Yearly Horoscope for Capricorn 2017


Yearly Horoscope for Capricorn 2017

The year 2017 is generally devoted to your career. Your ambitious dreams will be realized by the energy of Jupiter in Libra at the beginning of October 2017. These offered career opportunities can be consolidated from the end of 2017. Your planet Saturn will be traveling until March 2020 through its own sign Capricorn! Saturn is your teacher, so you reap success only if you have fully exploited the opportunities! The year 2017 is due to the impact of the Eclipses in February and August 2017 also marked by money. Large developments are expected here.
In 2017 dreams come true, even if things won’t be going as fast as you would like. One step at the time, Capricorn. Have some time to enjoy life. There is more to life!

Love and Relationships
Overall, 2017 is a year with a key role for love and relationships. In relationships it comes to making the connection at the soul level. The year 2017 shows for Capricorn the deeper level in the fixed relationship or a new friendship or the conclusion of a new commitment on a personal and business level. It also means that you have to work on yourself. Open up your heart. Open up your soul. The influence of Jupiter in Libra may lead to a special event like a wedding or engagement in the first nine months of 2017.
The Lunar Eclipse of February 11, 2017 is a universal gateway to a higher level of intimacy in your relationship. Sharing love and the love you feel for the other person goes much deeper, at a soul level. A new encounter in your life is not just a flirtation, but a soul commitment. Mercury retrogrades in April 2017 and this indicates the return of a love, but also the correction of a number of things in your love life and loved ones.
Red warrior Mars travels from early June to early September 2017 through your House of Relationships and Intimacy. During this period, relationships are strengthened and problems in a relationship are solved.
From August 2017, the focus is on strengthening the emotional bond in the relationship and regaining intimacy. During this period, it is more likely to find true love or to grow into a deeper level of feeling in a relationship.
The Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 falls in your House of the Soul and Intimacy. In the next six months there are events that are related to sexuality, money from your spouse or business partner, birth and death. In the beginning in September 2017, Mercury retrograde leads to the return of an old love, problems with intimacy and finding it hard to open yourself up.

The year 2017 is a year with the emphasis on career. This year you will work harder than ever before. A year of creative abundance in your work in their own company. Your energy is contagious and is noticed by your superiors, colleagues or staff!
Jupiter in Libra is the driving force behind your career, pursuing your goals and making the most of the opportunities to achieve success. Jupiter remains until October 10, 2017 in your House of Career. Jupiter in your House of Career does not mean that everything goes according to plan. Jupiter brings unique opportunities for your career, but it does have an impact on your personal life and social life.
Maybe not such a good start of the year. Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn in the first 4 days of 2017 retrograde making it feel like you are being thwarted. This is only temporary!
Red warrior Mars travels from April 22 to July 4, 2017 through your House of Work. A very productive period of more sales in your company and completion of projects at work. During this time you are inclined (to) work hard, so slow down a bit. From October 23 to December 9, 2017, the red planet Mars takes over from Jupiter in your House of Career. Mars is ambitious, driven and focused to make progress. Mars offers the possibilities, so grab them with both hands.

The year 2017 shows that your financial situation plays a bigger role than in previous years.
In February and August 2017, major financial changes are taking place by the Eclipses in Leo and Aquarius. Leo and Aquarius are both connected to your Finances. Even though these events are beneficial for your financial picture, it is advisable to be vigilant and to economize. This year, you make important financial decisions that affect your future. Your planet of the money is Venus. Through the influence of Venus this year shows an increase in revenue. For yourself and your family you need to put money aside for a healthy financial future. The Lunar Eclipse of August 7, 2017 falls in your House of Finance. In the next six months you will be given the opportunity to settle financial affairs, ongoing financial projects or to reap the sweet fruits of incurred financial decisions. This period is the gateway to a better financial situation for the long term.

Family and Home
Uranus in Aries guarantees constantly changing developments in your personal life since the beginning of March 2011 in which you have no control over. Uranus will remain in 2017 in your Home and Family and Home. In May 2017, things at home and in your family may come under pressure. The red planet Mars is your planet of Home and Family. From the month of June 2017 things calm down a little, even though the influence of the unpredictable Uranus remains strong for the rest of the year. Mars travels from January 29, 2017 to March 10, 2017 through your House of Family and Home. Favorable period for chores at home, a move or redecorating your home. Also a good time to organize a family gathering or to plan an active holiday. The biggest challenge this year falls in the months of February and March 2017. Venus in Aries is from March 4 to April 1 2017 in your House of Family and Home. During this period, of retro-gradation, financial conditions put a temporary brake on your home plans. Even a time-out. Especially in March 2017, there are subjective reactions in the family having to do with your career. This could lead to angry discussions. Confidence can be restored by a flexible approach. From March 11 to April 21, 2017 Mars strengthens the relationship with your loved ones in your family and friends. With the influence of Mars solutions will be found. Mars leads you to a fresh start or a new approach of things at home. Mercury is in the second half of April 2017 retrograde in your House of Family and Home. Past issues reappear, misunderstandings with family members, problems with selling your house or buying a house. This period is intended to make the re-connect with your family or finishing existing projects at home.

The year 2017 is a roller coaster of successive events. The pace of these events will affect your overall health and your energy level.
Energetic periods alternate with periods of lethargy and fatigue. Good nutrition and adequate physical activity is needed to stay healthy. Your planet Saturn will remain until the end of December 2017 in your House of Cosmic Consciousness. Saturn indicates the need to let go of old emotional baggage. Saturn shows you how the past affects your present, your unconscious drives and issues. Do not think you're made. There is still much to clear up and that takes time. Therefore, it is good to take some distance occasionally. Mercury retrogrades in the House of Cosmic Consciousness at the beginning of January 2017. Mercury brings you back to the past to clean up. Siding creates space in your head and in your heart. The retrograding Mercury will return as cosmic vacuum cleaner in mid-December 2017 in that same area to deal with the past for now and forever.

The first halve of the year focuses on communication. Backed by the power of Neptune in Pisces 2017 is a great year to communicate in an open and honest way to present ideas to the world. The Solar Eclipse of February 25, 2017 excites you. However, caution is advisable in the first half of the year. Venus in Aries means that you say what you think and you won’t be awarded with positive response. Your planet Saturn comes home in its own sign of Capricorn from December 20, 2017.
This is the beginning of a new cycle in your life for almost 30 years. Together with Pluto in Capricorn this ensures perseverance, control and focus for yourself and your loved ones to achieve objectives. During these years of profound transformation you become one with yourself and with your life.