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Aries September 2019


Most planets are on the western sector of the Aries horoscope, the area of ​​cooperation and “the others”. Personal ambitions and social goals are becoming increasingly important. 

The focus is on collaboration, social activities, career, ambitions, travel, relationships, health, finance, love and social activities.

In all that you do you need to think of others and everything around you.

Love and Relationships

Your social life flourishes in September 2019. The single Aries finds love in the workplace, spa or health center, during a meeting at work or business meeting. Your relationship is about involvement, passion and togetherness. At the start of September 2019, you may experience a little depression in your relationship, but this will give you the insight you need. In the last week of September 2019, you need tot make a decision. The New Moon of September 28, 2019 falls into your House of Relationships. Someone important will find his or her way to you or you will take a new step in a relationship such as a proposal, marriage, new friendship, business partnership or other form of collaboration to launch a project. A new chapter!

Family and Home

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 2, 2019 fell into your Home of Family and Home. In your private life there is a new development and lasting changes that make things change or have already changed.

However, at the start of this month, there may be difficulties in your family or families that require a direct approach. Because of all those changes things at home may become restless which has a negative influence on your children and children in the family or your immediate environment.

With your strong attitude you know how to provide the strong shoulder that is needed to get a solution and restore harmony.


The New Moon of August 30, 2019 fell into your House of Work. This New Moon makes September 2019 the perfect month for starting a new project. This New Moon shows a productive period in which cooperation predominates. There is good news in the first half of September 2019!

Saturn is your planet of career. In recent months, Aries has had the opportunity to put things right in the professional field. From September 18, 2019, Saturn is moving forward in the House of Career, and major steps forward can be taken. However, your career growth will be gradual. 

Don’t force anything. Have patience. Take stock first! September 2019 is a favorable month for study. However, it is better to postpone business travels this month. At the end of September 2019, there is an unexpected chance for Aries.


Taurus symbolizes your House of Finance. From August 12, 2019 to January 10, 2020, Uranus is retrograde in Taurus and that can result in delays in previously made financial decisions.

September 2019, however, can be the month of hasty financial decisions, and that is something you must prevent. In September 2019, Aries can count on financial support from the social circle. However, career growth will be gradual, in spite of direct Saturn in Capricorn and that is reflected in your income.


The New Moon in Virgo of August 30, 2019 in your House of Health showed that solving problems at home is necessary for your emotional well-being.

This New Moon also shows a good start for a diet, a new sport, more exercise, a healthy diet or to set intentions for your health. The Full Moon of September 14, 2019 falls into your House of Cosmic Consciousness and Detachment. The second half of September 2019 is therefore dominated by peace, relaxation and meditation to let go of old pain and to create space for your inner life. Time to catch up on some sleep or take a short break. A great period for a new activity or creative impulse. The emotional effects of your physical condition are more profound than you think, Aries.


In the first half of September 2019, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars in your House of Work, form a Great Trine with Uranus in the House of Finance and Saturn and Pluto in the House of Career! Great potential for progress and success, but there are challenges. Jupiter and Neptune “are bothering you”, so success is late.

First, obstacles must be removed before you can go on with your life.

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