, dear Cancer, to make smart choices about who you work with and who you associate with. Overall, 2022 looks pretty positive for Cancer’s financial affairs, but big changes come when the Great Benefactor Jupiter in Aries enters the House of Career and Destiny from May 11, 2022 (Jupiter will stay there until May 2023!). This is a productive and stable energy that can mitigate any challenges this year. The influence of Saturn in Aquarius in the 8th House allows cash flow to be used to clear any business or private debt with a view to the future.
In the summer of 2022, Cancer can expect a pay rise, a financial windfall or a bonus.
The conjunction of the North Node, Venus and Uranus in Taurus in the second half of June 2022 in the 11th House of Social Processes and Hope can lead to unexpected financial support from your social network such as a loan or participation in a joint project. Of course, this cash injection can be used to pay off debt, as Saturn is watching sternly from the opposite 8th House.
In the fall of 2022, money can be spent on a loved one, children and elders in the family.
In August 2022, Cancer faces the triple conjunction between Mars, Uranus and the North Node (House of Social Processes). There may be infighting and greed. Beware of loans that you cannot repay. In summary, 2022 is a year where you need to use your social skills to maximize profits. The year 2022 is the year of careful handling of money and responsibility. Be economical, don’t be too enthusiastic and don’t miss opportunities.
Look at what you own and hold onto it.

Family and Home
The Black Moon (Lilith) in Cancer from April 14 to the end of the year 2022 will negatively impact Cancer’s families. To avoid further conflicts, it is wise to find solutions by going on vacation and organizing family gatherings. A lot can be solved during a walk or dinner.
This year, things could also be happening behind the scenes at home, such as extramarital affairs, betrayal, narcissism, indifference or domestic violence.
The Black Moon in Cancer from April 14, 2022 brings all this out and can even lead to divorce and loss.
More attention or extra attention for birthdays or holidays and offering help when needed can contribute to peace and harmony in the family.
Thanks tot Jupiter in Pisces, Cancer can count on unexpected visits from abroad until mid-May 2022 and from the end of October 2022 or will visit family members abroad this year.
Many Cancerians will look for a change of scenery in 2022 and go out to visit family.
The year 2022 will also be dominated by joint projects with family members, such as activities in a family business, trade and the sale of household products or the real estate sector.
In 2022, family disagreements may arise over the care of elderly relatives.

Due to stress, the year 2021 may not have been an easy year for Cancer.
Cancer is still recovering from events from 2021 and that may be related to two Eclipses in 2021 in Sagittarius, your 6th House of Health.
The total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius of December 4, 2021 in the House of Health shows that in the first half of 2022 the daily routine can be unexpectedly interrupted. To maintain your health, an alternative, relaxing and cleansing therapy is advisable. Hydrotherapy, swimming in the sea, acupuncture or going to the sauna regularly are good for purifying body and mind.
Health problems are largely the cause of stress. In 2022 you will no longer suffer from the trials of the Lunar Nodes in the 6th and 12th House (Health), leaving room for growth and improvement in your health.
Until May 10, 2022, the Great Benefactor Jupiter travels through Pisces and that has a beneficial effect on the health of Cancer. Cancer then has a better resistance and does not get sick as quickly, that also applies to psychological problems. Cancer is less concerned and therefore takes better care of themselves. The period of Jupiter through Pisces is the best time to travel or for a weekend of reflection or a retreat to reset body and mind.
Mercury and Venus will travel through Gemini from the second half of May 2022 and this transit will bring increased creative energy. Take time for yourself to do the things you enjoy.
The months of June and July 2022 are great months to create something new and fun for yourself. A time for yourself to clear your head.
Just pressing the reset button is good, because Cancer will need this timeout in preparation for a busy end of 2022.
So in general, it is good to take it easy in the first half of 2022 in preparation for a hectic second half of 2022.
Cancer may have problems with the larynx, skin and gastrointestinal tract in 2022. Get enough rest and sleep for good immunity and nervous system. Watch out for hypothermia. Moderate eating and drinking. Go to the spa regularly.
In the autumn and winter of 2022 it is necessary to eat less meat and more vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood. If Cancer fails to do so, it faces digestive problems, headaches, and elevated blood pressure.
Mars will go retrograde in Gemini (The House of Cosmic Consciousness and Letting Go) from October 30, 2022 to January 11, 2023 and that can be a period of psychological pressure and health problems, doubt, fatigue and adversity.
During this period, Cancer has inner conflicts and Cancer has a hard time expressing and understanding subconscious motives or desires or even emotions and that has to do with letting go of the past. Emotional burdens can feel heavier than usual and that feels like the energy has run out. It is good during this time to break emotional ties that no longer serve you.
It will free you emotionally.

Periods of success and prosperity alternate with days and moments of discontent and disappointment. The year 2022 is therefore a year of ups and downs.
Don’t stand on the sidelines this year, Cancer. Don’t be lazy or indifferent and stay active in your work and social circle.
The year 2022 has a quiet start, but the rest of the year is much busier, a true roller coaster of events, trials and changes. The most favorable period for relationships, travel and career is in the summer of 2022. In the fall of 2022, there are problems with relationships.
From mid-April to the end of 2022, the Black Moon or Lilith is in Cancer and it almost feels like an exam. Dare to acknowledge and not hide weaknesses such as jealousy, envy, greed, laziness, selfishness and indifference. Do everything you can to combat these weaknesses. Recognizing and overcoming one’s own shortcomings will only make Cancer stronger, more honest, more credible and more confident.
Do not close yourself off, but pay more attention to family, friends and colleagues and your social circle. At the end of 2022, Cancer can look back on an interesting and, above all, instructive year.

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