Taurus 2015


Taurus Horoscope for 2015

The year 2015 is a year of purification. Mars, the red planet of action, travels from April 1 to may 12 2015 through your own sign, Taurus. This period is the best period for you in 2015. You have the energy to get started with a project.
Your own planet Venus is retrograde from July 25 to September 5 2015. During this period, it seems like everything is slowing down for you. During the Summer of 2015 you’d better not plan any important things.
Saturn in Scorpio is at September 18 2015 opposite your sign Taurus. This opposition will have from mid June to mid September most negative influence on the Taurus who is born from May 19. During this period it may feel like as if you carry the world upon your shoulders.
Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius from January 21 to February 10, 2015 and is squaring your sign Taurus. There could be communications problems, such as misunderstandings, difficulties in concentrating and problems with equipment. Your fight an inner struggle and your energy level is lower than usual during this retrograde period.

The year 2015, will be a year of challenges in terms of your career. On April 4, 2015 there will be a Lunar Eclipse in your House of Work. You could make decision to leave your work or you can lose your job. Whatever happens, this is because the work doesn’t agree with you anymore. However, if you are happy with the work that you do, this Lunar Eclipse brings you an appropriate reward, but also more responsibilities. On its journey through the Zodiac, the red action planet Mars will visit your House of Money, Work and Career as well. From 13 January 13 to February 20, Mars visits the House of Career, from May 12 to June 24 your House of Money and from November 13 to January 3 2016 your House of daily Work. Believe it or not, but during all these periods is Mercury retrograde. How does that work for you? In your House of Career from 21 January to 11 February 2015: asking yourself where it’s all heading and recoil in your goals. In the House of Money from May 19 to June 10 2015: unexpected money problems or exceeding your budget. In the House of daily work: from September 17 to October 8, 2015: feeling overwhelmed by work or considering another kind of job. Patience will be the key word in 2015. Don’t force anything, that’s no use. This year is suitable to fall back on the work you did before and make money in a way that was previously familiar to you.

The year 2015 is the year to generate more income. Spend the money well and don't throw it around. It is referred to as financial security for the future, so also for your family. No rash investments in real estate. Saturn, the planet of Karma and Limits will be traveling in 2015 through your eighth House of Transformation and Shared finances. During this period, you may experience financial difficulties and developments.
There are opportunities coming up which prove to better much better for you. Possessions are very important to you. But are you happy with what you have? Look at what you own and to what you actually really need to be happy. Sell it or give it away. You could make somebody else happy ! You’ll be happy too, once your house and head are cleared.

Love and Relationships
On December 23 2014. Saturn has ended its long journey through your House of Relationships. Until the end of 2017 Saturn will travel through your House of Transformation. In recent years many relationships were broken. You have established what you need in a relationship and how you can improve a relationship. You learned how to say goodbye to and looking back, you know it is all for the better. Saturn temporarily returns this Summer from June 16 to September 18 in your House of Relationships. All you want right now is a real true love, no flirts, but a real relationship! This year, you will learn important lessons about love. Things turn out to be much better than you ever expected. During this period you may close or new relationship or start an important commitment. You learn exactly what a healthy relationship is all about. From January 2015, Saturn in Sagittarius puts the focus on intimacy within the relationship for the next two and a half years. Maybe you do have trouble to open your heart and soul in a relationship. During these years, many things will change in the emotional area!
On August 13 2015. Jupiter enters your House of Love and sex and Mars travels from September 26 to November 12 2015 trough that same area. During this period you are the hunter, in search for love, you want to experience love and feel love. Especially with the Solar Eclipse in the House of Love on September 13, 2015 love will run high. A moment to fall in love (again)!

Family and Home
From August 12 2015 Jupiter in Leo will travel through your House of Family. The relationship you have with your family is well. Because of Venus retrograde, you may feel as if you need more space for yourself and your family this Summer from 25th July to September 5 2015. Mars travels from August 9 to September 25 through your House of Family and Home. Perhaps you consider to move, buy or sell a house or do some home improvements.
From August 13 the focus is on the child and children in the family. From September 26, 2015, Jupiter will be joined by Mars. A big positive opportunity may arise for your child. With the Solar Eclipse on September 13 2015, a child can be put in the limelight.

Saturn in Sagittarius will remain in your House of Transformation in 2015. In the years to come you will become more thoughtful and serious. Saturn wants to confront you with unpleasant things, which are hidden deep within yourself. Saturn urges to deal with those now and forever. Things may be hidden, but that doesn't mean that they do not exist. Uranus in Aries is making a long journey through your House of the Subconscious Mind. This is a period of purification. Purification will actively take place from February 21 to March 31 when Mars will accompany Uranus. Unexpected events force you to release as much as possible during that period. Purification is the theme of 2015. Focus on what you need and how to let go. The Solar Eclipse brings positive changes, but the Lunar Eclipse can entail many emotions. There is plenty of work to do, so start with cleaning up. Even though it may not be nice, it does offer the space for growth.

What does the future mean for you? You want to know if you in the right direction. You often dream about the future, but you make it hard on yourself sometimes. Remember, today is yesterday’s future.