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Virgo September 2019


The New Moon of August 30, 2019 fell in Virgo, so Virgo is at the start of an annual personal and universal solar cycle! Most planets are on the left side of the Virgo horoscope. And that means that you can rely on your own strength.

September 2019 is aimed at you, at your wishes, at your own inner strength. Your personal strength is still very strong, so the world adapts to you instead of the other way around.

The focus in September 2019 will be on your family and emotional growth, relationships, love and finances.

Love and Relationships

The Full Moon in Libra from September 14 2019 falls into your House of Relationships. In your social circle and business life there is a completion or developments such as new friends or business relationships or the breaking of friendships or business relationships. The Full Moon brings clarity so that you will make clear choices or you already did. There are events that make you look critically at existing relationships. It is high time to make the decision! Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn until September 18, 2019. Until then, you have to deal with jealousy and communication problems with your partner, both private and business. Saturn wants to teach us how things can be improved. Talk to each other frankly and don’t keep secrets. Give each other space and time to grow. Things ease up at the end of September 2019. 

The single Virgo takes a-wait-and-see-attitude in September 2019 or will be confronted with opposition.

Family and Home

In August 2019 a decision was made about an internal renovation of your house, but that could lead to challenges in your family in September 2019.

From September 23, 2019 the atmosphere at home can change. A situation that has to do with the house, real estate or your career may be difficult to control or understand due to the influence of retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. Whatever happens, these are valuable lessons.

It is up to you to restore peace and harmony in the family. A short vacation can bring relaxation and improve mutual relationships.


In September 2019 you will see how important it is to maintain a network such as having the right contacts and approaching potential customers to strengthen those relationships and make them profitable. Networks in the interest of the future!

In all aspects of your career, partnerships are inextricably linked to the end product or the course of your career. After all, you never know when a new connection will come in handy. September 2019 also makes you restless and you don’t like that feeling.

Especially on 14, 15 and September 16, 2019 there are developments that distract you from your work. A short vacation could offer a solution, Virgo.


Venus is your planet of Finance. From September 15, 2019 to October 8, 2019, Venus will travel through your House of Finance. Due to the influence of Venus, September and October 2019 are successful and therefore fruitful months! However, the money does not grow on the trees, Virgo. Do not make unthinkable expenses.

Only financial companies that are well prepared in advance have a chance of success. Family members, friends and social contacts will be financially supportive to Virgo.

Pluto in Capricorn is still retrograde until October 3, 2019. During this period Virgo must be reluctant to make financial decisions such as investments.

The New Moon of September 28, 2019 falls in your House of Finance. Because of this New Moon, and in October 2019 there are financial possibilities such as a better paid job or business opportunity, promotion or a great offer for your company.


September 2019 shows a favorable month for your health, Virgo.

However, it is possible that you experience this differently. Neptune has been retrograde in Pisces since June 21, 2019. Pisces is the opposite sign of Virgo and reflects your vulnerable side.

Neptune remains retrograde in Pisces until November 27, 2019. There may be health problems during this period due to a feeling of inner restlessness and you may have difficulty concentrating.

What you need is structure and a fixed daily routine such as getting out of bed on time, going to bed on time, exercising regularly, etc. Physical fitness is just as important as mental fitness. To keep your mind active, it is good to read as much as possible, practice yoga, crosswords, but above all think positively! Take the time for everything around you, Virgo.


Take the time for everything around you, Virgo.

Read, walk in nature and be creative. Everything comes as it comes.

Forcing makes no sense, so be patient. If something is predetermined, it will happen sooner or later. And that applies to all aspects of life.

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