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The year 2017 shows an important year for Scorpio! Two Eclipses in the House of Career and Vocation guarantee crucial developments in 2017 both in your career and in your personal life. Generally, 2017 indicates a year of cooperation and preparation. In personal relationships and partnerships leads Jupiter in Libra until October 10, 2017 to interesting developments. Not all relationships serve your interests and deserve your trust. In the run-up to the next cycle of Jupiter in Scorpio, I see many developments in the spring of 2017. Mars is like a bulldozer making a clean sweep through the top of the Scorpio horoscope this year, particularly in your relationship and career field.

Love and Relationships
Mars travels until January 28, 2017 through your House of Love, so this is a good start of the year! In a fixed relationship to the mutual bond is strengthened, but also your active quest for true love does not go unnoticed. Neptune will continue in 2017 in your House of Love and this influence increases the desire for the soul connection and sharing of pure love. The Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2016 also falls in the House of Love. The next six months show a new love, dedication, a commitment or deepening an existing relationship. From March 11 to April 21, 2017 Mars travels through your House of Relationships. This social time is marked by commitment and the conclusion of new commitments both business and private. April 2017 may be difficult. Venus is your planet of Love. Venus in Aries retrogrades from March 4 to April 14, 2017 in your House of Love. You are then more focused on yourself and your self-centered attitude can lead to problems. Mercury retrogrades from April 10 to May 2, 2017 in your House of Relationships. This brings additional problems, because an old love crosses your path. It can be a great time to reconnect with someone from the past, but you have to make a clear choice. Starting May 2017, Mars in the House of Intimacy leads to more passion and deep feelings in a relationship. The first three months of 2017 look great for Love and Relationships. Temptation remains all year a dangerous aspect to consider. Illusion can lead to sadness and disappointment, but with the power love and forgiveness most wounds will be healed.

Mars in Aries travels from January 29 to March 10, 2017 through your House of Work. Mars strengthens the influence of Uranus in Aries and that means this is the most productive and energetic period of 2017. Great time to start a new project, new job or new company or corporate entity. From March 4th 2017 Venus retrogrades in Aries and that means delays or unwillingness or impossibility to work hard. It takes longer to get things done. It is also difficult to delegate or to rely on others. The penumbral Lunar Eclipse of February 11, 2017 falls in your House of Career. That shows in the next six months that you can reap the fruits of effort and hard work. When you experience the opposite, the time has come to make adjustments to get back on track. The Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21, 2017 also falls in your House of Career! Mars travels from July 21 to September 5, 2017 by your House of Career. This is the second peak in 2017, a period of ambition and drive. Then you can make great strides in your career and set new goals for yourself. Mercury retrogrades from August 13 to September 4, 2017 so this period is intended to assess, review and, if necessary, adjust your plans. On October 11, 2017 Jupiter enters your own sign, Scorpio. The beneficial influence of Jupiter in the next twelve months will be a great cosmic boost are to achieve goals, not only in your career!

Mercury retrogrades from January 5 to January 7, 2017 and from December 3 to December 22, 2017. This period means financial delays. So at the beginning and end of the year you should be careful about spending money. Do not make any financial decisions. Saturn in Sagittarius is traveling until December 20, 2017 through your House of Finance. Saturn is your planetary accountant. Financially, 2017 is a difficult year. It is advisable to seek good advice. Overall, 2017 is intended to move towards a better financial position. A sound financial base means financial security for the future.

Family and Home
Mars travels until January 28, 2017 through your House of Children. The Solar Eclipse in Pisces of February 26, 2017 also affect your children or children in your family or immediate environment. In the next six months, children ask your attention, because they make great strides in their development. In the first two weeks of April 2017, Venus retrogrades in your House of Children. Children are rebellious. Children are trying to test limits. Even at this stage in their lives they need your guidance desperately, even if it seems the other way round. The Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7, 2017 falls in your House and Family Home. This cosmic event results in the next six months to profound developments at your home or in the family. Family relationships will be subject to sudden changes. For example, disagreements involving family relationships lead to breakups or strengthening the connection with people you regard as family, moving, renovations, the purchase or sale of your house. The cause of these changes are related to your career or personal goals. It’s up to you to guide your family and family safely through this uncertain period of changes.

Mercury retrogrades in the House of Communication in the first week of January 2017 indicates issues of focusing your attention and concentration. Slow down, Scorpio. Perhaps a short vacation? Mars is your planet of Health. Mars travels from January 29 to March 10 through your House of Health. A busy time at work causes stress and headaches. Jupiter remains until October 10, 2017 in your House of Cosmic Consciousness. The cosmic force of Jupiter keeps you on your feet, both physically and mentally. Jupiter supports you to let go of the past. With the influence of Jupiter you understand where your unconscious motivations and desires come from and what you can do to release them and become stronger. Pluto is your personal planet. Pluto supports you in clearing out old ballast which makes your mind stronger. As of October 11, 2017 Jupiter will be traveling through Scorpio. Let go of the old and prepare yourself for a year of the (re) discovery of your personality! A new chapter begins. As of December 21, 2017 Saturn in Capricorn offers a period up to March 2020 of realism and mental focus, but also of pessimism.

The year 2017 is a year of preparation. From October 11 2017 Jupiter enters your sign Scorpio and showing a year of new energy, new opportunities, new opportunities and new experiences. Mars enters on December 10, 2017 your own sign, Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio will remain there until January 26, 2018. A great time to start something new. From December 3 to December 22, 2017 Mercury retrogrades, so from the end of December 2017 the road ahead is open for you! With Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio, you get a huge cosmic boost! A new project for the long term, start a relationship or a long voyage. The next twelve months are up for you to realize your dreams. Jupiter in Scorpio comes but once in twelve years back, so grab your chance.

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