Aries 2016


Aries 2016

Throughout the year 2016, Uranus will remain in your sign, Aries. And that means a flood of continuous changes in your life. Changes keep you alert, but sometimes it gets too much. Whatever happens this year, always remember: Think first, then act.
Your personal planet is Mars. Mars retrogrades in Sagittarius from April 17 to June 28 2016. During that period, you don’t feel at ease and it may feel things are going the wrong way. Make positive use of this retrograde period by creating opportunities for the future. In the second half of 2016 awaits a second and better chance!
Individuality and uniqueness are this year more than ever associated with you. Distinguishing yourself from others becomes clear at the end of 2016 (from November 10 to December 19, 2016) when your planet Mars will be traveling through Aquarius, the sign associated with Uranus.

The year 2016 is very beneficial to your career. Jupiter remains until September 9, 2016 in your House of Work. The first half of this year will bring good and effective results for businesses by an increase in sales. The period April to September 2016 is especially beneficial for start-ups and entering into new partnerships. A good collaboration with colleagues and associates is the key to success. Your contacts and social networks will be conducive to the growth of your career. With hard work and perseverance, success is assured over the long term. Use all your skills to achieve your goals. Be ambitious, creative and dare to take risks! Especially in the sporting career in the first three months, you will be supported by the energy of Mars. It will be easier to find a job, changing jobs or get better working conditions. During this period, you harvest appreciation and respect. After the successful first half of this year there are a number of challenges. The second part of the year is especially beneficial for the employed Aries.
The year 2016 is a great year to return to a previous career or getting a second chance. A good year for higher education, travel, spiritual world and legal profession. The Solar Eclipse on September 1, 2016 will take place in your House of Work and that means a powerful boost. Pluto remains in 2016 in your Career House. Pluto will help you to archive powerful goals. Influential people will help you to turn ideas into constructive goals.
Mercury retrogrades in January, April, May, September and mid-December 2016 to early January 2017. These retrograde periods affect your work and plans can be messed up. During these periods it’s advisable to adjust yourself and take time to reflect yourself.

The year 2016 shows that you are going to make a profit. There is more salary or income from your own business. There is even space to save for the future or to pay off existing debts. Especially the Aries who is working in the travel industry, the legal profession, spiritual world and higher education, 2016 will be a great year to earn more money. From April 28 until May 21, 2016, Mercury retrogrades in your House of Money. If you want to invest in real estate, make sure you are well informed of all the details in order to prevent problems at a later stage during this period.
During the first four months of the year, the greatest benefit is achieved. Previous investments bring results. Borrowed money can be refunded. You get good value out of real estate transactions. Your fiscal position is stable during this period.
Your financial intuition works at high speed and that puts you no harm to good investments. Spend wisely throughout the year 2016. From September 2016 you tend to spend money unnecessarily. Try to control this.

Love and Relationships
Mars travels from January 4 to March 6, 2016 through the Eighth House of Intimacy and Sexuality. The year 2016 begins on improving the intimacy in your life. At the end of 2016 there will be many chances for a serious love relationship. Current relationships are strengthened. In 2016 there will be family expansion. Between February and May 2016 you fall madly in love. Be careful that you do not get caught up in sexual escapades. The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 will take place in your House of Relationships. An event can bring your relationship to new heights. At least a significant improvement. From May 28 to August 2, 2016 Mars will be by re-entering your House of Intimacy. Especially in June 2016 you may be aware that desires are not fulfilled in terms of intimacy. You can therefore be demanding or feel dissatisfied. When Mars in July 2016 runs direct again, solutions are found and there is a chance of a pregnancy. As of September 10, 2016 Jupiter enters your House of Relationships. The beneficial influence of Jupiter reinforces the mutual bond with your partner. A chance for an engagement or marriage. In any case, your relationship grows and new nurturing relationships will be formed this year.

Family and Home
Pluto resides this year in the highest tenth House of Fate and Destination. Throughout the year, your parents or grandparents play a major role. Your relationship with them is making a transformation. There may be conflict for power and control. From September 28 to November 9, 2016 Mars travels through the tenth House of Fate and Destination. During this period the attention is focused on the parents, grandparents, foster parents or elders in your life. More time will be spent together. Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn from December 19, 2016 to January 7, 2017, so at the end of the year you may encounter problems with your parents. Try to listen to them and understand them. Be there for them. The year 2016 is a favorable period for the family. Your role is very important. Your presence will depend on the degree of happiness and peace within the family. You are expected to spend some time with your family, like making a trip. This year, a home gathering will be organized, like a family reunion. In the second half of 2016 there are more problems in the family. An elderly person in the family needs proper care and attention. In marriage life there is harmonious relationship. To prevent conflicts in your married life it is important not to dominate your partner. You should be open to his or her opinion and respect his or her ideas. With mutual respect you keep the family relationship in balance, Aries.

Your planet Mars leaves a clear mark on the first three months of 2016. You have plenty of energy, vitality and stamina to overcome any health problems without any problems. Jupiter will help you in improving emotional strength and self-awareness. The subconscious mind, however, plays a major role in 2016. A good year for a spiritual journey or retreat.
Also in 2016 Neptune will remain in the House of Subconscious. The focus is on the unconscious life and unresolved problems. The whole year 2016, Saturn in Sagittarius remains in the House of Optimism. Saturn tempers your optimistic side, but promotes a realistic attitude. Because of the influence of Mars, in January and February 2016 you are down and pessimistic, but from March 2016 Mars will join Saturn and jacks up your mood. The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 is in the House of Subconscious. This marks the moment of letting go of something or someone. At the end of May 2016, the retrograde Mars returns again in the eighth House. Until the end of June 2016, it is difficult to find the balance between optimism and realism. In the second half of 2016 you will feel much better. On September 9, 2016 Jupiter leaves the House of Health. The Lunar Eclipse of September 16, 2016 in the House of Subconscious shows the necessity of a situation that you really have to let go.
As of December 20, 2016 Mars will join Neptune. You are then ready to tackle old problems and to let go of all unnecessary baggage from the past.

Overall it is a good year in 2016, Aries. However, it is necessary to prioritize and focus your attention on important goals. You are about to make significant progress if you are innovative and ready to change.
The year 2016 will be a challenge for the Aries that are facing problems, but you will know how to overcome all obstacles with a positive approach. Emotionally you will become stronger. You will be recognized for who you are and what you're doing.