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Fasten your seat belts, Libra! The year 2017 brings great changes in store, both personally and professionally. These changes indicate a new job, moving house, voyage, emigration or foreign operations in the first half of the year. From August and September 2017 you can see the results of these changes. The changes may cause unrest, uncertainty and stress in your life if you leave things the way they are. Jupiter travels until October 10, 2017 through your own sign, Libra. During this transit you strengthen your natural skills. In your committed relationship or marriage, however, you face problems. From October 2017, the money theme is addressed when Jupiter enters the sign of Scorpio.

Love and Relationships
The spring of 2017 indicates a very intense period for all of your relationships. Your planet is Venus. Venus travels from February 4, 2017 to May 16 through Aries. Almost the entire month of March 2017 Venus in Aries is in retrograde in your House of Relationships. Mars is associated with Aries. Mars is the planet of your relationships. From late January to early March 2017, Mars travels through your House of Relationships. During this period you face tensions in your relationship. You are restlessly looking for challenges, you need to be free. In March 2017, your planet Venus retrogrades in your House of Relationships. March 2017 will be a difficult month for relationships. An old love may return or old problems reappear. Have patience with yourself and with others. Keep communicating! In April 2017 Mercury retrogrades in your House of Intimacy. You will experience an emotional distance between you and your lover. August 2017 is a key month for your love life. The Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7, 2017 falls in your House of Love. This leaves a great need for freedom, but even more for appreciation and respect. In the next six months, problems are solved in the relationship and strengthens the relationship. The free Libra will look for a connection at the soul level. In the long term relationship you long for a deeper emotional connection.

Mars travels from January 2017 to early March 2017 through your House of Work. The year starts with a lot of energy and drive to go to work. The Lunar Eclipse is in Pisces from February 26, 2017 falls in your House of Work. This cosmic event offers a chance for a new job, creating new opportunities for yourself, start a new project at work or own company. In the first half of the year there is a new job, relocating for your job or work in a foreign country. Your planet Venus retrogrades in the first half of April 2017 in your House of Work. At work, you are faced with delay or a difficult relationship with colleagues or employees. There may be opposition or less desire to go to work. This retrograde period of Venus is a good time to fall back on an old employer or previously tested working methods. Mars travels from early June to mid-July 2017 through your House of Career. An ambitious and driven period to focus on long-term plans and new goals. Through hard work, success is achieved. In September 2017 you can see the results of changes in the first half of 2017. In October and November 2017 you can make the definitive move abroad. Students are faced with challenges this year. There is lag or delay in your study plan. A study or sport career abroad has a positive gradient. Through the influence of Jupiter in Scorpio, the best opportunity for promotion, profit and social success is in the last three months of 2017. As of October 11, 2017 Jupiter is traveling through Scorpio! Jupiter in Scorpio brings inferior qualities such as greed to the surface, but these need to be recognized in order to achieve your goals.

The subject of money is the common thread of 2017. This year you grow a more pragmatic approach to money and market conditions. Happiness is not for sale. This is common knowledge, but financial circumstances remain a fixed value for you and always will be. You are always looking out for number one. The year 2018 will be a financial year for Libra. Your approach in 2017 is actually a preparation for what lies ahead. Your planet of the money is Pluto. Pluto is associated with Scorpio. As of October 11, 2017 until October 10, 2018, the Great Benefactor Jupiter will be traveling through Scorpio. A great monetary year indeed. The only thing you must remember is not to be greedy! Cooperation is of mutual interest to achieve financial goals. From October 11 2017 Jupiter enters your House of Finance. A year of great financial opportunities begins. Take advantage of this financial energy! As of December 10, 2017 Mars in Scorpio reinforces the beneficial influence of Jupiter. This extra push of Mars lasts until the end of January 2018, so prepare yourself for a good financial start to the new year 2018!

Family and Home
For the Libra born in 1966 and later, the year 2017 promises to be a harmonious and peaceful year. For the Libra born before 1966, 2017 is a year of great changes, including the domestic area. The year begins with Mercury retrograde in your House of Home and Family. There are problems regarding your home or family. Even though the kickoff of 2017 is not so good, remember that a good decision will be beneficial for the rest of the year. Saturn in Sagittarius leads to mid-December 2017 to improve the relationship with siblings or you make the decision to break off the relationship. As of December 10, 2017 the journey of Saturn begins through your House of Home and Family. Until the end of March 2020 you will be confronted with issues related to hearth and home. What does home and family mean to you? Who is your real family? Does your house provide you the protection and security that you need? There may be major problems, but these are intended to point you in the right direction.

Generally, 2017 shows good health. However, this year indicates a lot of inner tension and stress through changes at work and in your personal life. Saturn in Sagittarius until the end of December 2017 indicates a more serious pessimistic and realistic attitude. It is entirely up to you whether you allow negative influences in your life. If you continue to walk on the bright side of the road, the Sun will be shining in your heart. It’s up to you. Mercury retrogrades at the beginning of 2017. You are a little depressed and you should really do your best to be cheerful. Mercury retrogrades in the second half of August 2017 in your House of Cosmic Consciousness. Old problems emerge or you will be more aware of unconscious problems and habits. High time to make some changes!
At the end of the year, Mercury retrogrades again in Capricorn, so prepare yourself !

De Great Benefactor Jupiter remains in your sign Libra until mid-October 2017. This positive energy is your secret weapon for new opportunities and growth in 2017. Grab every opportunity with both hands. This year is a great year to create new things for the future. Your ruling planet, Venus in Aries retrogrades from March 4 until April 4 2017. This is a period in which it is more difficult to achieve your goals or to make the right decisions. Venus takes time out to catch her breath and that is something you should do too. Time for a break, Libra? From October 23 until December 9 2017 will Mars in Libra give you the drive and energy to successfully close the year.

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