Leo 2016


Leo 2016

In the year 2016 you should rely on the positive forces of Jupiter and Uranus to bring innovative opportunities for growth and optimism.
Overall, this is a year to focus on the other for practical support and guidance. Your social circle is your tool for success for today and tomorrow. Spiritual development will be the main thread throughout the year. Financially, 2016 is a year to control costs and budget control.

The year 2016 is favorable for entrepreneurs. The Leo with a permanent job has to deal with disappointment because they do not get the expected appreciation for shown efforts. All Mercury retrograde periods adversely affect your career. In January and December 2016 Mercury retrogrades in your House of Work. Listen to your intuition when you work out strategies for future growth. Once you are clear about ideas and plan of action you can focus on the implementation of this plan of action. When Mercury retrogrades, it is good to put things in order on your work and finances. In May 2016, Mercury retrograde falls in your House of Career and in September 2016 in your House of Finance. Because of this, you are faced with disappointing financial results, growth and financial company profits. A flexible approach is needed.
Because of the Mercury retrogrades, 2016 is a year to return to knowledge, experience and proven methods of work. In 2016 is the support of your boss, counselor, business associates or colleagues very important to achieve your career goals. So try to sit in line with your boss, consultants, associates and colleagues and be honest in your intentions. The first three months of the year are suitable to evaluate your business or profession and to define future goals. The month of May 2016 promises to be the most beneficial month for your career when Venus travels through your Career House. This year, you have to travel more for your work or career.
Pluto remains in 2016 in your House of Work. You feel a strong connection with your work, but you also feel something needs to change. Mars is from late September 2016 to early November 2016 in your House of Work. During this time you are at your best at work. You are able to focus yourself on your actual work and able to improve the working conditions. You may get a new job or going to participate in a new project or there is a powerful person in your life that can help you on your career path.
The year 2016 is very beneficial for students in administrative, economic or management training. Because of the position of Jupiter and Uranus, students are capable of good results. Also, students who attend school in non-formal education achieve good results, especially in the last half of 2016.

In the year 2016, it is advisable to pay more attention to the management of your finances.
Your own business is productive and make more profit this year. However, it is wise to use finance for utility and try to save as much as possible.
Investments in 2016 are profitable. You are also able to save money this year for the future. This year you are going to buy a house or a plot of land. If you work hard, you can reap the sweet fruits of labor, Leo.
Jupiter will remain until September 2016 in your House of Finance. Traditionally a great time to improve your financial life. The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 brings a new financial opportunity. The month of September 2016 is particularly suitable for improving the financial situation. In the second half of 2016 there are more opportunities to increase sales or to earn more money.
However, you have to deal with Mercury this year. As mentioned under Career, Mercury retrograde falls in May 2016 in your House of Career and in September 2016 in your House of Finance. Because of this, you are faced with disappointing financial results, growth and financial company profits. A flexible approach is needed.

Love and Relationships
The year 2016 is full of moonlight and roses for Leo.
A perfect year to get married or to consolidate a committed relationship. Saturn continues throughout the year in your House of Love and Romance. You take love very seriously. You expect that your partner does the same. Superficial and inconsequential love relationships disappear. Neptune in Pisces will continue in 2016 in your House of Intimacy. You long for someone with whom you can share an intense and transcendent experience. In the first half of 2016, the bachelor Leo gets opportunities to finding a new love relationship. A committed relationship is formed in the second half of 2016, between August and November 2016.
The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 intensifies this desire for that person who can fulfill your deepest desires. The Lunar Eclipse of September 16, 2016 shows whether your wish has been fulfilled.
At the beginning of March 2016, Mars enters your House of Love and then goes retrograde from mid-April to late May 2016. Mars retrograde wants to know what you desire in love. Mars returns the House of Love from August to September and enters the House of Relationships from mid-November to mid-December 2016. During that period, you are faced with challenges and problems in love. From December 20, 2016 Mars enters the House of Intimacy and this influences strengthens the relationship.

Family and Home
From early January to early March 2016, Mars travels through your House of Family and Home. The year 2016 begins with the focus on your home and family. You have the drive and energy to address and to strengthen family ties and take care of the situation at home. Mars retrogrades in the House of Family and Home from late May to late June 2016. This period is meant for dealing with unresolved domestic issues or a reconsideration of how, what and where improvements need to be done at home. To be successful in your career, you need a good home base. However, your family will only support your goals if you are open to their ideas.
Mars remains in your House Family House until early August 2016. The first half of the year is about making adjustments and is also appropriate to make plans for the children and to the family.
Children ask a lot of attention in March 2016 and require a lot of patience from you. Especially in mid-April and May 2016 children are rebellious and assert themselves. In the second half of 2016 there will be more relaxation in the homely situation. Saturn will remain in the Home of Children until the end of December 2017. You will notice that children grow up and want to break free. That does not mean that they reject you. Children will always come back to you for support and advice. In 2016 the band with children will be reinforced and is getting stronger.
As of September 10, 2016 because of Jupiter, the relationship with siblings, aunts and uncles, neighbors or acquaintances will improve. The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 to help settle any mutual problems. On the other hand this may also lead to a break-up, but this break-up may not be forever.

Because of the position of Neptune in the House of Soul spirituality is more important for your mental health. The more you are connected with your spiritual side, the less you feel you need to hide things within yourself. The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 and the Lunar Eclipse on September 16, 2016 are both in your House of the Soul. These events indicate that demons and secrets make you anxious and hamper growth. It is time to release these demons. Mars travels from December 20th, 2016 through the House of the Soul, chasing the demons away, so you can concentrate on a better spiritual connection.
From September 10th 2016 Jupiter in Libra will help you to take things not too seriously. Jupiter puts everything into perspective. The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 leads to the solution of a problem. This makes you feel much better, because you tend to worry too much. Jupiter reduces stress, lightens your mood and stimulate creativity. During the first months of the year, your health is delicate. From May 2016 there will be improvement. You hold your health in your own hands, Leo. Quit those bad habits and stick to your diet. Listen to your body and relax yourself as much as possible. The best time to start a new health regimen is from late September to mid-November 2016.

This year you may profit from three beneficial aspects: Uranus trines the Sun in Leo,
Saturn trines the Sun in Leo and Jupiter sextile the Sun in Leo in 2016.
This cosmic forces make it easier this year to implement changes and to embrace life to the fullest, because of a responsible attitude and willingness to work hard to achieving your goals in 2016.
This force makes Leo extra brave.
So make the most of it!
In general, you should use all your social skills and your diplomatic aims for the sake of maintaining good relations in 2016 both private and business.