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Pisces September 2019


The planets move further and further towards the top of the Pisces horoscope.

Towards a new cycle in which the outside world and career become important again, but for the time being you still depend on others to achieve your goals.

September 2019 is focused on career, relationships and financial growth, but health requires attention. The Full Moon in Pisces of September 14, 2019 is the harbinger of a new cycle in your life that focuses on who you are and where you want to go in this life. It gives your personality a great boost. The time has come to complete a project. It is not so much about what, but about you and your specific contribution to the project.

Love and Relationships

The influence of the red Warrior Mars in your House of Relationships reinforces the emotional connection in your relationship and this makes you willing to fight for your relationship both privately and in business.

The earthly interplay of the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus in the House of Relations guarantees many romantic hours for the Pisces! This cosmic cooperation will also lead to a better understanding with colleagues, customers and business partners in the first half of September 2019. The single Pisces is seriously looking for a relationship and may find true love during a blind date!

Family and Home

September 2019 can be a period of ups and downs. There may be disagreements within the family this month.

From August 12, 2019 to early January 2020, Uranus is retrograde in Taurus. This period requires a different form of communication or a different school choice or course of study for yourself or your children at home and in your private situation.

It is possible that Pisces, after a long period, decides to break a difficult or irreparable contact with close relatives.


At the beginning of September 2019 there is a creative energy at work that makes you want to go for it together with your colleagues. Your dedication and devotion is great and that can sometimes lead to social distortions. So there is unrest at work, at school and in your daily life. Disagreements and criticism of the work are things that you can’t handle very well. Criticism can feel like a cold shower for you, but is not always meant to be evil. Be true to yourself and walk the way of the compromise, then everything will be fine.

From this second week of September 2019, things improve at work. Pay attention to details, even though a lot is happening around you. You can’t miss anything! You come into contact with people who want to help you further on your career path. September 2019 is a favorable month for business travel, school and higher education. Your results do not go unnoticed and your support is most welcome.


September 2019 is not really a favorable financial month. You have to wait longer for payment of invoices. It seems that more goes out than comes in. This month you are mainly concerned with the financial support of others. It is advisable to avoid unnecessary expenses as much as possible. By helping others, the good will soon come your way, Pisces.

The New Moon of September 28, 2019 falls into your House of Shared Finance.

The financial situation of your partner (private or business) is favorable. This New Moon can also indicate a statement, payment or payout, bonuses and commissions. A legacy is possible or you can have a testament drawn up yourself so that everything is properly arranged.

The message of this New Moon is clear: Focus only on the essential and economical where possible.


September 2019 is a month of gentle healing for Pisces, both physically and emotionally.

It’s Autumn. Mother Nature is preparing for the Winter.

You too must prepare. Look back to the last hot Summer.

Saturn is still retrograde in Capricorn until September 19, 2019, and then it is good to reflect. Make a list for yourself of what you want to change to feel happy. Are you happy in your work? 

Or does your work require so much energy that you feel exhausted?

Sometimes life can overwhelm you.

To increase your energy level this month it is good to consciously relax and de-stress yourself as much as possible. Swimming, yoga, walking … Good nutrition, purification and lots of water. Ensure a harmonious relationship with your partner and social contacts to be and stay physically and emotionally balanced.


You may already have noticed: The year 2019 is the year of connection, social skills and social life.

With no fewer than four Eclipses, this year the emphasis is on forming or breaking social contacts for Pisces. Networking, making contacts, making new friends and contacting friends and family is the common thread of 2019.

Keep in mind that you cannot achieve your goals without the input of others, so adapting to situations is the best thing you can do.

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