Libra 2016


Libra 2016

From September 10, 2016 to October 10, 2017, Jupiter will be in your House of Personality. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good opportunities! This year, every Libra gets an energetic warm bath. In preparation for this prosperous period, you get a Lunar Eclipse on March 23, 2016 in the House of Personality. This is will be the last eclipse in Libra for the time being! This Lunar Eclipse is the third and final eclipse in three years in Libra. In these three years, you have experienced a complete metamorphosis in your life, a transformation period of change and growth. Events made you so much stronger and wiser. The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 is the energetic gateway to a new phase. And Jupiter will be your engine!

Neptune will remain in 2016 in your House of Work. You are in doubt whether your job suits you or not. The position of Neptune is a good one for creative and artistic work, healing and helping others. Mars joins Neptune from December 20, 2016, giving you focus and more satisfaction and fulfillment from your work. The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 falls in your House of Work. This event is the beginning of an important project at work, assignment or a new job. The Lunar Eclipse of September 16, 2016 also falls in the House of Work. The Lunar Eclipse This shows the results of the Solar Eclipse of March 9 2016. Something is coming to an end or a highlight takes place.
The year 2016 is favorable for the Libra to initiate new projects. You need to assert yourself and have more confidence while performing your goals. You must take into account some resistance from some colleagues, while others open their hearts to you.
In business, your diplomatic and persuasive gifts are crucial to work together. Major business decisions should be postponed until the second half of 2016. Do not take hasty decisions this year. Take the time to come to well-considered decisions.

The first half of 2016 shows a fluctuating financial picture.
Mars travels from January 4 to March 6, 2016 through your House of Finance. The year 2016 starts off well, with a lot of energy and drive to improve your financial situation. Mars goes retrograde from mid-April 2016 and will return in your House of Money from May 28 to June 28, 2016. However, Mercury retrogrades from late April to mid May 2016 in the House of Shared Finances. During these weeks, you should consider some financial setbacks, a missed financing opportunity or an unwise expenditure. Mars returns to your House of Finances until August 2, 2016 stabilizing your financial situation. Jupiter will be a major financial boost in the second half of 2016. Thanks to Jupiter, there is a well-considered investment and proper financial planning for the long term.
In the second half of the year, your income improves and you will be able to pay debts. The third quarter of 2016 is suitable for property transactions. Budget monitoring will remain important throughout the year in order to build a healthy financial position for the future.
In the second half of 2016 is your focus on beautification and expansion of your home. Your effort will increase the real value of the property.

Love and Relationships
Uranus remains in 2016 in your House of Relationships. During the year there will be changes and adjustments in your own relationship and the relationships you maintain with others. Unstable commitments are facing difficult times and are put to the test. Not all relationships will survive 2016. You now know what you want in a relationship and you are willing to do everything to reach that goal. Because of Uranus you want more freedom and independence. You don’t want to be limited and curtailed!
From late April to May 21, 2016 Mercury retrogrades in your House of Intimacy. A difficult time for all types of relationships. You close yourself off, you're aloof. You long for intimacy and you are not getting any or you're struggling to connect yourself emotionally to the other. From June 2016 things will improve and you dare you give yourself again.
Thanks to the beneficial influence of Jupiter in September 2016 is a great month to start a new relationship that will change your life!
From mid-November to mid-December 2016 Mars is in your House of Love. Mars strengthens your attractiveness and your desire to love. This may be the most romantic time of the year for you. In a committed relationship are you looking for passionate and exciting moments. The bachelor Libra will be dating and chasing with heart and soul!

Family and Home
Family plays a prominent role in 2016. Pluto will remain in 2016 in your House of Home and Family. Pluto has been traveling since 2008 through your House of Family and Home. Pluto is like a cosmic sweeping broom. Pluto transforms your definition of the family, your past, your roots and your sense of security. Mars will join Pluto in October and early November 2016. In those weeks you're determined to make changes in your home and family. Mercury retrogrades in your House of Home and Family in January and in the second half of December 2016. The year 2016 thus begins and ends with issues involving past and processing are the keywords. It is all about forgive and forget. Do not dwell on the past. Learn from the past and integrate what you learned into the future.
Saturn is your planet of Home and Family. Saturn remains in 2016 in your House of Siblings. Your mutual relationship can be put to the test this year. The relationship can be strained and distant, and the gap will even become larger if issues are not resolved. Mars joins Saturn from March 2016 and goes retrograde from mid-April through May 2016. This period shows exactly the cause of all the problems and what you can do to re-establish the relationship. In August and September 2016 a final decision is made. Mars travels from mid-November to mid-December through your House of Children. In that period, children in your family or family are rebellious and demanding. Takes this into account, Libra.

Physically speaking, 2016 a great year in 2016 for the Libra. Your emotional state is, however, oscillating between April and July 2016, but could be improved by rest and relaxation.
In the Summer of 2016 you'll be more cheerful, but in September, Mercury retrogrades back into the House of the Subconscious.
From September 2016 your emotional state stabilizes when Jupiter leaves your House of the Subconscious. The Solar Eclipse of September 1 and the Mercury retrograde period of September 2016 bring deeper problems come to light. Although painful, this passage is badly needed to let go of old pain in order to continue with your life.
Saturn remains in 2016 in your House of Communication. This year is a year of reflection. Through the influence of Mars your mind is restless all the time. Because of Saturn, you are sometimes pessimistic and withdrawn, especially in May when Mercury retrogrades in the House of the Soul. Especially in the first months of 2016 look back at your life and see that everything has a purpose in this life. Always keep seeing the big picture, Libra.
In computer terms, 2016 is a year that will make your space on your hard drive. The damaged files are purged. The good memories and learning moments are preserved forever. In 2016 you get a realistic view of life. You realize that life is not a bed of roses, but you learn everything has a meaning. Even pain. During that period, you gain insight into the cause of your pain. You will be confronted with old pain you're still holding on to.

In 2016, Saturn in Sagittarius primarily favors the Libra born from 3 to October 17.
Saturn makes it clear what you want and what you need to do to get it.
Uranus and Pluto are not on good terms with each other in 2016. It causes change and transformation. This may feel like you've lost control. Go with the flow, Libra. Do not you resist or think you can control it.
Libra who was born from 8 to October 16 will be the most affected by external changes (Uranus). Libra who was born from 7 to October 10 is influenced by internal processing (Pluto).
Creative skills should be used to build a secure future in 2016. Know what you want and have confidence in yourself. Your confidence will lead to increasing your social circle.