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Aquarius September 2019


Most planets are at the top of the Aquarius horoscope. This is the time of year that you are focused on career and worldly goals.

September 2019 is all about career development, social activities, study, travel and health, but finances are under pressure. For the time being, keep in mind that you need others to achieve your goals. Helping others is also a theme in September 2019.

Even if you want to do everything on your own, you cannot ignore the others during this period.

Love and Relationships

In the first half of September 2019 you are a bit emotional and you want the company of friends. Friends know you better than anyone else, they are just that missing piece and will give you just the insight you need. Sometimes it’s good to take time for yourself. Time for yourself also offers room to grow together in the relationship. That space will come in the second half of September 2019, but you need to compromise, both business and private. The single Aquarius is not really looking for love, but gets a lot of attention when traveling or at work. Pay special attention to the dates 12 and September 13, 2019. The period from September 23, 2019, with the Sun in Libra, is a social period of traveling and making new friends. You are so busy with your career, so that little time is left for love or dedication in your relationship. You are in a relationship together. You are never alone in a relationship and if you experience it otherwise, it is time for change.

Family and Home

Taurus symbolizes the House of Family and Home for Aquarius. From August 12, 2019, Uranus, the planet of change, is retrograde in Taurus. Many changes are taking place in your life. Changes require adjustment. Until January 10, 2020, choices must be made for adjustments at home, family and living environment. Family expansion is possible during this period. Your family knows how busy you are with your career development and will support you both financially and emotionally. And you know how to appreciate that, Aquarius!


September 2019 is a busy month for your career. You feel that there is change is coming with regard to your career and that is true, Aquarius.

In the first half of September 2019 you will receive an offer that you cannot refuse! It is good to listen to what is going on with your colleagues, customers, employees or your business partners. Sometimes interests are very different and then it’s up to you to unite parties.

The New Moon of September 28, 2019 shows that your career will take a new turn through a study, new interest, application of new skills, a trip abroad or good business relations with other countries. With the energy of the New Moon you only want to engage with older and influential people who can help you further on your career path, because you now have a goal in mind such as making smart investments.


The New Moon of August 30, 2019 fell into your House of Shared Finance. This New Moon may indicate in September 2019 a favorable court ruling, payment or payment, bonuses and commissions. The financial situation is stable this month due to earnings from your career. Income is more than sufficient to cover your expenses. The presence of Venus and Mercury in the financial eighth House shows in the first half of September 2019 that financial choices must be made about a house or parenthood. Financial planning is important, because a payment is delayed.

The Full Moon in Scorpio from 14 September 2019 in your House of Finance shows more income from your career, such as a salary increase, another job or more turnover in your company. 

The Full Moon also shows that the time has come to take important financial measures.


Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn until September 19, 2019. Saturn is the planet of Karma and Capricorn symbolizes the twelfth House of Cosmic Consciousness and Letting Go for Aquarius. During that retrograde period from April 30, 2019 to September 17, 2019, you have made a healing spiritual journey that has given you insights or you have followed some form of therapy or you have joined a spiritual group. Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn can also be a healing journey until October 2, 2019, releasing old pain.

September 2019 shows excellent health, but you have to stick to a fixed schedule! 

Enough exercise and a healthy diet strengthen your immune system.


The presence of the Node in Cancer in the House of Health feels like a healing journey! 

Pluto and Saturn travel together through your House of Cosmic Consciousness. The influence of retrograde Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn makes you aware of unconscious problems and motivations that originate in the past, but also the need to clear away old pain and karma to follow your own path in this life. Listen to what others have told you, but also listen to the voice of your own Soul. Don’t ignore that voice or reject emotions as if they were not there.

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