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Happy new year everyone!

In Chinese astrology, 2017 is the year of the Rooster.
The Rooster has much in common with the Capricorn in western astrology.
Just like the Capricorn, the Rooster is honorable and goes on and on no matter what. Numerological, the year 2017 is associated with the number 1.
The number 1 heralds a new beginning.

The figure 1 shows keywords such as collaboration, new, development, change, primary needs, enlarging, self-sufficient, another way of thinking, start, confidence, fulfillment, self-confidence, future, proactive, creating, together, vitality and leadership.
But also instability, individuality, aggression, discouragement, laziness, anger, uncertainty, impulsiveness, resentment and isolation.
These are words and references that come to us in this year 2017.
The year 2017 has similarities with the previous year insofar that influential and slow moving planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto remain stationary in their characters and therefore show no significant changes.
Jupiter starts the year in Libra.
From October 11, 2017, Jupiter will be entering the deep waters of Scorpio.
Saturn will continue its voyage through Sagittarius until December 19, 2017 and Saturn’s Trine with Uranus in Aries will be the supporting and stabilizing factor in this volatile year.
From December 10, 2016 until January 13, 2017 this planetary dance indicates big economic and social chances in our society.

Yet, 2017 will be a difficult year and is even more difficult to predict.
The period in which we find ourselves is similar to the period as it was at the beginning of the Second World War of the last century.
The years ahead indicate a significant heavy planetary influence from Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

The year 2017 begins with Mercury retrograding in Capricorn.
Mercury remains retrograde until January 7, 2017.
The next retrograde period of Mercury is from April 9, 2017 to May 2, 2017 in Aries, from August 13, 2017 to September 4, 2017 in Leo and from December 3, 2017 to December 22, 2017 in Sagittarius.

In the past five years, Jupiter has crossed swords with heavy planetary giants.
In 2013, Jupiter in Cancer stood up against Pluto in Capricorn (Syria), in 2015, Jupiter in Virgo was opposing Neptune in Pisces (Paris).
In the first three months of 2017 and in the Autumn of 2017, Jupiter in Libra will be facing Uranus in Aries.
So the year begins with the opposition between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries.
This opposition between Jupiter and Uranus began early December 2016.
Jupiter and Uranus will continue to challenge each other throughout the year 2017 with an exact opposition in early March 2017, the end of September 2017 and early October 2017.
Jupiter represents Justice. Uranus represents Reformation.
This is a cry for social reforms and justice, a cry for a morally acceptable legal system.
The world has become badly imbalanced.
This opposition calls for stability, restoration of balance and justice. Reforming of the legal system at all levels, including the economic system, the human rights and fundamental issues of justice in which social equality is the principle.
Jupiter in Libra opposition to Uranus in Aries is part of this social process of change.
Also the monetary system needs to reform.

As long as the unjust culture of greed will continue and the general economic living conditions will not improve for everyone, no fundamental chance will take place in our society.
From mid-February until the beginning of March 2017, a tense T-square will be formed between Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter and Uranus in Libra and Mars in Aries.
A period of protest, violence and opposition.

The planetary advocate for equal rights, Jupiter in Libra will battle with Pluto in Capricorn in 2017 several times this year. Jupiter squares Pluto between March 7 and April 14, 2017 and July 23 to August 11, 2017. During these periods, civil rights versus corruption and abuse of power from higher level including the Church, the unfair distribution of wealth, the gap between rich and poor, hunger and abundance, powerlessness and unfair power structures will be addressed all over the world.
(Jupiter in Libra formed from November 11, 2016 to December 4, 2016 for the first time an exact square to Pluto in Capricorn, so this was a preview of what to expect in 2017).

On February 11, 2017 there is a penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 22º in the fire sign of Leo.
February 26, 2017 shows an annular Solar Eclipse at 8° Pisces. This Eclipse will be visible in South America and parts of South Africa.

In the early spring of 2017, probably mid March 2017, an existing conflict in Asia may escalate.
There will be a ‘preventive war’ war to prevent things from getting worse, so presumably a conventional war on a smaller scale than World War II.

From February to April 2017, we experience a period of extremes. Even climatically.
Around the world we have to deal with extreme weather events due to global warming.

April 2017 could be a sad month. Almost the whole month, Venus in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Extreme events in the world could lead to the breakup of relationships on both personal and on business levels.
April 2017 may be the beginning of another global economic crisis.

