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Horoscope Taurus 2020


The influence of Uranus in Taurus until the end of April 2026 changes the life of Taurus.

Uranus is still retrograde in Taurus until January 10th 2020, Taurus. From the moment Uranus turns  direct again, the world is beginning to see a completely different Taurus, more independent, free and determined.

This independent attitude encourages you to implement changes in your life.

Love and Relationships

The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn of December 26th, 2019 was the cosmic gateway to a six-month period of creativity, harmony and openness in relationships and in business partnerships. For Taurus, Pisces symbolizes the House of Friendships and Social Involvement. The influence of Neptune in Pisces makes Taurus long for the spiritual connection with friends.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces can lead to misunderstandings in the social circle in the second half of February 202. Mars travels through your House of the Soul and Intimacy until mid-February 2020 and this can strengthen the emotional bond with your loved one when money and intimate issues are resolved. The Lunar Eclipse of June 5th, 2020 can help resolve blockages. Mars travels through Pisces from mid-May to late June 2020 and this transit puts things right in the social circle. Mercury is retrograde in your House of Relationships in the second half of October 2020. Someone from the past can cross your path and there may be issues that have to do with dedication. The road to compromise proves once again to be the best option.

The Solar Eclipse of December 14th 2020 opens your soul and opens your heart.

December 2020 shows a nice month to travel with your loved one. A wonderful moment to reflect on a great year.


The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius of January 24th 2020 falls into your Career Home and affects your career and your private life. This cosmic gate indicates the realization of a project or culmination of a period of hard work and study. Now you can start reaping the benefits of success. If you experience the opposite, it is high time to make changes in the coming six months to get your life on track. The pillars of a successful career are a happy and stable private life. The conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Mars from mid-February to March 2020 gives the energy to broaden your mind by following a study, going back to school, teaching or writing a book.

The influence of Mars guarantees more productivity and a desire to work in the second quarter of 2020. Collaboration is the key in 2020 to social and professional success.

The red warrior Mars travels from April to mid-May 2020 through Aquarius, the House of Career for Taurus. Saturn also travels temporarily from April to the end of June 2020 through the House of Career. April 2020 is all about business developments and career opportunities and is a great month to apply or start a new company.

May and June 2020 are favorable months for business travel, new job opportunities or favorable business developments. July 2020 is the best month for study, applying for a scholarship and applying for a better job. November 2020 shows a new beginning.

From mid-December 2020, Saturn travels with Jupiter through Aquarius. And that is a great productive energy to work hard, get recognition, set long-term goals and achieving them.


Mercury is the planet of finances for Taurus. Mercury is in retrograde from mid-February to mid-March 2020 and from mid-October to early November 2020, which means that unresolved financial issues are addressed. Sensible budget management is advisable.

March 2020 is a good month to make an investment.

The planetary ruler of Taurus is Venus. Venus turns retrograde in your money sector from mid-May to the end of June 2020. There are a number of financial issues that you must address during this period. Be careful with your budget and put money aside, because you lose the financial overview during this retrograde period. This is not a good time to start new financial adventures. It is a good time to fall back on proven methods of making money.

In August 2020, Taurus can count on financial windfalls.

The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini of November 30th 2020 falls in your House of Finance.

This cosmic event will lead to developments in the coming six months that will focus on valuation and how you deal with money and property.

Family and House

The Lunar Eclipse of January 10th 2020 may result in the replacement of the car or other means of transport, mobile phone or computer having to be repaired or replaced in the next six months. The Lunar Eclipse changes the way of communication with close relatives, friends and family. There will be more communication via the telephone, internet or in another way. Close family members may experience changes in the study or in finances. Taurus can start to feel more connected to home or to give it the urge to leave,

The Solar Eclipse of June 21th 2020 falls in the House of Communication, siblings, neighbors and immediate living environment. The Solar Eclipse indicates in the coming six months a home study or short trips to visit family or work on new projects or are involved in community events. This cosmic event brings you spiritual insights through which you see situations or people with different eyes. The Solar Eclipse is the cosmic gateway to major changes in the lives of close relatives. In any case, urgent development on the home front requires your attention.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer from mid-June to mid-July 2020 can lead to delays in the neighborhood where you live, at school or at home. September 2020 is a nice month of activities with friends and family. October 2020 is a good month to discuss private issues that are bothering you.


The Lunar Eclipse of January 10th 2020 “forces” Taurus to be open and honest about what concerns you. It is not good to hide things. A secret or unspoken words can weigh heavily on you. In January 2020, Taurus may be confronted with the flu and a cold. Take your time to heal, Taurus.

Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus and also the planet of Health. Venus is retrograde from mid-May 2020 to the end of June 2020, confronting you with unconscious problems and old issues. You realize what you have missed and what you should let go.

The Lunar Eclipse of June 5th 2020 falls in the House of the Soul. The second half of 2020 is particularly suitable for major cleaning in the home of your Soul. Consider, for example, cleaning your body by losing weight or detoxifying. Not only your body, but also releasing emotional baggage is good to relieve your soul. Deep-rooted problems that you keep hidden in yourself must be brought to the surface. You cannot keep running away and pushing problems away.


The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn of January 12th 2020 brings  Taurus a major change in philosophy of life and belief. It is about the pure truth, the authenticity and deep gratitude for life.

February 2020 appeals to your patience, both personal and professional.

Mars travels through the House of Cosmic Consciousness from the end of June 2020 to the beginning of January 2021 and is retrograde from mid-September 2020 to mid-November 2020. The second half of 2020 forces Taurus to let go of past problems and issues in order to move on.


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