Gemine 2015


Gemini Horoscope for 2015

This year is gonna be a good year for Gemini.
Uranus in Aries will remain this year in your House of Friendships, Hope and Social Involvement. Mars will join Uranus from February 21 to March 31.
On March 20, 2015 a Solar Eclipse in Pisces takes place. What does this all involve? Well, a dream may come true or something finally will succeed this year.
Whatever comes your way, make the most of it. With the Lunar Eclipse of September 28 2015 you will see your dream came true.
Mars is in Gemini from May 13, 2015 to June 24, 2015. This is the period with the most energy, enthusiasm and perseverance! This should be your best time of year. Unfortunately, your planet Mercury will retrograde in Gemini from May 29 to June 10 2015. During this time, your patience is put to the test, because anything can go wrong during this period. Gemini born from May 25 to June 4 will notice this effect the most during this retrograde period.
Neptune is in a vulnerable square in 2015 to you sign, Gemini. You may have trouble concentrating or have trouble understanding reality or everyday things. You are vulnerable allowing others to use you and you could dream away in fantasies and illusions. Because of irrational fears tend to flee or take refuge in drink or drugs.

Neptune in Pisces also remains in 2015 in your House of Career and Vocation. You are unsure about the direction you should go. You might ask yourself: Am I on the right track with my career or studies, are the goals I set realistic and achievable? Neptune in the House of Career is great if you work in film, music or art, or occupations that have to do with the water or feet. Saturn travels through your sixth house of work to late December 2015. You will get the appreciation for your efforts and the decisions you've made in the past two years. It may feel as if your hard work and tireless efforts have not yielded much. Mars travels from January 13 to February 20 2015 through your House of Career and Vocation. You want to make a decision about your job. Is the work suitable to who you are and what you want to do? Be honest to yourself. However, do not make a hasty decision. Maybe you want to start your own business. One step at the time. Let the idea grow. The decision you make will color the rest of 2015.

The retrograde Saturn travels from June 16 to September 18 2015 through Scorpio again and that is a good financial position. From late June to early August there will be more income. During that particular period, Mars in Cancer travels through your House of Finance, supporting you in gaining more profits. You can get a raise or get a job that insures more income. However, you have to work hard to generate money. You get more insight into how you can make money with overtime or with a second job. Opportunities cross your financial path, because with financial security you are sure of yourself. But do you really need that security? What do you really have? Do not allow false security controlling your life.

Love and Relationships
Pluto in Capricorn will remain in 2015 in your House of the Soul. You cherish a deep desire to establish deep contact and strong commitments that will transform your life. Through the influence of Pluto your desires run deep, feelings are strong and vigorous. What you want is intensity and tension in your life. Saturn enters on September 19 2015, your House of Relationships and that changes your attitude towards relationships in your life. Saturn in the House of Relationships makes you from September 19 2015 more serious and determined. You don’t want a flirt anymore, but a true,enduring and sincere love for now and forever! In the Summer of 2015 a twin soul may cross your path. This event can totally change your life. Until the end of 2017 you will find that you will have to say goodbye to some relationships, some will disappear from your life or break the relationship or you break the relationship. The breakup of a relationship or problems in your love life will occur during the Mercury retrograde period from September 17 to October 8 2015. During this period, an old love may cross your path. 2015 is the year of farewell, but also the year of connection. You can meet a person with whom you want to share love for the rest of your life.
On April 4, 2015 there is a Lunar Eclipse in Libra in your House of Love. Another indication of breaking up an unhappy love affair. From that moment on you will focus on the relationships that really matter to you. Mars will be from November 13 to late December 2015 in your House of Love. During this time you are determined to find the love of your life and eager to give and receive true love and affection.

Family and Home
Until August 11 2015, Jupiter in Leo will travel through the House of Communication. During that period a better relationship and understanding could be established with brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts. Venus retrograde could cause problems in mutual contact from August to early September 2015. You might say the wrong words, or you just don’t care or you want to have nothing to do with them.
From August 12 Jupiter enters the House of Family. The relationship with family will be improved. Family ties are being strengthened and you will find it nice to be together and sharing things. Also you want to restore a difficult relationship and forgive and forget. From September 26 to November 12, Mars travels through your House of Family. A great time to make improvements to your home. During this time you need more space or you want to buy a bigger house, especially with the Solar eclipse in Virgo on September 13 2015. A Period to strengthen family ties or to support a family member with something big.

Mars travels from April 1 to May 12, 2015 through your House of the Subconscious, allowing you to let go of old pain. Because of Pluto in Capricorn in the House of the Soul you are often heavy. That emotion doesn’t fit you at all! Try to keep your spirits up, especially in the first half of the year. Even though things are not quite the way you would wish them to be, with the help of Jupiter in Leo there is always that sparkle of hope to hang on to. In the Spring you could release old pain, so you might not be so grouchy later this year. Listen to your body. If you laugh, do you really laugh?

2015 starts promising. You have the positive feeling like new challenges are coming your way! Use your many hidden talents and do not hide behind all that work any longer. You are so busy with your work and earning money for the future. Do not forget to make spare time for sports and exercise!