Pisces 2016


Pisces 2016

Your personal planet Neptune remains in your sign all year. A strong inner strength. You feel very content with this energy. You have a great imagination, overwhelming love and hope for everyone, but you can get lost in your own Utopia, in your own fantasy world. Pisces who born on February 26 to March 1 may feel this Neptune feel the energy strongest this year. The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 is the energetic gateway to a new beginning. With the Lunar Eclipse of September 16 it becomes clear if this new beginning has come to bloom. Pluto will remain in 2016 in your House of Hope and Dreams. You dream big dreams and want to make your dreams come true. Mercury retrogrades at the beginning and end of 2016. During these retrogrades you doubt whether your dreams are achievable though.
In the second half of December 2016 Mars is traveling through Pisces. With this energy you look back on 2016. You have every reason tot be satisfied and proud and you're excited about the new year. Determined to start a new chapter in your life and make your dreams come true.

Jupiter is the planet of your career. 2016 is a year of many possibilities, but it is advisable to accept only projects that are achievable and practicable. This year is favorable for starting a new business and the expansion of existing businesses. However, do not take any hasty business decisions or make offers that you cannot honor. Examine matters carefully before entering a new project, especially in the first quarter of 2016.
Pisces in a creative profession or contemporary art world are successful this year. In general most success will be achieved in the last quarter of the year.
Saturn in Sagittarius remains in 2016 in your Career House. This year you may reap the rewards of your hard work and commitment over the last ten to fourteen years. Saturn in the House of Career is the icing on the cake, a highlight in the life of every Pisces. It may be that you experience this differently. Saturn will be the energy that teaches you to make those changes that are necessary to succeed in life. The time has come to do so.
Mars travels in January and February 2016 through your House of Higher Education and Philosophy. A good time to learn something new. A time for studying or attending seminars and workshops to increase or strengthen the social position of the labor market opportunities. Mars in Scorpio retrogrades from late May to late June 2016. There may be problems or delays with your studies in that period. From July 2016 Mars runs direct again and everything is back on track. A favorable period for technology, science or Information Technology.
From early March 2016 Mars travels through your Career House. You are then more motivated, ambitious and focused on objectives. Mars retrogrades in the House of Career from mid-April to late May 2016. During that period, you may experience problems at work. You will be unable to finish things. You lack the motivation to work hard or to fulfill obligations. In August and September 2016 your drive, passion and ambition will return to you.

Uranus will remain in 2016 in your House of Finance. There is money coming in and money going out. Until May 2018 there will be periods with more than enough money and periods when you have trouble making ends meet. Until then you have to deal with cosmic lessons teaching you to handle money in a responsible way. Excessive spending should be avoided. Penny wise, pound foolish! The year 2016 is not a bad financial year, but budget control certainly is on the agenda this year. The month of June 2016 looks financially good for Pisces. The second half of the year is generally the best time for financial matters. Mars is the planet of Money. The best financial period is the second half of 2016, when Mars is in the upper half of the Pisces Horoscope. From early August to late September 2016, Mars will be traveling through the Career House. During this period there will be more money through a promotion, turnover, revenue, sales, profit sharing, compensation or revenue from additional work. At the end of 2016 there are possibilities for investments or development of new methods to improve revenue.

Love and Relationships
Love and romance blossoms in a committed relationship. Until early September 2016 you will be encouraged by the beneficent influence of Jupiter to improve your relationships.
In the first half of 2016 Jupiter travels through your House of Relationships. Between March and July 2016 are the best love opportunities.
Relationships with friends are good. This year, mutual problems with friends will be solved. Cooperation in every kind of relationship runs smoothly. You feel love for everyone. Even when you disagree, you are tolerant and willing to help. Above all, you want to see the best in everyone and keep the peace in all types of relationships, both personal and business. The first half op 2016 is a good time to enter into a new relationship.
The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 marks a new beginning or breakthrough of problems relating to intimacy in your life and awareness of the kind of intimacy that you need in your life.
The bachelor Pisces doesn't want to be alone anymore. The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 falls in your House of Relationships and shows the energetic gateway to a long-term commitment, a new beginning. Mercury is your planet of Love. From late August to September 21, 2016, however, Mercury retrogrades in the House of Relationships. There will be communication problems with loved ones or opposition regarding your new love. Listening to each other and openness will be the solution to this problem. Between September and November 2016 may a previous relationship may return to disrupt your current relationship. Do not be fooled, but focus your attention on your current relationship. On September 10, 2016, Jupiter enters your House of Intimacy and Sexuality. The second half of 2016 is therefore the most happy, intimate and romantic time for lovers! A favorable period to strengthen the emotional ties with loved ones in your life.

Family and Home
The relationship with your family is generally progressing quietly and at a more spiritual level. The theme this year is in the processing of emotional problems and the rational solution of those problems. Mercury is your planet of Home and Family. From late April until May 21, 2016, Mercury retrogrades in the House of Brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts and neighbors. During this period, there are troubles. There is no good communication, you don’t seem to agree. The solution lies in finding the cause of the problem. Openness and understanding. When Mercury goes direct again, there will be a time of reconnecting with them. Saturn in Sagittarius travels in 2016 through the Tenth House of Parents or foster parents, in-laws and Grandparents. The year 2016 is mainly devoted to improve the mutual bond that you share. If the relationship is disturbed, you have to face the problems and make an attempt to reach a solution. A good relationship is supported and strengthened by Saturn and. In early March 2016, Mars will visit this important House. A period to spend quality time with your parents or foster parents, in-laws or grandparents or to come to terms with them. Mars retrogrades from mid-April to late May 2016 and this influence may cause more problems. Mars will return in early August to late September 2016 in the Tenth House. During this period you take action so that mutual problems can be solved.

Generally, your health is good in 2016. Between April and September 2016, emotional issues can cause minor health problems. During 2016, it is advisable take time to relax and rest to stay healthy and vital.
From end April to end May 2016 Mercury retrogrades. During this time you have to deal with self-doubt, you could be absent-minded and forgetful. Have patience with yourself.
The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 falls in the House of the Soul. This event is the energetic conclusion of a two-year period of the awakening of the soul. Jupiter enters your House of the Soul from September 10, 2016. There will be a period in which you want to gain more insight in yourself. You are willing to go deeper into yourself. Mars travels from mid-November to mid-December through your House of Subconsciousness. It is time to understand your unconscious motives and feelings, bringing secrets to the surface and letting go of past issues.

This year, Pluto in Capricorn supports the Sun in Pisces. Pisces who was born from 27 February to March 7 won’t have difficulty to transform.
Saturn in Sagittarius in 2016 squares the Sun in Pisces. It will be more difficult this year to be realistic and responsible. You need to work harder to get the job done and it is harder to get work. Pisces born between 1 and March 14 have to deal with this energy.
Jupiter in Virgo in 2016 opposites the Sun in Pisces until mid-September 2016.
Pisces born after March 2, are a bit self-indulgent and lazy. If you go for it, you’d be surprised!
The year 2016 offers ample opportunities for growth. It depends on your commitment to make successful use of these opportunities. However, a realistic attitude is essential to accomplish achievements.