Cancer 2018


Cancer Horoscope for 2018

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 13, 2018 is the cosmic gateway to a period of a new beginning, new opportunities, and unprecedented possibilities. The beginning of a new chapter. A farewell to the past and the beginning of a new journey in this life.
It is about realizing your own wishes, your true passion and desires.

Love and Relationships
The year 2018 is dominated by Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn and improving and transforming relationships. Cancer born between 8 and 14 July have their Sun opposed Pluto which means difficulties or power struggle within relationships or commitments. The year begins with Mars in Scorpio! The collaboration between Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio in January 2018 is a real boost in your love life. The single Cancer may find a true love. From mid-March to mid-May 2018, the influence of the red warrior Mars in the House of Relationships lead to tensions in the relationship or cooperation and difficulty in making compromises. The intense Solar Eclipse in Aquarius of 15 February 2018 leads to the breaking up with people who have a negative effect on you. The Lunar Eclipse of 27 July 2018 calls for solutions to sensitive issues such as sexuality and money issues that you share with the partner. From mid-May to mid-August 2018, the focus will be on intimacy and an obsession with something or someone.
In the second half of August 2018, Mars in the House of Relationships can again lead to tensions and conflicts in relationships, both in private and in business. Relationships are being put to the test. Venus in retrograde in the House of Love and Romance in October 2018 may indicate the return of an old lover or a desperate attempt to get attention. Until 8 November 2018 Jupiter travels through Scorpio and your House of Love and Romance. This is a period of self-expression and creativity, but also of more passion in love. In the first week of December 2018, Mercury in retrograde indicates communication problems with your loved one. That may have to do with the return an old lover. Have patience, Cancer.

The influence of Uranus in Aries has shown great changes in your career over the last seven years. Uranus in Aries will remain in your House of Career and Social Destination until May 15, 2018. Time for change. The Red Warrior Mars travels through the work sector from the end of January to the middle of March 2018. A productive period. Not a good time for teamwork, because you prefer to go for yourself. Mercury in retrograde is in your House of Career from 23 March 2018 to 14 April 2018. This shows an impatient period and will to change. Do not try to be impulsive. The best results are achieved with patience. All Cancer born between 19 and 22 July have to be careful until the middle of May 2018 with the implementation of major changes. You want freedom above all and you do everything to free yourself from limiting influences. From mid-May 2018 Cancer born June 23rd have to deal with the erratic energy of Uranus in Aries such as wanting to break through existing patterns and borders, restlessness and irritation.
Jupiter begins his journey through your work sector from November 9, 2018. The beginning of a productive and more efficient period. A period of cooperation, but also a desire for more freedom at work to do things in your own way. A larger office or work place, getting a new job or applying for a better job are possible. This period is dedicated to improving working conditions, your daily routine and health. A period in which you become aware of your skills.
Mercury in retrograde from November 17, 2018 to December 5, 2018 makes impatient. From the beginning of November 2018 the retrograde Uranus will temporarily return to the House of Career. From the beginning of March 2019 Uranus in Taurus brings a new direction in your life.
From 21 December 2017 Saturn in Capricorn is opposite the Sun in Cancer. The Cancer born between 21 and 29 June will have to do with the limitation of Saturn. Opposition from the outside world and the feeling as if you carry the world on your shoulders. About 30 years ago you were dealing with a similar period. A project that started 14 years ago will be put to the test this year, but Saturn gives you the chance to change this.

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo of January 31, 2018 falls into your money sector. This cosmic event leads to developments that focus on valuation and how you deal with money and property.
The year 2018 shows a year to solve financial problems and reap the sweet benefits of well-thought-out financial decisions and responsibilities.
The Lunar Eclipse of 27 July 2018 calls for solutions to sensitive issues such as intimacy and money issues that you share with the partner. From mid-May to mid-August 2018, the focus will be on intimacy and an obsession with something or someone.
Not a good financial period.
The Solar Eclipse in Leo of 11 August 2018 also falls into your House of Finance.
This Solar Eclipse is the gateway to new financial possibilities and a new view of value and possessions. However, Mercury in retrograde in Leo in your money sector from late July to mid-August 2018 shows a warning. Make sure that you arrange your financial affairs for that period and that there is a financial buffer.

Family and House
Jupiter's journey in Libra had a major impact on your family and home last year. This period was characterized by growth in both the family and home, more harmony in your family, but also improvements in your living situation. It is possible that you moved to a different place or that your house has been renovated. Many Cancer have come clean with the past and start the new year 2018 with a clean slate.
Until 8 November 2018 the focus of Jupiter in Scorpio is on your children and children in the family. Children play the leading role this year. A good year to improve the relationship with children and spend more time with children. The influence of Mars shows that January 2018 is the best time to strengthen the bond with children.
Venus is your planet of House and Family. Venus is in retrograde in the second half of November 2018 until the beginning of December 2018. In your family or family this can lead to impatience and misunderstanding in the family. Children are unmanageable and contrary. Especially in that period your family or family needs your undivided attention, love and support. A great time to redecorate the house or to restore contact with your family. If communication is not possible, just listen.

The year 2018 is generally a favorable year for the health of the Cancer.
The journey of the Great Benefactor Jupiter through your House of Creativity indicates good health and a positive attitude to your work. If you are happy at work or with your daily life, you re able to face psychological problems. However, pay attention to your diet, because you are inclined to take too much of a good thing. Do wait when you are having complaints and go to the doctor.
Jupiter in Scorpio and the mystical Neptune in Pisces fosters a boundless desire to grow, to learn and to share unselfish love. The tendency to escapism and the denial of your shadow side or self-sacrifice unfortunately also belongs to this aspect. From your subconscious mind, insightful messages can come to you during dreams.
The journey of Uranus in Taurus can lead to changes in friendships in mid-May and early November 2018. Uranus in Taurus will lead to changes in your social network until 2026. It gives you an uncomfortable feeling, because you are attached to all that’s familiar. From the second half of 2018 onward you already see changes in your social circle that influence the future. Let yourself be carried away on this cosmic flow, Cancer. This was meant to be.

The year 2018 is a great year to travel, write a book or expand your mind through a study. The Mars voyage in Pisces from 9 November 2018 to the end of December 2018 shows a great time for holidays or study to learn new experiences about other cultures or learn a foreign language.
Cancer born between 2 and 10 July will have to deal with the energy of Neptune in Pisces. Neptune in Pisces brings fantasy, unity of experience spirituality and creativity and makes idealistic. However, the Cancer is also confronted with boundlessness, chaos, dreams, booze and intoxication. Because of the influence of Pluto opposed the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio, try not to be dominant in love and business. Be careful not to alienate people with your good intentions.You want the very best for your customers and your loved one (s) and you would want to protect everyone, but your good intentions and loving care can sometimes be stifling.

Try to find the balance here, Cancer.