Sagittarius 2016


Sagittarius 2016

The year 2016 is a fast roller coaster of overwhelming changes and many opportunities, but also challenges in the private lives and careers of the Sagittarius. The months of April and May 2016 show a temporary breathing space when Mars retrogrades in Sagittarius. This year is generally focused on the personal development and growth. The area of relationships shows a turbulent year. A year of difficult decisions. The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 enlightens what your true dreams are.

Until early September 2016, Jupiter will remain in your Career House, the highest point in the horoscope. Jupiter in Virgo squares your Sun. Actually, you are a bit lazy to climb the career ladder. The Sagittarius born after December 4 will recognize this though.
Mercury is your planet of Career. Mercury retrogrades in May 2016 in your House of Work. You will have less desire to work or you are dissatisfied with colleagues, co-workers or your environment or you have trouble concentrating at work. All retrograde periods of Mercury this year affect your career, work and finances. In these areas are delays. Go with the energetic flow. Take some time to evaluate and, if necessary, make adjustments. This year you attend seminars or courses to improve your skills. On September 1, 2016 the Solar Eclipse falls in your House of Career. A highlight in your career! Figuratively speaking, you have almost reached the top of the mountain, but you need to climb a bit further in order to look beyond the horizon of your abilities. This Solar Eclipse is the energetic gateway to progress. However, Mercury retrogrades in the Career House, so you may encounter setbacks and delays.
As of September 10 2016, Jupiter enters Libra. Jupiter supports the Sagittarius Sun! Go for it! The Sagittarius born until December 12, will benefit the most of this energy. Cooperation of colleagues, co-workers, employees and associates are important in achieving objectives this year.

Saturn is your planet of Money. In 2016, Saturn travels through Sagittarius. Saturn wants you to grow, to mature, be wiser. Saturn wants you to handle money in a responsible way. The Sagittarius who was born from 2 to December 16 feels the impact of the strongest Saturn in 2016.
Pluto will remain in your House of Finance in 2016. Your attitude toward money continues to change in 2016.
The first half of 2016 and especially the month of April 2016 is a good time to review and adopt the necessary measures and tax strategies to curb unnecessary costs. Do not be tempted to unnecessary luxury expenditures this year.
Mercury retrogrades in the House of Finance in January 2016 and in the second half of December 2016. The year begins and ends with the necessity of making wise and sensible financial choices. During this period, don’t make any new financial commitments without proper information beforehand.
From late September to early November 2016, Mars will travel through your House of Finance. During this period, you will have more energy and drive to focus on financial matters.
In general, 2016 is a good year financially, but you should make sure to bring revenues and expenditures into balance. A favorable year for making safe investments. Speculation and gambling is not advisable this year.

Love and Relationships
The year 2016 is a turbulent, but also irresistibly exciting year for love.
Uranus will remain in 2016 in your House of Love and Romance. There will be changes in your love life. You look for a new kind of love in your life, a relationship based on greater freedom. Whatever you say or feel, eventually your freedom is the love of your life. You feel attracted to free and happy individuals, bohemians, people with interesting ideas and energy. The most romantic period is from mid-March to mid-April 2016 is, when the Sun and Venus in Aries visit your House of Love. Also in a committed relationship there will be fireworks between the both of you. However, be cautious in the tendency to dominate the other in the relationship.
Love is and will always be a verb, Sagittarius.

Family and Home
Neptune is your planet of Home and Family. Neptune will remain in 2016 in Your House of Home and Family. However, Neptune in Pisces squares the Sun in Sagittarius. Always keep faith and never give up. Saturn in Sagittarius help you do to do that with a healthy dose of realism. Try to keep the balance. Sagittarius who was born from November 28 to December 4 feel the impact of the square between the Sun and Neptune the most.
This year it's harder to keep your family together or to keep a strong hold on your home or family. Family members or relatives need their own space. It makes no sense to force them. A spiritual connection can only occur if you don't pressure them. In the second half of December 2016 to the end of January 2017 Mars travels through your House of Family, Home and Property. Time to focus on this area. Time for home improvement or spending some quality time together. The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 shows the beginning of a project that has to do with home or family. The Lunar Eclipse on September 16 shows the result of that project. This year it is advisable to maintain a harmonious relationship with your spouse or loved one and children. The best time to resolve family disputes is in the first half of 2016. Uranus in Aries trines the Sagittarius Sun this year. The Sagittarius born between 7 and 16 December will be encouraged to find original solutions to problems with the house or the family. Uranus remains in 2016 in the House of Children. Children in your household or family go their own way, are rebellious and seek their identity. Children try their own wings in this world or look beyond their horizon. In the first half of 2016 Jupiter will help you to improve your relationship with your parents, in-laws or grandparents. The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 opens the door to a new opportunity for your parents, parents or grandparents. However, Mercury retrogrades in this area in September 2016, which can cause a misunderstanding. Keep the communication clear and open in 2016, Sagittarius.

As mentioned earlier, 2016 is an emotional roller coaster full of events. Ups and downs. Stress! Stress can be very tiring and you will hardly get the time to relax. In April 2016 there will be time for relaxation. A good month to take a break to refuel emotionally, Sagittarius. When you calm down emotionally, your physical condition improves.
Mars travels from January to early March 2016 through your House of Subconscious. You begin the year 2016 with the urge to release the pain from the past. Your emotional backpack of the past is too heavy to carry. With Mars, you are determined to get rid of this backpack for now and forever. Mars retrogrades in June 2016 back in the House of the Subconscious to see if there's anything left behind. You get a second chance to clean up your backpack! The help of Mars allows you to start all over again in August 2016 when you leave all the old hurts and worries behind you to proceed your path.

Mars gives energy and drive. As of early March, Mars travels through Sagittarius. You will be unstoppable! From April 17 2016 until the end of June 2016, Mars retrogrades. This can lead to constraints and delays. This makes you irritated. Patience is the key word this year.
Have patience with yourself, Sagittarius.
Count to 10 before you burst into anger. The Sagittarius born in November feel this impact the most. In August and September 2016, once again Mars travels through Sagittarius.
From that moment on, things are moving forward.
However, even then, patience will be the key word.