Capricorn 2020


Horoscope Capricorn 2020

The journey of your planet Saturn through Capricorn is a profound cycle of almost 30 years.
The conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn on January 12th, 2020 stimulates inner growth, transformation, restructuring, perseverance and focus to pursue goals. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn reinforces the position of Capricorn.
Everything Capricorn does in 2020 has a good chance of success.
Jupiter travels in 2020 through Capricorn. During this new 12-year forward-looking cycle of growth and expansion, Capricorns get to know themselves in a deeper sense and starts to explore and push their limits.

Love and Relationships
The influence of the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn of December 26th, 2019 will be the cosmic gateway to a new relationship, marriage or family expansion in the next six months. Until December 19th, 2020 the Great Benefactor Jupiter travels through Capricorn!
The year 2020 is a promising and romantic year for Capricorn with the chance of a long-term relationship that you have longed for. A period of inner growth and of growth with your partner. The same applies in 2020: cherish good friendships, but don't be afraid to break off friendships that add nothing or have a negative impact on you.
The year 2020 is all about love and romance. For Capricorn, love equals safety and stability.
The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer from January 10th, 2020 falls in your House of Relationships. In the coming six months, there may be profound emotional changes in the relationship with a close friend, loved one or business partner. This can lead to a break or legal complications, but also to a new relationship, marriage, business contract or serious commitment.
A new love grows stronger and makes the Capricorn more social and more outgoing. From the summer of 2020, Capricorn is prepared to take the next important step.
The total Solar Eclipse of June 21st, 2020 falls in your House of Relationships. A period is coming when cooperation will be the key word in love, friendships and business commitments.
In July 2020, everything concerning love and career comes together for Capricorn.
Only the good relationships survive, but the less good relationships are broken. The third decan Capricorn may face challenges, especially in the collaboration.
Finding the right balance between work and private life can be a challenge for Capricorn in 2020. In November 2020, someone desperately needs your love and strong shoulder.
December 2020 is the month to make new plans in love and career and to implement them.

Red planet Mars traveled through the House of Career in October and November 2019 and this energy showed an ambitious period of positive energy to start a new project or get started as an independent entrepreneur. Capricorn could not wish for a better start of 2020! The positive influence of Venus in Capricorn in December 2019 also enhances a good start to 2020! January, February 2020 and March 2020 are dynamic months for making future plans. April 2020 is a month of introspection to return to yourself. May 2020 shows the best month of the year to implement plans. June 2020 is a dynamic month of rapid developments, but then it is good to put the brakes on, so don't make hasty decisions.
The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini of November 30th, 2020 in your House of Work leads to favorable developments. Major changes can be expected at work or in your daily life in the coming six months. This cosmic event is the cosmic gateway to a new job when your job no longer suits you or when you feel that you are not appreciated for your commitment and all the things you do.
At the end of 2020 there will be room for change such as a new job or business partnership, but only if you choose to do so.

The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius from January 10th, 2020 falls in your House of Finance. This Solar Eclipse indicates an improvement in your financial situation and the arrival of financial opportunities and profit opportunities in the coming six months. Profit can be achieved by applying cost-saving techniques and saying goodbye to everything you no longer serve, because the expenses remain proportionately high.
The year 2020 brings positive energies and that also goes for the finances, Capricorn.
There will be a calm and stable financial flow in 2020.
The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on January 12th, 2020 falls in your House of Finance and that shows that Capricorn is going to pay more attention to the value of things.
You can be very happy with less when you are filled with self-confidence and love. You no longer have to fill emptiness with things that you don't actually need.
It is up to you to make the right financial decisions, build and expand your assets for now and in the future.

Family and Home
From June 29th 2020 to January 6th 2021, Mars marches through your Home of Family and Home. A dynamic period at home, such as buying or selling a house or real estate, building a house, renovation or new furnishing of your house, everything that involves physical labor. This period can also indicate unrest or major changes in the family. However, Mars can be like an elephant in a china shop, so there can be disagreement or concern about children. An energetic period for domestic activities and the start of a new beginning, but like everything else it comes with a price, the gain of one thing is at the expense of something else.
Uranus in Taurus also travels through the House of Children and Creativity in 2020. The relationship with your children is going to change or has already changed. During these years of transformation, children need space to try their wings in the world.
Venus travels through Aries from February 8th to March 5th 2020 and this soft energy indicates a quiet period at home. A favorable period for a new interior or garden plan.
From March 17, 2020 to March 9, 2020, Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, restoring mutual communication with family members, siblings and acquaintances.
From June 23rd to November 28th 2020, Neptune is retrograde in Pisces. A period in which everything settles down. Neptune requires a timeout. A period to restore a disturbed family relationship, to read or write a book, to take a course or to develop an artistic hobby.
Rediscovering your inner child is also part of this energy.

Mercury is your planet of Health. Every time Mercury is in retrograde, you have to take your health into account. Problems may come to light during those periods that you would rather hide, however these must be addressed.
Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces / Aquarius from 17 February to 9 March 2020 and in Cancer from 18 June to 11 July 2020 and in Scorpio from 14 October 2020 to 2 November 2020.
On June 5, 2020 there is a total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius in your House of Cosmic Consciousness.
This is the cosmic gateway to important changes in your spiritual life and your experience of spirituality. A special moment to make the decision to exercise more and eat healthier. From June 23 to November 28, 2020, Neptune is retrograde in Pisces. Emotional stress influences your body and mind. Your immune system can be less, so you can catch a cold earlier or get the flu. A balanced diet and plenty of water helps to cleanse your body and strengthen your immune system.
The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 14 December 2020 reveals hidden pain and secret desires in the coming six months. Although these can be painful for you, this cosmic passage is desperately needed to release old pain and karma to continue. A form of therapy can help with this.

The year 2020 is an exciting year for Capricorn. The year 2020 is a year of focus, cooperation, love, relationships and passion, children, responsibilities and consolidating a love such as a marriage, cohabitation or business partnership. Make time for your own inner child who is eager to go on a journey of discovery with you.
August 2020 is the month to finding the right balance after all the hectic. You have learned from experiences and you can now use this knowledge.
In September 2020 and October 2020, a search for the ultimate goal begins.