From May 1 2017 until June 6 2017, peace returns to the world when Saturn and Uranus form an exact Trine in Fire for the second time this year.
Until the end of December 2017, we can look forward to a planetary dance between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.
This planetary dance shows large-scale economic and social reforms. A period of new scientific and technological breakthroughs.
There will be new forms of economic and political cooperation based on sharing specialist knowledge to find solutions to common problems, such as alternative currency, barter and new cooperative enterprises.
This new economic and political systems are based on renewed ancient knowledge. Old economic and political institutions disappear to make room for the new.
The key word is self-sufficiency.
This favorable Trine of Fire stimulates and reforms the sustainable economic and social changes.
Politics and business benefit from this planetary dance of Saturn and Uranus in 2017. New technical products will be developed, creating more jobs and progress.
Once again, Saturn and Uranus form an exact Trine for the third time between October 28 and November 26, 2017.
This planetary dance happens every 45 years and affects us all.
Radical and conservative trends, both in politics or technology are at odds, but “know” things needs to change. Uranus urges Saturn to change and Saturn, however, confronts Uranus with the possible consequences.

From a political view, there is no stopping the rise of far-right parties in Europe.
So it seems that the National Front in France will ensure for a big surprise with the presidential elections in April and May 2017.

One of the EU countries is leaving Brussels.
European border controls are reinforced or borders between countries may close again.

The volatile Summer of 2017 indicates a wave of social revolts. Rebellion, riots and protests against government policy, religion, or political decisions.

In the Summer of 2017, Jupiter in Libra forms a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius.
From mid-August to mid-September 2017 we see an economic recovery.
This planetary cooperation stimulates entrepreneurial spirit, realism and common sense.
A positive period for business, the creation of new and more solid structures and making responsible decisions for the future.

On August 7, 2017, a Partial Lunar Eclipse takes place on 15º in Aquarius.
On August 21 2017 a Total Solar Eclipse takes place at 28º in Leo.
It is the first Total Solar Eclipse since 1991 that will be visible in the United States.

As of September 23, 2017 to October 1, 2017, Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries will be facing each other once again.
On September 28, 2017, this opposition will be exact at 27º on the axis Aries / Libra.
In this period of upheaval, a lot can go wrong in the world and in our personal lives.
Things turn not out the way they are supposed to be and many people feel misled by false information in the media or political promises.
The truth of revelation can be confrontational. Be careful during this period, especially when you travel.

As of October 11, 2017 Jupiter will be traveling through Scorpio.
Until November 8, 2018 this means a revival in the recycling technology.
Available new technologies, recycling, generating of natural energy such as solar panels, wind turbines, innovative technologies and the re-use of industrial waste products will play an increasingly important role on the world stage.
Recycling will be the key to a cleaner environment.
For now and in the future.

Through the influence of Jupiter in Scorpio, there will be an increase in violence, infectious diseases and natural disasters such as major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

Scorpio is associated with Pluto.
Pluto is the ruler of the Underworld. Pluto is also money and everything that is hidden.
So what is below the earth’s surface or has been kept secret gets a chance to break out.
Whatever comes up, it will be the fertile lava from which we will see growth and innovation in the coming years.

Even though there will be no exact square anymore between Uranus and Pluto, the dust clouds haven’t settled as we witness the effects of the global transformational square between Uranus and Pluto in the years 2012 to 2016.

Between November 22 and December 14, 2017, Jupiter in Scorpio forms a harmonious Trine in Water with Neptune in Pisces. During this period, people are more sociable and understanding towards each other.
Wealth and social status mean nothing when it comes to hardships in life.
This insight is achieved after many after profound events this year.
At the end of 2017, this Trine creates a general feeling that dreams and expectations can be realized.

On December 21, 2017 Saturn enters the earth sign Capricorn.
Saturn will stay in Capricorn until March 22, 2020.
Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. Saturn returns home, so to speak.

Saturn in Capricorn feels good in its own earthly element.
It is the beginning of a period of consolidation and responsibility.
Duty, organization, traditions, civil, governmental, regulatory and policy are keywords for the coming years with Saturn in Capricorn.
But also walling, fortifying and guarding borders.
For instance, The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 when Saturn traveled through Capricorn.
It takes 29 to 30 years for Saturn to run through the entire zodiac.
Saturn remains for about three years in each zodiacal sign.
Saturn was in Capricorn from December 1929 to November 1932, the years of the Great Depression. Obviously these were very difficult times. However, castles in the air vanished and only the valuable prevailed.
From February 1988 to February 1991, Saturn traveled through Capricorn. In 1989, the Wall fell and this led to the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe.

The influence of Saturn in Capricorn from December 2017 indicates that we reached the limits of our current system.
The end has come to the unlimited and harmful utilizing the natural resources of Mother Earth.
The collective survival depends on our ability to stop considering taking life for granted.
The illusion of prosperity is ultimately unsustainable.

The unlimited consumption of natural resources and unrestricted burning of fossil fuels can’t go on forever.

We do not have a choice anymore.

I wish you all a memorable year 2017!

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