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Sagittarius Horoscope for 2018

The Red Warrior Mars travels from the end of January 2018 to the middle of March 2018 through your sign, Sagittarius. The year 2018 shows a very strong and promising start for the Sagittarius. An energetic period of drive and enthusiasm. A great time to start something new. Jupiter is your planetary ruler. From November 9, 2018 Jupiter returns “home” in Sagittarius. This positive energy is your secret weapon for new opportunities and growth in 2018 and 2019. Grab every opportunity with both hands. This year is a great year to create new things for the future.

Love and RelationshipsUranus in Aries will remain in your House of Love and Romance until mid-May 2018. In the past seven years you have probably experienced many changes in your love relationships. These experiences have changed you. You now know what you desire and what love means to you.
At the end of 2018, Uranus in retrograde temporarily returns to Aries. Until the beginning of March 2019, the unpredictable influence of Uranus in Aries there could a romance, but not for long. Your need for new experiences and personal freedom is immense.
And that is why love is volatile and airy. Love comes and goes unexpectedly.
Mercury in retrograde from March 23, 2018 to April 14, 2018 is in your House of Love and Romanticism. This period focuses on problems that require a solution. During this period you may feel that you want to escape from a difficult situation. Take your time and first ask yourself why you feel this way before you make a decision. The partial Solar Eclipse of 13 July 2018 takes place in your House of Soul, Transformation and Intimacy. The second half of 2018 is thus dedicated to strengthening the emotional bond with your partner. Problems with sexuality and intimacy require a solution. You decide to clean up your emotional life, such as cutting off links with negative persons. You come into contact with the dark side of yourself and someone else.

From May 16, 2018 to early November 2018, Uranus in Taurus travels through your House of Work.
During this period, changes will occur in your daily routine. There will be changes in the workplace. You change jobs that offer you more freedom. You rebel against duties and responsibilities in your daily life. It is good to make changes in your daily life during this period when you feel restricted or when the work entails too many obligations.
You want a new challenge and freedom to gain new experiences. Working with new techniques is a challenge. It is good to make changes to your pattern of work and daily commitments.
If you don’t, you can literally get sick due to stress. In any case, your attitude to work will change in 2018.

On 21 December 2017, Saturn entered Capricorn and your House of Finance. The limiter Saturn will remain there until March 2020. 2018 is a year to economize to avoid financial problems.
This will be a challenge for Sagittarius. Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto has been traveling through your House of Finance since the beginning of 2009. This serious cooperation between Saturn and Pluto teaches you the value of possessions, to spend money wisely and to make good decisions in order to get a stable financial basis, for now and in the future. This economical, but educational period until the beginning of 2020 is therefore a period to get a different view on the concept of money and the preservation of financial resources.
The red warrior Mars travels from 18 March to 16 May 2018 through your money sector. A period to focus on new financial opportunities and improvement your financial position.
Mars is retrograde in the second half of August 2018 and indicates financial problems or financial situations that require your attention. Until mid-September 2018, Mars will encourage better choices in the financial field.

Family and Home
Neptune in Pisces will remain in your House of Family and Home in 2018.
In this phase there will be confusion through experiences from the past. Experiences with your parents, your family or domestic circumstances.
In your domestic and personal lives, many unusual and subtle changes take place this year. Sagittarius is still looking for the ideal “home”, but there can be disappointment this year.
During this cycle you will notice that you need more sleep than you did before.
In this phase there is more sympathy and understanding in the family and your family.
Mercury in retrograde from March 23, to April 14, 2018 refers to rebellious children who are actually crying out for attention. Take the time to listen to their stories.
Until mid-May, Uranus in Aries travels through your House of Self-expression and Children.
In the first half of 2018 you want to free yourself from constraints from the past.
At the beginning of November 2018 until early March 2019, Uranus in retrograde returns to Aries. The relationship with your children has changed over the years. Children have now become your friends, but they can also be your enemies.
Children go through major changes during this period. An unexpected pregnancy can turn your life upside down. Children are rebellious and demand a lot of attention.
The red warrior Mars accompanies Neptune from November 16, 2018 to January 1, 2019.
The year 2018 could end in a positive way thanks to this cosmic support. But you need to spend more time with your family, for example traveling together or a joint project.

Until January 26, 2018 Mars travels with Jupiter in Scorpio through your House of Cosmic Consciousness. You will be extra motivated to let go of old pain. You need time for yourself to enter into dialogue with yourself and to be able to process things. You no longer allow the past control your present and you gain control over your subconscious motivations.
The Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018 falls into your House of Communication. In the next six months it will be easier to communicate and say what you think. Jupiter remains in your House of Cosmic Consciousness until November 8th, 2018. This period is colored by the release of old baggage and the elaboration of karma.
The influence of Uranus in Taurus can lead to a sudden change in the dietary pattern from mid-May 2018 to early November 2018. A great time to go to a diet to go try or to exercise. Health issues during this period, however, require your immediate attention during this period.
In any case, changes will occur in your daily routine especially when you have felt limited.
Venus is retrograde in October 2018 and shows that you need peace and quiet.
A time-out to figure things out. However, Mercury is retrograde in the first week of December 2018 and leads to unconscious problems that have not yet been resolved.

The Lunar Eclipse of 31 January 2018 is the cosmic gateway to expansion and progress.
The first half of 2018 shows a great time to make progress in the field of work. The Solar Eclipse in Leo of August 11, 2018 shows a perfect half year for study and travel.
Great time to present new ideas to the world. The period from 17 May 2018 is dominated by mental energy. From the end of June to mid-August 2018 Mars is retrograde and then you have trouble focusing or stick to your schedule. From 12 September to 15 November 2018 you will find new energy through the direct Mars to realize plans and ideas.
Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius from November 17, 2018 to December 5, 2018. You will feel like a string puppet, pulled this way and that in this period.Sagittarius born from 4 to 7 December will be dealing the most this retrograde period.

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